Essential 3-Day IDBI JAM 2024 Mock Test Challenge for 17 March
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Get set for the IDBI JAM Exam with our exciting 3-Day Mock Test Challenge! It’s designed to help you prepare and feel confident. Jump into this fun challenge and take a FREE IDBI JAM Mock Test to get started. The Industrial Development Bank of India is ready to hold the IDBI JAM Exam 2024 on March 17, 2024, at various locations.

In this blog, we’re giving you more than a study plan; we’re offering a challenge that will boost your confidence. Kick-off with a Free IDBI JAM 2024 Mock Test and put in your best effort. Walk into the exam hall full of confidence.

You can do it! 👊

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Last 3 Mock Tests for Quick Improvement

Among the numerous resources available, IDBI JAM offers significant value to candidates aiming to excel in this examination.

Mock TestDescription
IDBI JAM Mock Test (FREE)Access a complimentary mock test to assess your readiness.
IDBI JAM Mock Test 1Take the 1st official mock test to gauge your performance.
IDBI JAM Mock Test 2Enhance your preparation with the 2nd comprehensive mock test.

IDBI Junior Assistant Manager Exam Pattern

Check out the IDBI JAM Exam Pattern for the December 31, 2023, online exam: 

1Logical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Interpretation6060120 Mins
2English Language4040
3Quantitative Aptitude4040
4General/Economy/Banking Awareness6060

Essential 3-Day IDBI JAM 2024 Mock Test Challenge for 17 March

Here’s a condensed 4-day study plan for super-fast preparation:

DayTasksTopics to Cover
1Take 1 FREE IDBI JAM Mock Test 1Logical Reasoning: Seating Arrangement, Puzzle, Syllogism, Blood Relation, Direction and Distance
2Study and revise topics from Mock Test 1Logical Reasoning: Inequality, Alphanumeric Series, Order and Ranking, Data Sufficiency
3 (Morning)Take IDBI JAM Mock Test 2English Language: Cloze Test, Spotting Errors, Sentence Improvement, Sentence Correction
Take IDBI JAM Mock Test 3English Language: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Fill in the Blanks, Para Jumbles

Quantitative Aptitude: Simplification and Approximation, Number Series, Mixture and Alligation, Simple Interest and Compound Interest

NOTE: This condensed plan focuses on covering essential topics while providing time for mock tests, revision, and practice.

Strategic Study Focus: Prioritized Topics for IDBI JAM Exam Preparation in the Final Countdown

Given the limited time left for the exam, it’s essential to prioritize the topics that are most likely to appear and those that you find most challenging. Here’s a rearranged table based on this consideration:

SubjectsPriority for Revision
Logical ReasoningHigh
Seating ArrangementHigh
Blood RelationMedium
Direction and DistanceMedium
Alphanumeric SeriesMedium
Order and RankingMedium
Data SufficiencyMedium
English Language
Cloze TestHigh
Reading ComprehensionHigh
Spotting ErrorsMedium
Sentence ImprovementMedium
Sentence CorrectionMedium
Fill in the BlanksMedium
Coherent ParagraphLow
Para JumblesLow
Para/Sentence CompletionLow
Spelling ErrorsLow
Word RearrangementLow
Word UsageLow
Idioms and PhrasesLow
Sentence ErrorLow
Quantitative Aptitude
Simplification and ApproximationHigh
Number SeriesHigh
Mixture and AlligationHigh
Simple Interest and Compound InterestMedium
Time and Work & wageMedium
Pipe and CisternMedium
Profit and Loss & DiscountMedium
Permutation and CombinationLow
Day & Their ImportanceLow
General/Economy/Banking Awareness
Countries Currency & CapitalHigh
Articles, Amendments & SchedulesHigh
National Parks & Wildlife SanctuariesMedium
Power PlantsMedium
Discoveries & InventionsMedium
National & International Organisation HeadquartersMedium
Dams on RiversLow
Cities on RiversLow
Sports Terms and PersonsLow
Award and their fieldLow
Indian States and Famous Dance FormsLow
State and their FestivalLow
Mountain and PassesLow
Ocean TrenchesLow
Lake Place and its ImportanceLow
History, Dates, Dynasty and FoundersLow
State-wise Crop & Mineral ProductionLow
Temples & mosquesLow
First in the world or IndiaLow
Caves & ValleysLow
Tribal GroupsLow
State and International BoundariesLow
Country & Its ParliamentLow

This table rearrangement should help you focus on the most crucial topics with the limited time available.

