RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022-Last Minute Tips
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Are you ready to face the RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022 on 8th May 2022? If yes, , you might be worried about the last-minute revision as it has a vast syllabus to cover. As there are a few days left for the final count-down of the Exam, we are here to quickly take a brief look at the Last-Minute Tips for RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022 that will enable you to give that final touch to your revision and help you strategize the exam in a better way.

In the mains exam, candidates will get 2 hours 15 minutes to solve 200 questions. Therefore, you need to maximize your score as the marks scored in the RBI Assistant Mains exam will be considered for your final selection. So, let’s discuss how you can fine-tune your preparation with some Last Minute Tips.

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RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam Pattern & Syllabus

To score good marks in the exam, it is necessary for you to cover the entire syllabus. RBI Assistant syllabus is considered to be the foundation of any exam without which you cannot ace any exam.

Check out detailed RBI Assistant Syllabus 2022 from the table given below:

Reasoning AbilityNumerical AbilityEnglish LanguageGeneral AwarenessComputer Knowledge
Seating ArrangementNumber SeriesError DetectionCurrent Affairs (4-5 Months)Computer basics
PuzzlesData InterpretationReading comprehensionBanking AwarenessMS office
Direction and Blood relationSimplification/ ApproximationFillersEconomy/ Financial AwarenessInternet and web technology
Syllogism and InequalityProfit & LossSentence based errorStatic AwarenessDatabase Management System
Alphanumeric Series and order and rankingData SufficiencyColumn based questionNetworking
Data Sufficiency and Miscellaneous questionsQuadratic InequalitiesWord usagecomputer and Networking Security
Input-outputTime Speed DistanceCloze testOperating System
Logical ReasoningTime & Work, problems on trainword swap
Coding decodingRatio & Proportion, mixture and allegationSpelling based error, parajumbles
PartnershipIdiom and phrases
Average and AgesSentence completion
Boat & StreamVocabulary Based
Pipes & CisternParagraph Completion

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Probability, Mensuration

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Last Minute Tips for RBI Assistant Mains exam 2022

Here is the last-minute tip you need to follow to make sure you have done all that was needed to gear up for a perfect performance in RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam:

1.      Follow the perfect Revision Plan

Your revision process must encompass a plan to cover all the subjects that are a part of the mains exam. All the important topics should be revised completely. You should focus on those topics that are asked in the exam frequently. For instance, ace Reasoning section by practicing all types of Puzzles. Ace quants section by revising all types of DIs. Cover the current affairs of past 6 months to ace General Awareness section.

2.      Focus on your weak areas

By now, you may have become well-acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses. So, you should focus on your weak areas and practice as many questions as you can from those topics in which you are not feeling confident and unable to score good marks. But if still you see no improvement, leave it and move on to other topics. Analyze the mock tests you attempted and improve your timing with accuracy. Revise the concepts of those topics you’re failing in again and revise them daily.

3.      Attempt Mock Tests

Attempt as many RBI Assistant Mains mock tests as you can to improve your speed and accuracy. Mock Tests will give you an idea about the kind of questions which come in the exam. You will also know which questions to attempt and which to skip. It will train your mind to leave questions which are time consuming and tricky. Analyze your mistakes via mock tests and improve.

4.      Improve Your Time Management Skills

You need to try to attempt those questions that you can solve easily and quickly. First, try to attempt questions that you can easily solve. Do not try to solve every question, but try to solve every question you feel you can solve quickly and accurately. Effective time management is one of the most major keys to success in the RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam.

5.    Maintain Speed and Accuracy

Test your Speed and accuracy in solving tough and easy questions and increase both. Yes, it can’t be increased overnight. But this constant struggle can make a lot of difference in the actual exams. If you can solve easy questions with speed, you’ll get the time to solve the tough and tricky questions. This way, you can leave the tricky questions to revisit them later whenever time allows.

6.    Avoid Negative Marking

You must keep in mind that there is a negative marking per question for each wrong answer given in RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022. Keep all the above points in mind to avoid negative marking. So, it is always a better option to leave the question you’re completely unsure of. As the prelims exam is qualifying in nature, the marks gained in this exam will not be included in the final merit list.

7.    Don’t Waste Your Time on New Topics

It is advisable to avoid preparing for new topics in the last moments before the Exam, as it may create confusion in your mind. In doing so, you may also forget certain important points that may appear in the Exam. It is always better to revise what you know.

8.    Make a Perfect Exam-time strategy

Make sure you go to the Exam with a good Exam strategy. It will help you in attempting every question. For that, you need to make up your mind to skip questions you could get stuck on, to return to them later to complete the Exam. You need to skip every tough question that stumps you and attempt every question you feel you can answer quickly. For instance, if a minute slipped away and you still can’t answer a question, you should immediately skip it. If you will keep mulling it over, you may naturally run out of time. So, you need to go through the Exam and try to do all the questions you know right away first, and then you will have loads of time to work out harder questions if this strategy goes well. And it will go well with regular practice.

FAQs: Last Minute Tips For RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2022

Q1. Should we avoid any new topic a day before the exam?
Ans It is recommended to avoid any new topic just a day before the exam while doing revision.

Q2. Do Mock Tests help in speeding up the revision process?

Yes. Mock Tests are actual exam like tests. The more tests you give the more you improve.

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