NABARD Grade A 2023 How to Attempt the Actual Exam
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NABARD Grade A 2023: How to Attempt the Actual Exam?: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is a prestigious financial institution in India that plays a pivotal role in the development of the country’s rural and agricultural sectors. NABARD Grade A is a highly competitive examination that offers individuals the opportunity to work with this esteemed organization.

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Before embarking on the journey of the NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out strategy and an effective plan to approach the actual exam. In this blog, we’ll delve into the key aspects you should consider to maximize your chances of success.

Understanding the NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam

Have a look at the NABARD Grade A Preliminary Examination Pattern for the year 2023:

SectionNo. of QuestionsMarks Allotted
English Language3030
Test of Reasoning2020
Computer Knowledge2020
Decision Making1010
General Awareness2020
Quantitative Aptitude2020
Economic & Social Issues (with a focus on Rural India)4040
Agriculture & Rural Development (with Emphasis on Rural India) 4040
Total200 Ques/120 Mins200 Marks

The NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam is the first step in a three-tier selection process. It comprises three sections of marks added to the merit scores in prelims.

  1. Economic and Social Issues (ESI): This paper assesses your knowledge of economic development, economic reforms, rural development, and various government schemes and policies. It carries 40 marks weightage.
  2. Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD): This paper focuses on agricultural production, rural development, and related topics. ARD section carries 40 marks weightage in the Preliminary Examination.
  3. General Awareness: Candidates knowledge of the current affairs section is tested in the General Awareness which carries a weightage of 20 marks.

Each paper consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and you have a limited time to complete each paper. It’s important to understand the exam pattern, syllabus, and weightage of topics before diving into your preparation.

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NABARD Grade A: How to Approach the Actual Exam?- 10 Tips

NABARD Grade A Preliminary Examination has been scheduled to be held online on October 16, 2023. Aspirants should follow the best practices to approach the actual exam. Here are the list of tricks provided below:

  1. Comprehensive Study Material: Start your preparation by collecting high-quality study materials. This may include textbooks, online courses, and previous years’ question papers. Make sure the study materials align with the prescribed syllabus.
  2. Effective Time Management: Create a study timetable to allocate sufficient time for each section and topic. Ensure a balanced approach to Paper I and Paper II, giving more weightage to your strengths while not neglecting your weaknesses.
  3. Syllabus Coverage: Ensure you cover the entire syllabus for ESI and ARD. ESI, focuses on contemporary economic issues, government policies, and rural development. For ARD, understand the basics of agriculture, rural development programs, and recent trends.

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4. Practice Mock Tests: Mock tests are indispensable for exam preparation. Regularly attempt mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy in answering MCQs. By following such practices will help you manage your time effectively during the actual exam.

5. Current Affairs: Stay updated with current affairs, especially those related to the rural and agricultural sectors. Read newspapers, follow online news sources, and subscribe to magazines that cover these topics.

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6. Effective Revision: Periodic revision is essential. Ensure that you have concise notes and summaries of each topic to facilitate quick revision. Use flashcards and mind maps to aid memory retention.

7. Time Management in the Exam: During the actual exam, manage your time wisely. Start with the section you are most confident in to gain confidence and then move on to the other section.

8. Avoid Negative Marking: Be cautious while answering MCQs. If you’re unsure about an answer, it’s better to skip it rather than risk negative marking.

9. Maintain Composure in the exam: Stay calm and composed during the exam. Don’t let stress or time pressure affect your performance.

10. Post-Exam Analysis: After the exam, analyze your performance. Look for your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your exam preparation strategy accordingly.

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Final Words

NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam is a stepping stone to a rewarding career with NABARD. To approach the actual exam successfully, it’s crucial to have a clear strategy, comprehensive study materials, and effective time management. Regular practice, mock tests, and staying updated with current affairs are the keys to cracking this competitive exam. Remember that dedication and perseverance can go a long way in achieving your goal of becoming a Grade A officer at NABARD. Good luck with your NABARD Grade A Preliminary Exam preparation!

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