7 Tips on How to Make the Most of the Last 3 Days

In the final stretch before your exam, maximizing your study efforts is crucial for success. These seven tips are designed to help you make the most of the last 3 days of preparation, ensuring that you’re fully equipped to tackle the challenges ahead. From prioritizing key topics to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, incorporating these strategies into your routine will enhance your confidence and readiness for the exam.

Follow the tips below:

1. Prioritize Important/Scoring Topics

Begin your revision by identifying the subjects or topics that are most important. Allocate more time and effort to these areas to ensure a thorough understanding. By covering the Important/Scoring topics first, you’ll build confidence as you progress through your study plan, leaving you feeling more prepared overall.

2. Create the Best 3-Day Revision Schedule

Develop a detailed study schedule for each of the five days leading up to the exam. Divide your time strategically, dedicating specific sessions to different subjects or topics. By breaking down your revision into manageable chunks, you’ll ensure comprehensive coverage while avoiding the overwhelm of trying to cram everything at once.

3. Best Utilize Mock Tests

Take advantage of mock tests as a vital component of your exam preparation. These practice exams simulate the real testing environment, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the format, timing, and types of questions you’ll encounter. Regularly engaging in mock tests not only helps build confidence but also provides valuable insights into areas where further improvement is needed.

4. Review Year Papers

Delve into past exam papers to gain a deeper understanding of the test format and the types of questions typically asked. Analyze the distribution of topics, the level of difficulty, and any recurring patterns or themes. By familiarizing yourself with past papers, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident on exam day, knowing what to expect and how to approach each section effectively.

5. Stay Organized

 Keep your study materials, notes, and resources well-organized and easily accessible. Whether it’s using folders, binders, or digital tools, maintaining order ensures that you can quickly locate relevant materials when needed. A clutter-free study environment minimizes distractions and maximizes productivity, allowing you to focus fully on your revision tasks without unnecessary delays or interruptions.

6. Practice active recall & break it down

Test your memory by recalling information without looking at your notes. This technique helps reinforce learning and improves long-term retention. Take a Free Mock Test to test your knowledge. Divide your study sessions into smaller chunks. Focus on one topic or concept at a time, and then take short breaks to recharge.

7. Stay Active

Incorporate short breaks and physical activity into your study routine to maintain mental alertness and prevent fatigue. Take regular breaks to stretch, walk around, or engage in light exercise to refresh your mind and body. Physical activity boosts blood flow to the brain, improving cognitive function and enhancing overall productivity. By staying active throughout your revision period, you’ll optimize your study sessions and retain information more effectively.

8. Healthy Diet

 Fuel your brain with nutritious foods that support cognitive function and sustained energy levels. Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats into your diet to nourish your body and mind. Avoid excessive caffeine, sugary snacks, and processed foods, as they can lead to energy crashes and decreased concentration. Prioritize balanced meals and snacks that provide a steady source of nutrients to fuel your studying efforts and optimize mental performance.

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Conclusion: What to Do?

As you gear up for the exam, it’s essential to assess your readiness through a Free IDBI JAM 2024 Mock Test. This invaluable resource allows you to gauge your progress, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune your exam strategies. Take advantage of this opportunity to simulate the testing environment and refine your approach, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to excel on exam day. With diligent preparation and the support of mock testing, you’ll approach the exam with confidence and achieve your desired results.

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