IBPS Clerk 2022-Preparation Tips and Strategies
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IBPS Clerk 2022-Preparation Tips and Strategies

Do you want to fetch full or maximum marks in the upcoming IBPS Clerk 2022 exam? Want to know a few very effective ways that many students implemented in the past to grab Full marks in it, despite facing the same problems that you might be facing? Want to know the best tricks that toppers have used time and again for the best results? Let’s delve into the ingredients that you need to put in your preparation to succeed.


Before we move on to cover the experts’ tips to tackle the upcoming IBPS clerk exam 2022, it is essential to know the Exam pattern for the prelims.

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IBPS Clerk 2022-Preparation Tips and Strategies

IBPS Clerk Exam 2021-Preparation for Preliminary Exam

Many of you might know that the Prelims exam is the exam that is conducted to shortlist candidates for the Main exam. So, to reach the mains, you need to clear the cut-off, not just the prelims cut-off but of the Main exam too. The prelims exam is of a 1-hour duration. 

For a better understanding of the structure of prelims via the no. of questions or maximum marks distributed to each section, see the table given below:

IBPS Clerk 2022 Prelims: Exam Pattern

In IBPS Clerk Prelims 2022, candidates will be asked Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from three sections- English Language, Numerical Ability & Reasoning Ability. There is a sectional timing for each section. The exam will be conducted online. Have a look at the exam pattern of the IBPS Clerk Prelims:

SubjectTotal QuestionsMarksDurationMedium of Exam
English Language303020 minutesEnglish
Numerical Ability353520 minutesAs per State applied for
Reasoning Ability353520 minutesAs per State applied for
Total100 Questions100 Marks1 Hour

Marking Scheme: In the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam, 100 MCQs will be asked. Each question will be of 1 mark. There would be a penalty for the wrong answer marked by the candidate. Every wrong answer will deduct 0.25 marks. You have to make a preparation strategy to clear the cut-off for each of the three sections, to crack the exam.

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IBPS Clerk Exam 2022-Section-wise Preparation Tips & Strategies

Given below are the section-wise preparation tips that most of the toppers followed to clear the exam with maximum marks:

1.      IBPS Clerk Exam 2021-22 Preparation for English Language (Prelims)

The English section tests your basic vocabulary and basic knowledge of English grammar. You need to work on the following topics to score well in the exam:

English Language

1.       Vocabulary

2.       Basic English grammar

3.       Comprehension

4.       Spotting errors

5.       Cloze test

6.       Fill in the gaps

2.     IBPS Clerk Exam 2022-Preparation for Numerical Ability (Prelims)

Most aspirants find the Numerical Ability section to be the toughest of all the sections, as involves the calculations and the application of countless formulas. However, this can prove to be the most scoring section of all if you are well-prepared. To accomplish that aim, you have to make sure you keep practicing the formulas of every topic properly and keep practicing them regularly after mastering the application of the formulas to even the trickiest of the problems that you find difficult. In addition, learn and practice the tricks and shortcuts to solve problems you find difficult.

Here are the most important topics you should try to master to brat this section:

Numerical Ability

1.       Simplification

2.       Percentage

3.       Average

4.       Ratio and proportion

5.       Simple and compound interest

6.       Profit and loss

7.       Time, speed and distance

8.       Time and work

9.       Number series and Number System

10.      Data interpretation

3.  IBPS Clerk Exam 2021-22 Preparation for Reasoning Ability (Prelims)

This is a highly scoring section as well if you are good at demonstrating your analytical skills from the questions. And this is only possible through regular practice. You need to have speed and accuracy to quickly solve tricky questions quickly and save time for more difficult questions of other sections. It is essential to practice this section every day, solve Mock Tests and sample papers, and revise every practice solution to master this section.

Reasoning Ability

1.      Syllogisms

2.       Blood relations

3.       Puzzles

4.       Linear and circular seating arrangements

5.       Coded and mathematical inequalities

6.       Coding-decoding

7.       Distance and directions

8.       Analogy/Classification

Topper’s tips & tricks to crack the IBPS Clerk Exam 2022

Lakhs of aspirants, including you, will be appearing in the IBPS Clerk exam this year. With such a high level of competition, only the best candidates will be able to beat the exam. If you want to be one of them you need to prepare well following the latest IBPS Clerk syllabus and exam pattern. Plus, you need to focus on the most important tips and tricks that will surely accelerate your preparation.

Check out these 7 tips and tricks to crack the upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam:

1.    Analyze IBPS Clerk Exam syllabus and Exam pattern

As said earlier, the first and foremost thing to beat the IBPS Clerk exam is to analyze the exam pattern and marking scheme. You need to analyze every topic included in each section of the exam. Decide which topics or areas need more time to study and make a plan to invest proper time in each section. Don’t forget that some or certain topics are more important than others. Once you get a clear idea about the syllabus, you can smartly plan your IBPS Clerk exam preparation accordingly.

2.    Create a realistic time table

You need to create a realistic timetable as per the latest IBPS Clerk Exam syllabus. Stick to that timetable. If you feel you’re weak in any subject or topic, spend more time on it. It always makes your preparation easy and increases your concentration levels.

3.    Understand the concepts, theories and short cuts properly

All you need to do is understand all the theories and concepts to answer confidently in the IBPS Clerk Exam. You can apply shortcuts and techniques to questions on Numerical Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, or Reasoning Ability to solve them quickly and easily. So, after understanding the concepts and getting to know all the related theories, you can quickly learn the shortcuts. For example, the knowledge of basic grammatical rules, structures, and other useful tricks can help you quickly answer the questions from the English Language section.

4.    Read Newspaper Daily

Regularly reading the newspapers and magazines can be rewarding in IBPS Clerk. You need to allot a two-hour daily time slot for this task in your timetable. Allotting two hours daily for reading newspapers will pay you heavily. Then, you should also maintain a notebook and note down all the new words to add to your vocabulary, for better reading comprehension. This will not just help to solve the English Language section, but also cater to the questions from the General Awareness and Computer Aptitude Section of the SBI Clerk Exam.

5.    Learn the formulas by Heart

The Quantitative Aptitude section requires a number of formulas to solve the questions. Moreover, the derivations of the formulas too are of utmost importance. So, you need to practice them regularly by applying them. It will help you to derive a formula if you’ll forget it in exam time.

6.    Improve your time management skills 

To get the best results in the IBPS Clerk, you need to practice to try to attempt more questions within a short time duration. This exam demands not just accuracy but also speed. You need to take care of your time management skills with accuracy to answer. A good balance between accuracy and time always results in gaining a high score. Hence, try to solve the practice questions in a time-bound manner.

7.    Practice and Revise regularly

Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing regularly in any competitive exam is always fruitful. The same proverb applies to the IBPS Clerk Exam. So, the moment you finish a topic or section, try to solve questions from that topic only. It will help you to test your progress and help you improve. Practice as much as you can. Solve easy questions first and then go for the difficult questions. Always tick the questions you find difficult to answer and revise them later on. Revise whatever you have learned regularly to avoid forgetting it. Hence, allocate at least 2 hours daily for revision.

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