SBI Clerk Prelims Numerical Ability Strategy
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You will have a 20 minutes window to attempt 35 questions in the SBI clerk numerical ability section which holds the weightage of a single mark for each question.  


 Most aspirants after giving their mock tests will tell you that they didn’t even get to see all the 35 questions in the 20 minutes window. If one can’t even have a proper look at the questions then how one would even solve them? 

The questions will disappear after 20 minutes. You can’t go back. Examinations with such patterns rely on the candidate’s speed and accuracy. On average, you are being given 34 seconds to answer or attempt each question.  

And if you are preparing with a mindset that I will try to score average marks in numerical ability and will cover with other subjects then you should forget about cracking SBI clerk 2021. It’s all about the aggregate scoring now. No individual cut-off patterns. You will be judged on all three sections equally and fairly.  

But then how do you make the most out of those 20 minutes?  

The very aim of this article is to give you a clear strategy which can be implemented by all the aspirants easily. It would be better if you go through the content of this article thoroughly. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to score at least 30+ in the quant section.  

In-depth SBI Clerk Prelims Numerical Ability Strategy  

Let us first compare the topics from which questions were asked:

SBI Clerk Pre 2019 SBI Clerk 2020 Pre 
Simplification – 10 Simplification – 10 
Missing Number – 5 Missing Number – 5 
Quadratic/ Q1 Q2 – 5 Quadratic Equation – 5 
Arithmetic – 10 Arithmetic – 10 
DI – 5 DI – 5 

As you can see both 2019 and 2020 had pretty much the same pattern and syllabus. The only minute difference was between the quadratic questions. Moreover, we can expect the SBI to follow the same pattern in the coming exam as well.  

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Time Management over Marks Management 

Don’t be hungry about marks at first but be smart about how well you can manage your time. Management of time is the first priority over management of marks. The latter one is complimentary if you can achieve the first goal.  

You should divide your time in a way that you can give ample time according to the demand of the questions. Simplification questions can’t be compared with DI questions when it comes to the average time taken to solve both types of questions. You should know beforehand how much time you will dedicate to a particular type of series or type of questions.  

Ideally, you can divide your time in the following manner: 

  • 8-10 minutes for simplification, quadratic equations, missing numbers (Average 9 minutes) 
  • 8-10 minutes for arithmetic and data interpretation (Average 9 minutes) 
  • After finishing the questions of simplification, quadratic equations, missing numbers you should pick data interpretation. The reason being Prelims DI is simpler when compared to Mains DI in the SBI Clerk exam. By solving DI-based questions quickly you will be left with enough time for arithmetic questions.  

You can even distribute further by allocating time for each type of question such as 2-2.5 minutes for simplifications, and vice versa. Practice daily by setting a separate timer other than your mock test timer to watch out for 9 minutes window for simplification, quadratic equations, missing numbers and do the same for arithmetic and data interpretation.  

Speed Maths 

You can’t crack the numerical ability section without mastering speed math techniques. Speed maths will eventually help you in staying within the time limit and will also give you the freedom of attempting all the questions efficiently.  

Focus on Mathematical Concepts 

Don’t make a habit of mugging up questions. Get your concepts clear so that no matter which question comes in your exam you will be able to solve it. Conceptual understanding is a key element before even you start to practice questions from the study material.  

Regular Mock Tests 

One mock test a day will bring you closer to reaching the goal of finishing all numerical ability questions within the window of 20 minutes. Sign-up to secure your free mock test now as seats are limited. Test yourself in real-time. It is highly valuable to get the feel of the examination environment beforehand. After giving 5-6 mock tests will not only make your preparation better but will also make you learn about yourself. You will observe how you react under certain situations; be it panic or frustration. Knowing about all such flaws and behavioural responses early on will help you in coping up naturally during the actual exam.  


Numerical ability as we mentioned is a test of matching both speed and accuracy. Scoring 30+ won’t be an issue if you follow a clear roadmap. Most aspirants give up or get depressed about quants due to the complexities. The truth is complexities can still be managed but you accepting you can’t solve quants will not be fruitful at all. Keep up with your mock tests to keep a clear track of your all-India rank for SBI clerk 2021.  

Still, have some doubts? The comment section is all yours. We will make sure your doubts do get resolved.  

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