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SBI PO Study Plan is one of the most important resources you’ll need to use when getting ready for your exam. Nowadays, it can be fairly daunting with the abundance of information available on the internet. It’s critical to keep your equilibrium and organize your study time. If you want to perform well on the SBI PO exam, you must prioritize each subject and give it equal weight. Your only hope is the SBI PO study plan, which will help you get off to a good start.

Having a well-planned preparation strategy that is in line with hard effort, dedication, speed, and precision can help you perform well on the exam. One of the most anticipated exams, SBI PO may surprise candidates with its level of difficulty and question format. You must therefore be ready for any googly that comes your way thus applicants must be alert and accelerate their test preparation.

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New SBI PO Study Plan 2022

DayQuantitative AptitudeReasoningEnglish
(Day 1)Tables up to 20 Squares up to 30 Cubes up to 15 Percentage to fraction conversion up to 1/20Inequality
Full Mock test
Noun pronoun
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
(Day 2)Simplification and approximation Square Root Revise Cube RootOrder & RankingAdjective & Adverb
(Day 3)Quadratic EquationTables up to 30Squares up to 50
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
(Day 4)Number series
Full Mock test
Alphanumeric SeriesSubject-verb agreement
(Day 5)Average +Mixture & Allegation Revise inequality, Order, and rankingRevise Adjective adverb
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
(Day 6)PercentageRevise syllogismSubject-verb agreement
(Day 7)Ratio proportion
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
Direction distancePara jumble
(Day 8)Revise Previous TopicsBlood relation +Sitting Arrangement Revise Subject-verb agreement
Full Mock test
(Day 9)Time & work +AgeCoding decodingPara jumble
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
(Day 10)PartnershipRevise direction sense & blood relation
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
Cloze test
(Day 11)Time speed distance + RankingNotes on Input & Output DevicesRevise Previous Topics
(Day 12)Revise previous topics
Full Mock test
TabulationFill in the blanks
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
(Day 13)MensurationRankingError Spotting + Fill in the blanks 
(Day 14)Sequence & SeriesAlphabet Test + direction sense & blood relation Multiple Meaning
(Day 15)squares +Profit loss & Discount 
Free Mini Mock + Free Quizzes
Sitting Arrangement
Full Mock test
Sentence Improvement
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Take a Free SBI PO Mock test 2022 & Analyze Yourself

SBI PO Preparation: General Tips

  • Always begin at level zero. For the Reasoning and Quant part, make sure your fundamental concepts are clear.
  • To get a good understanding of the material you need to cover, look into the SBI PO test pattern and curriculum.
  • Look through the papers from prior years to learn more about the crucial subjects.
  • Work on your fundamental calculation. Learn the roots of squares and cubes.
  • Chapter-by-chapter review is advised before a full-length practice test at the conclusion of the week.
  • Examine your performance, then focus on your weak points.
  • Choose a modest objective that you can actually achieve.
  • Attempt to score 80 marks or more in the Prelims exam.
  • Improve your accuracy and speed.
  • Remember to keep time for each section after working on the conceptual approach.
  • Once you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, pick up quick tips to swiftly answer questions.
  • Spend as little effort as possible enhancing your weak points.
SBI PO Admit Card/Call Letter 2022 For Prelims Exam-Access Direct Link!

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