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Prashant Ojha’s Success Story

I have started my preparation in 2019 but got serious about it after the lockdown was imposed in March 2020.

Which exams did you appear in till date?

I have appeared in all banking exams since 2019

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Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

For English, first I cleared all basics of grammar, along with it my main focus was on the reading part. Read as much as you can. Reading helps in RC and it also increases understanding of questions which also helps in puzzles and DI. Gave sectional mocks from PracticeMock.

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Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

For quant first I cleared all my basics and for this, I followed Harshal Aggrawal Sir on Unacademy. I focused on understanding the topic properly rather than going for shortcuts. Today we rarely see questions in the exam that we can solve using shortcuts. So, understand the basic method first and then go for a shortcut as it will help you to do typical questions which no shortcut can help in solving. After this, my focus was on only practice for which the main source was PracticeMock test and its analysis.

Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

The reasoning was my strongest part. For this, I preferred youtube for some topics like syllogism and inequality. The main focus was on practice only. I used to solve daily at least 10 puzzles. Reasoning totally depends on practice.

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General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

For it, I used to go for weekly or monthly pdf. But after mains, I realized we should do it daily as it’s not possible to recall all news if we go for monthly pdf. So, now I am giving 1hr daily for it from affair cloud and study IQ, and I also do revision through PracticeMock Monthly Bazooka. Also, took a screenshot of the index page of affairs cloud daily pdf which I use to visit every Sunday as it’s not possible to revise affairs cloud pdf daily.

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Computer Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

Arihant computer awareness and youtube MCQ videos sometimes.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

My strategy was simple that 1st clear the basics and then practice as much as I can do. I didn’t give fixed time to any topic but I had a daily goal of what I have to do daily. My day start with the revision of table 12-19, square 1-60, cube 1-25, fraction values. After this solving the pre pdf from guidely pdf bundle course, reading the newspaper, 30 mins walk, one mock(pre/mains) and yesterday mock analysis, puzzle and di, current affairs. Rest if I had time left I preferred sectional test from the PM or youtube videos of Harshal Aggrawal Sir for quant.

My main hurdle was a lack of concentration and for this, I used to do meditation and yoga and it literally helped in increasing my concentration. I was not getting motivation for practice but I just think of my parents and my loved ones who trust me blindly that I can do it. I just think of them and it gave me motivation. Another hurdle was English and for that, I read a lot to overcome it.

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How did PracticeMock help you?

PracticeMock played a very important part in my preparation as one need quality questions for practice and PM provided it through its mock and sectional test. I am really thankful to PM for providing such quality content. Various variety of questions in every mock helps keep my interest in mocks. It’s my advice to every aspirant who is preparing for bank exams they should go for PracticeMock as it has quality content and an awesome interface.

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Message for the Fellow Aspirants

“PRACTICE IS THE KEY” 2019 I was doing average practice but I was just 3.5 marks away from the final selection. 2020 just with regular practice I cleared 4 pre and one mains and was short of 1.02 numbers in IBPS PO final Selection. 2021 I cleared all basic concepts and did regular practice extensively I cleared all pre till now and took 2 final selections. Other results are in line. So, practice as much as you can, and if you are lacking in it think of the reason why you want selection. It will motivate you to reach your goal. ONE MORE advice does not go for random answering as I failed in SBI JA just due to random answering of questions I was not sure about in GA. “ACCURACY IS VERY IMPORTANT”. Also, get involved in physical activity as it will boost thinking capacity. Take better sleep. Make some genuine friends who keep you motivated in your journey and discuss the different types of questions, doubts with them. When I started my preparation I found a brother-like friend with whom I am preparing now also. As my journey moved forward I made some more friends who helped me a lot in my preparation with motivation and didn’t let me get demotivated after my failure. But yes get away from people who demotivate you.

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