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Shivankar Tripathi’s Success Story

I started my preparation in May 2021 after the notification of SBI Clerk recruitment came and when I started it was like I’m just giving this exam without any thought and whatever will be the result I’ll accept it. I used to study for 6-7 hrs daily and it became my routine and after 1-1.5 months it used to be 8-9 hrs. The only thing i learned in this journey is, if you want to achieve anything you have to be consistent and discipline plays a big role in life like, if i have to eat at 8 pm so my dinner will be at 8:00 Pm, so if you want to achieve anything, these 2 things are very important for all the aspirants. And now the consistency, so this is also a major factor which drives your preparation, I’ve seen many aspirants who don’t have any proper timing dedicated to studies so this is a major flaw because if you want to clear any exam you have to be consistent in giving mocks or anything for which you’ve decided to do. So, coming to my journey, when I gave SBI Clerk, my attempts were not so good but i learned one thing from the exam that your accuracy should be good because this is the only thing which will save you in any condition. I attempted 63 and got 62, i was happy because after completing 60-70% syllabus, for me it was a good decent score with a good accuracy which drove my motivation to do more in upcoming exams. The biggest mistake i did in the exams like SBI Clerk or RRB PO or IDBI Assistant was, i was leaving Arithmetic part and after giving these 3 exams i accepted that without arithmetic it’s not coming. So, after these 3 exams, now my Target was to complete all the syllabus in a structured way. I used to do Arithmetic questions from Rakesh Yadav sir arithmetic book and i used to solve daily 50 questions from at least 4 chapters, so it was like I’m doing daily 200-250 questions daily from Arithmetic part and then I used to solve puzzles for SBI PO and IBPS PO from Practice mock. And after doing this stuff in October, i was observing one thing that my marks were improving, so this motivated me to do more and when November came, the dates for exam announced and for me 26th of November was SBI PO and 4th of Dec, IBPS PO. Started giving mocks and my Target was 2 mocks for SBI PO and a proper analysis is a very important thing and when I give mocks i used to analyse all the sections of mock like where I’m not able to do questions or in which section i’m having problems. Practice mock helped me alot in improving my Reading, the level of English is quite good in PM. And after gave the SBI PO, followed same routine for IBPS PO. When the results came, i cleared both the exams and then i got a sigh of relief that I can clear a exam. Now, after clearing the prelims, the next target was to clear the mains exam. So the biggest fear Students face is the Mains like how can I do questions of mains, after clearing prelims, mains is very high level so how to do all! I also faced the same situation, my result came just before 13 or 14 days before the mains and trust me I never attempted a single mains mock in my entire preparation, so after attempting the mains mock, i thought that this exam is not for me, i can not clear this exam. Because without attempting any mains question or without doing any Current affairs how can I clear this exam in which many aspirants are performing much much better than me! But i never gave up, i learned one thing in all these situations that whatever is the situation you’ve to face it. So started giving mocks for mains and used to solve all the questions when analysing the mock. And in mains exam, attempted decent 74 in SBI PO mains and after SBI PO now I had the time for IBPS PO because for IBPS PO they gave almost 20 days to prepare for the exam, so it was a chance for me to improve all the mistakes I’ve done in SBI PO mains and in these 20 days I’ve attempted daily a mains mock in a single sitting and after giving mocks i used to analyse the mock. And trust me in a month i was getting 85-90 percentile in a mains mock which was a biggest Booster for me. Gave IBPS PO attempted 76 questions and when the results came couldn’t able to clear the SBI PO because my score was 85 and the general cutoff was 94 but cleared IBPS PO mains and scored 83.25 and faced interview for the first time but not able to clear the exam because having only a edge of 3.25 marks in Mains. All the dreams shattered after the results came but the only thing i learned after all these things is you should not give up. In my 12th, i scored 33 marks in Mathematics and my overall percentage was 54% in 12th boards, so thought that the boy who was not a good student in school can clear this competitive exam with a good choice in his hands and not gave up. In 2-3 months gap from April to July, did prelims+ mains preparation and gave only mocks without watching any lectures. I used to attempt free quizzes from PM for Quant and for Reasoning, and also sometimes sectional mocks from PM. And after the notification of RRB PO and Clerk came, i used to give last year mocks to sharp the exam pattern of these exams. After doing this, having an experience of mains and prelims I gave RRB PO mains, RRB Clerk mains, IBPS Clerk Mains, IBPS PO Mains. All the exams i gave in these last 4 months i have cleared the prelims and gave mains. On 1st of January, i cleared the RRB PO and RRB Clerk with a good edge of 18 marks in PO mains and got the selection in Madhya Pradesh Grameen Bank. Still waiting for IBPS PO mains results and also waiting for SBI PO pre results. The only thing i want to tell all the aspirants is to follow your own strategy and make a proper routine and follow without having any second thought.

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Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their results?

  • SBI Clerk 2021 – Not Cleared
  • RRB PO 2021 -Not cleared
  • IDBI Assistant -Not cleared
  • SBI PO – Cleared Pre but not mains.
  • IBPS PO – Cleared pre + mains but not final selection.
  • ECGC PO – Not Cleared
  • RRB PO – Cleared and got MPGB Bank
  • RRB Clerk – Cleared and got MPGB Bank
  • IBPS Clerk – Cleared pre and gave mains, results TBA
  • IBPS PO MAINS – cleared pre and mains Results TBA
  • SBI Clerk – Cleared pre and gonna give mains on 15th of Jan
  • SBI PO – Results TBA

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

For English Section, i read Newspaper and Editorials are the best source to sharp your Reading, after reading editorials, i mark 5-6 words daily and learn them which helps me a lot in Vocab building. I’m interested in Indian Economy and related articles so read all the articles from Moneycontrol or from Business standard, The Mint, The Hindu or from any other sources. My strategy is to read more and more because in banking exams, i think the role of grammar is not so much so I’ve not done any classes for English grammar. For any reference book for grammar, I’d suggest Neetu Singh’s Plinth to paramount.

