NABARD Grade A 2020 Handwritten Declaration
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NABARD Grade A 2020 Handwritten Declaration: Today we will discuss the Hand-Written Declaration format for NABARD Grade A Exam 2021:

1.    Essay writing made easy

There are certain simple rules that can help you in writing an essay as quickly and efficiently as possible, without killing the quality. You need to brainstorm ideas around the given topic and collect them as you generate them. Make an outline and include a brief summary of about one to two sentences of what you are going to discuss in each section of the essay.

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You need to treat each paragraph as a mini-essay and ensure all paragraphs are well-connected. Always back your arguments or opinions with facts. Proofread the essay for grammatical errors. Check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation by reading the essay backward so you can check each word and sentence.

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2. Précis writing

Precis is a French word, which means a summary. So, if your NABARD Exam asks you to write one, the examiners will test you in how you can summarize the original text in minimum words, without missing the main idea or ideas. To master precis writing, you need to practice writing it by writing the precis of any big piece and try to shorten it without losing the main points.

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And whenever you practice it, you should read the original piece very carefully but quickly. Because, as you know, competitive exams are all about time and speed. Then, you need to specify its core points and arguments. Consider the arguments or evidence used by the author. Write in the present tense, but if it is a history-based text, write in the past. Say everything the author says, concisely, in your own language.

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