How to Crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam in 1st Attempt via Mock Tests?
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If you have done well in the SBI clerk 2022 prelims exam, you must be putting in your best efforts for the next phase of the exam, which is the Mains. You might also be looking for all those ways and practices that can help you clear the SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam in first attempt. Therefore, for that, you’ll have to get into the mind of a topper and learn his tricks and ways to crack upcoming exam like him or her. And, for that, you will have to understand his or her mindset first! Yes, you can crack the SBI Clerk Mains exams in the very first attempt with two or three months of preparation. But there is no multi-preparation capsule that can help you perform brilliantly! To accomplish you aim, you will have to simply study the syllabus carefully, refer to good books and attempt as many SBI Clerk Mains 2022 Mock Tests as you can.


Yes, you can! Read on to know how you can crack the upcoming SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam via Mock Tests.

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How to Crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam in 1st Attempt with Mock Tests?

Cracking the SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam is not an easy task. But you can even take coaching during the initial phase of your preparation to abide by the routine. You should do self-study for long hours, taking breaks and revising everything that you read. You’ll have to prepare the syllabus dedicatedly firmly believe in your own preparation. Plus, keep testing your skills regularly via SBI Clerk Mains Mock Tests.

Here are some of the tips that can also make you a genius who can crack the SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam in first attempt::

1. Know About the Latest Syllabus and Important Topics

Start your preparation only after deep analysis. Never do anything without doing thorough research work. And try to do it very quickly, with full concentration. To speed up your preparation from the word go, you must know thoroughly the Exam Pattern and the previous Cut-offs to make a proper preparation strategy of how you can increase your speed without ignoring any topic or subject that is important. In a nutshell, if you are looking to SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam, you should thoroughly know about the latest syllabus, and important topics to cover.

Note: You should also find out in how much time you must cover it and from which study material, to beat the SBI Clerk Mains 2022 Exam. SBI Clerk Mains 2022 Mock Test is also a very useful tool in exploring each and every important part of the syllabus.

2. Study and Learn Efficiently

A genius knows and always abides by the natural law that the more time you will spend on studies, the more you will learn and the more he/she will be able to score in SBI Clerk Mains 2022. Geniuses take exams as video games and enjoy them. Plus, they avoid and remove any distractions that may hinder their efficiencies, like phones, television, and talkative friends or even family members), to ensure a calm, focused environment. And this goes on at least until the exam. And this is how you too should imitate them to improve your concentration powers and efficiency. If your home or room is a noisy place leave it until the exam. If you can’t leave it find quietness in it by wearing noise cancellation headphones.

Go for a Free SBI Clerk 2022 Mock Test to study studying and learning efficiently from the very beginning of your preparation! If you think it is late, keep in mind that it’s never too late!

3. Analyse by solving previous year’s papers

A genius knows that the previous year’s question papers are one of the best sources that serve as the guiding light for knowing the trends of the SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam. A thorough analysis of the previous years’ question papers certainly bolsters the preparation. He does a thorough analysis of the paper multiple times to gain new insights to counter the tricky nature of the questions in the actual SBI Clerk Mains Exam. He spends at least 25 percent of his time solving the previous year’s papers. Likewise, you should also try to find previous year’s question papers from online sources and analyze them to make a better strategy to tackle the questions like a genius.

SBI Clerk Mains 2022 Mock Tests supply you with questions that closely resemble previous year’s questions.

4. Revise quickly and effectively

You need to order the subjects or topics from most important to least important. Avoid putting the subjects or topics to study in order of your likeness but in the order of how much time and effort it needs. List out in your timetable the chapters and topics that you will prepare or practice for each study session. Try your best to complete the syllabus in time and spend the left time on revision. This will keep you on track with your study goals.

And when it comes to revision, you should invest 5 to 7 hours to revision, if it is only a month left for the exam. Follow the schedule in this very way. Attempt a FREE SBI Clerk Mains 2022 Mock Tests to Revise the entire SBI Clerk Mains 2022 syllabus quickly and effectively like a genius!

5. Never prepare without taking regular Mock Tests

To achieve success in the SBI Clerk Mains 2022 exam, you must focus on all the sections equally and keeps taking Mock Tests from time to time. You should always know your daily or weekly, or monthly progress. And here is where Mock Tests play a crucial role in increasing and maintaining your speed and accuracy for the actual Exam. As we have discussed above in many places, no tool is more important for you in checking your skills and revising the entire syllabus quickly than Mock Tests.

It is a golden tool that keeps track of the fluctuations in your performance of every attempt made and helps in making quick changes in your answering strategy if it has any flaws.

4 Simple Steps to Attempt SBI Clerk Mains Mock Tests

Give below are the 4 easy steps you need to follow to attempt a free SBI Clerk Mains Mock Test:

  1. Sign up to PracticeMock
  2. Attempt SBI Clerk Free Mock Test
  3. Do Exam Analysis
  4. Get Expert Feedback on Weak Areas

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How to Crack SBI Clerk Mains Exam in 1st Attempt with Mock Tests?

How many SBI Clerk Mains Mock Tests should you give?  

Every genius goes for at leastMock Test every day if he/she has taken 2 months to complete the syllabus. For instance, if you want to complete the syllabus in 1 months’ time, then you will have to spend time giving at least 2 Mock Tests daily. And that comes to a total of 60 Mock Tests. And you should, never stop until you master the syllabus and the art of giving Mock Tests to get confident for the aimed Exam. Therefore, you can thoroughly analyze your attempts after attempting every Mock Test and work on your speed and accuracy and keep improving for the D-Day.

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