Is IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB clerk same?
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IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk or Office Assistant is as sought-after posts as IBPS PO.  IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk jobs give you as much job security as you may get as a PO. Many candidates ask, ‘Is IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB clerk same?’ This question demands a balanced answer. And it could only be done by comparing the two jobs, which will help you in getting a better idea about both the posts and clarity in making a perfect decision in choosing of them.


Let’s know whether IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk or Office Assistant jobs are same of different in nature!

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IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk-Designations

If you get clear the IBPS CLERK exam, you may simply be called a ‘clerk’. If you’ll crack the IBPS ‘RRB’ CLERK, you will be called an ‘office assistant’. Both are clerical posts. A clerk is also called a ‘Single Window Operator or Assistant’.

IBPS Clerk vs IBPS RRB Clerk-How to decide which one to choose? 

No two jobs can be judged or declared as better than the other. Every job has its own advantages and disadvantages, its own challenges and benefits respectively. One can suit some, and the other can suit some others who may be searching for an opportunity in that specific area of work. You need to individually assess your abilities and capacity to take pressure and judge yourself on the scale of your own expectations and ambition.

IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB clerk -Difference in Recruitment Exams

IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk Recruitment have different selection procedure’s test. In IBPS RRB Exams if you are not well versed or comfortable in English Language, you have an option of choosing to attempt the prelims exam in English/Hindi/Regional Language. Plus, there are only two subjects for prelims: Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. And for the IBPS RRB Main exam, you can choose to attempt either English or Hindi Language in the test. On the other hand, in IBPS Clerk Recruitment Exam, you are required to attempt the English Language section in both prelims and mains test.

IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk-Job Profile

IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk are the same, having almost similar work profiles. A ‘clerk’ job is mainly a ‘front desk job’ where mostly a clerk needs to do customer-interaction. Both these job posts require you to do similar kind of tasks like updating the passbooks, opening all kinds of accounts as required and accepting payments, inputting or recording the data for the transactions related to the respective payments.

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We can’t judge or declare a job to be inferior to any other job. Every Bank job has its own advantages and disadvantages, challenges and benefits. IBPS Clerk can suit you, while the IBPS RRB Clerk can suit others.  It is important to assess your abilities and take into account your own expectations, to take a well-informed decision.

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