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Muzammil Zaidi’s Success Story

I have been giving bank exams for a long time but couldn’t succeed My 3,4 years struggle came to an end this year as I got selected for both IBPS PO & Clerk 2021

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Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their result

Appeared in mulitple banking exams in all these years but couldn’t make it to the final list.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

English Section Preparation Strategy

I’m at good at english Also frankly speaking I’m not very much fond of reading editorials Rather than I used to read a lot of cricket commentary as I have a keen interest in cricket This I think helped me a lot by improving my vocab and sentence formations as well as sense of understanding.

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Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation Strategy

I worked a lot on Arithmetic as this was the area where I lacked confidence I used to solve lots of arithmetic questions in a topicwise manner.

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Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

This section demands practice The more you practice the more proficient you will become I used to solve mains level puzzles on a daily basis.

General Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

This section literally haunted me as just because of this section only I had suffered failures in many mains exams This time I worked hard on it and devoted my ample time on this section I used to study weekly pdfs and then took quizzes based on the same.

IBPS PO Prelims free mock test 2022

Computer Awareness Section Preparation Strategy

My basics are good in this section so I just read any study pdf available Computer Awareness pdf of practicemock is also a good option.

Overall Strategy, Study Schedule & Challenges Faced

Although I’m able to clear the Prelims exam easily I had fear and lacked confidence during the Mains exam But I have to crack it and the only thing to overcome that fear is to give lots of lots of mains level mock tests I used to give atleast 2,3 mains level mock in a week and then religiously analyse them This helped me a lot to improve myself to overcome the nervousness and pressure of the Mains exam.

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How did PracticeMock help you?

Yes ofcourse The qualoty of content available at practicemock is quite commendable But one thing which I want to appreciate is those ‘Mini Mocks’ available for every section I personally found them very much helpful for improving my speed to solve the questions as well as the variety of questions it contains.

Message for the Fellow Aspirants

My fellow aspirants Work Hard toward your goal one day you will definitely be there And keep reading these lines , my fav , which are excerpts from a poem by Shri Sohanlal Dwivedi:

” असफलता एक चुनौती है इसे स्वीकार करो क्या कमी रह गई देखो और सुधार करो जब तक ना सफ़ल हो नींद चैन को त्यागो तुम संघर्ष का मैदान छोड़ कर मत भागो तुम कुछ किये बिना ही जय जय कार नहीं होती कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती “

IBPS PO Prelims free mock test 2022

The above success story is of Muzammil Zaidi who has cleared IBPS PO. Read his inspirational success story to know ho he has cracked IBPS PO. You can also submit your success story if you have cleared any examination lately.

IBPS PO Prelims free mock test 2022

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