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Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

Quant was not my favorite part but now it’s my favorite. For practicing questions in starting months, i used to follow PM sectionals or quizzes and also questions from Rakesh yadav Sir book which is purely an arithmetic book. And then attempted mocks and learned how to approach a DI and in quant section or in any section what’s important is which question you’re picking. We are not there to solve all the questions in mains and no one can do this even the examiner. In quant many aspirants try to learn concepts from classes of any teacher. With due respect to all the teachers, I’d suggest all the students to attempt questions in your own way first because self learning is the best learning. I’m not boasting about this but I’ve never watched a video for mains. Try to solve all the questions on your own and don’t watch the solution until you solve the questions.

Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

For reasoning, I used to watch YouTube lectures for solving puzzles. After completing the syllabus, attempted free quizzes and mock questions of reasoning section from Practice Mock (PM), the main thing was the analysis, like if I’m not able to solve questions in a specific time period then i try to solve that question in analysis and i used to mark the time like in how many minutes I’ve done this puzzle so next time this should be done in less than this. Now when we talk about reasoning section, many aspirants think that Critical reasoning is not his cup of tea but I’d suggest you to build an approach to tackle those questions. For reference I’d suggest you to watch Meritshine Critical reasoning playlist they have uploaded on YouTube, it is a full playlist with a good approach on how anyone can solve these questions. Then the main part is to build your viewpoint on that question like how you see things and understand the perspective of the person who created this question. It’s just a simple task after having a good approach to tackle these questions. So reasoning is the section where we can score more marks without losing any accuracy. Tricky part is many don’t solve miscellaneous questions and rely only on puzzles but miscellaneous questions will give us more marks so try to practice these questions more like syllogism, inequality, blood relations, Input – Output, Alphanumeric coding decoding. Make your own approach to solve questions and practise.

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General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

For GA, I’d tell you all that this section should not be treated as a scoring section. No one can read all the news from the Newspaper or from PIB or from any other sources. So, for GA i used to follow Affairs cloud PDF Daily sometimes or weekly and for last time revision Practice Mock quizzes and Study IQ top 300 and their Banking Awareness. But GA quiz is the MOST IMPORTANT THING for GA revision and the level of Practice Mock GA questions is quite good and the best thing about the quizzes is the explanation of the news related to the questions. So this section is easy as well as a hectic task for aspirants to manage with their core subjects.

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Computer Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

My background as a Computer Science student was not that good because I read the CS in class 11th and 12th as an additional subject and never liked it but i was familiar with the things like OSI Model and many other. But this section needs a proper study of basic computer and for this I took unacademy from my friend for 2 months and watched Sahil Charaya Sir’s videos and lectures and completed the whole syllabus of Computer in a well structured way. And also gave quizzes on telegram or from Mocks.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

My study schedule was almost 7-8 hrs daily, and i followed it daily. For the last one year i ate my dinner at 8 pm. And not including exam time but never did any Study in night. Your sleeping cycle should be good. So many hurdles, obstacles you can say. All the aspirants have their own struggle, their own situations and their own approach to tackle it. What I’ve faced for the first time when I gave mains exam was, if i could’ve done some more mocks, i could’ve scored much better in mains. So preparing for any exam you’ve to go parallel for both pre and mains. And try to avoid social media, social life and give up all the “AARAM”.

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How did PracticeMock help you?

Yes Practice Mock helped me a lot, Abhilash Tiwari told me to try Practice Mock and thanks to him. Practice Mock has so many varieties of questions and the mock level is quite good. English is very hard sometimes but it gives the level of hard shift. Free Quizzes are the best source for any students to solve free questions for all the sections. Current affairs questions weekly quizzes helped me a lot in clearing the GA section in all the exams I’ve mentioned. Mock pattern is quite interesting like from 1 to 5 it is high level and from 5-15 it’s moderate level and from 15-20 it’s easy, so this creates a understanding. Many students see their evening shift hard so PM help them to build their approach on solving hard level Mock for prelims.

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Message to the Fellow Aspirants

I’ve just started and I’m not giving up here. And for fellow aspirants I’d say that stick with the basic preparation and try to create your own strategy and don’t follow anyone’s strategy blindly because he has his own way and his own situations. Failure is not a big deal, try to relax yourself after the bad results. Stay connected with parents, no friend will give you advices what our parents have. Read some religious texts and stay connected with your roots. Watching so many lectures and not solving questions on your own is the big mistake you’re doing. Many don’t know when we have the need to watch lectures and when we don’t have. Many think that watching lectures will help them in solving the questions, but not solving your own problems, how’d you understand the concept behind the question. Just watch lectures for understanding the concepts and apply the concepts it’s just simple. Again the last thing i will mention here – Discipline and Consistency is the key.

This is all about Shivankar’s success story. He has explained his strategy for each and ever section very nicely in order to help other aspirants. Read his success story and prepare yourself well for all major exams this year. For lot of other inspiring success stories, visit here.

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