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Learn the secrets of the study methods of Albert Einstein & copy them to crack NABARD Grade-A 2021 Exam!

Born in Germany, worked as a patent clerk in Switzerland, developed the theory of relativity, figured out the size of a molecule, solved the riddle of the photoelectric effect, won the Nobel Prize in Physics and had some quirky habits, and did some silly things like forgetting his train ticket once to prove he was just a human being like all the NABARD Grade-A aspirants! That was Albert Einstein, an ideal man, an ideal Papa, and an ideal genius. And of course, an ideal teacher who gave us the famous equation, E=mc2.

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Contrary to popular myths and rumors that he was a poor student, especially in math, Albert Einstein was a great student by any account. And we can learn something from this Icon.

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But was he much more than just a genius, a super-human? Was he able to do everything we can’t do? Can’t we even adopt his learning style for better results? Yes, we can! Scientists, professionals and teachers, and even some brilliant students have been imitating him for the past 100 years with better and better results. So, you too can get some tips from his learning style to make your own preparation strategy for NABARD Grade-A more effective.

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In this article, we will focus on Einstein’s daily learning habits, as our daily habits have a powerful impact on our brains.   

How to Study Like Einstein & Beat NABARD Grade-A Exam 2021?

Here are the 5 most amazing learning habits inspired by Albert Einstein that you can adopt to beat the NABARD Grade-A Exam 2021:

1. Study nonstop with breaks for your hobbies

Einstein studied nonstop but spared time for breaks to invest in his hobbies, like playing the violin. This may sound strange to some of you, but the fact is that these little short breaks devoted to your hobbies make you versatile. This way, you not only learn important lessons from failures or wins in your hobbies and interests but can also learn to observe things and subjects from multiple angles. Science says, your hobbies raise your IQ and increases your memorization power. A habit of getting a constructive break from your study can also inspire you again to study when you feel stuck on a topic or subject and leave it.

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2. Surround yourself with NABARD Exam Experts

It is not a hidden fact that to get inspired to do good in an exam, you have to surround yourself with experts in that field to make the beginning of your exam journey a little easier and speedy. Einstein surrounded himself with mentors, teachers, and all inspiring people he could find, to get motivated and inspired. And to follow this habit, you need to follow the experts and their bits of advice regarding tackling the NABARD Exam 2021. For instance, the Experts at make your preparation process easy by publishing regular and updated articles on NABARD 2021 and other Bank Exams and so many actual Exam-Like Mock Tests. So be quick & get our FREE Mock Test and get surrounded by our experts!

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3. Motivate yourself

Motivation is a strong driving force. Achievers are self-starters. When Einstein was five years old, his magnetic compass, which was gifted by his father, motivated him to learn about physics. In addition, he was always seeking challenges. Challenge is one of the most brilliant hallmarks of a motivated learner. Challenge yourself and be in harmony with your inner self to concentrate fully to complete the NABARD syllabus as quickly as possible. Find out what motivates you. If it is music, listen to it taking short breaks.

4. Avoid Interruptions

Albert Einstein said, ‘Success comes from curiosity, concentration, perseverance, and self-criticism.’ And, he always believed in it. If you want your study time to be ‘learning time’ you must avoid any interruptions. Even an average student can top the NABARD Grade-A Exam 2021 if he studies effectively. Therefore, you must ensure the effectiveness of your work, during your study hours. Design a timetable that can place a definite schedule of action before you. Your place of study (room) can set your mood for study, and even can divert your attention towards time-wasting people and elements. Make your place of study comfortable and distraction-free. A well-lit study place with a comfortable chair and table is necessary for effective study for NABARD Grade-A 2021 Exam. All these small but important things prevent tiredness, eyestrain, headache, and stress.  

5. Become brilliant by learning in the right way

Every day, Albert Einstein looked at a quote that hung in his office and said: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” To interpret it, every man, every student, has a hidden genius living inside him to be discovered. Forget all your failures and leave them behind. It doesn’t matter which division or how many marks you got in your graduation now. The only thing matters now are your preparation and struggle. Work hard and you can be the next topper. And nobody will ask you your pasts results. Your past failures will only make your success story more inspiring and entertaining. The bigger the failure, the bigger the story. Who knows, the Bollywood directors might be looking for your story after the final results are out!

6. Test yourself Via Mocks

Experts prepare Mock Tests and pen books so that you can make your preparation easy. Mock Tests are one of the best ways you can study. It is like covering up the definitions in your notebook, and then recall what each term meant to test your skills and preparation level. Mocks make you understand and remember information better. And if you can’t answer the questions in it, you probably don’t understand it well enough yet. It is a brilliant retrieval practice that has helped nearly every topper, to top the NABARD Grade-A Exam. Overall, Mock Tests for the NABARD Grade-A Exam help toppers, average students, and those who term them weak equally well.

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Einstein’s formula or short-cut to beat NABARD Grade-A Exam 2021?

There is no single formula for success in the NABARD Grade-A exam 2021. Your success will depend upon several minute details. But, if you can follow the 6 habits of Albert Einstein, you will surely succeed in the Exam. You are aware of your journey and destination and you know your abilities. With these 6 reforms in your habits, you will be able to adapt yourself to the needs of this exam. Do not let it worry you when sometimes you do not meet your own expectations in Mock Tests. It is natural to become overconfident with preparation. Don’t let the minor ups and downs in your preparation dishearten you. Nobody fails unless one accepts the failure. Tally the results of each Mock Test and think of any changes that can improve your approach and strategy for better results. In the end, the success will be yours!

Best of luck with your exam!

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