ESIC UDC Mains Last Minute Tips
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ESIC UDC Mains 2022 exam is scheduled for April 30, 2022 which is just 4 days away from today. This brings us forward to remind all the aspirants as what last minute handy tips they can follow before heading towards the examination centre. Though, many of the candidates must be thinking that this is not the right time to practice more mock tests, however it is not the case. These 4 days are the best to revise all the important topics & to practice and analyze the mock tests that you are giving to stay in accordance with what you have learnt before. In this article we would be guiding the aspirants about ESIC UDC Mains 2022 last minute handy tips.

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ESIC UDC Mains 2022 Exam Pattern

It is one popular exam in the country the ESIC UDC Prelims exam was conducted on 19th March 2022. The mains will now be conducted on 30th April, 2022. With just few days left for the exam here we are with the last minute handy tips. Mostly all these tips are basic, but still important as this exam is more of a speed based exam and small optimizations here and there shall help all the aspirants to grab few extra marks. Before, we jump onto the last minute tips, let’s first take a sneak peak into the exam pattern.

S. No.Name of the Test (Objective Tests)No. of questions.Max.MarksDuration
1General Intelligence and Reasoning5050 2 hours
2General Awareness5050
3Quantitative Aptitude5050
4English Comprehension5050

ESIC UDC Mains Exam 2022 – Last Minute Handy Tips

  • Candidates are advised not to pick & study any new topic which they haven’t done before. Rather this is the time when aspirants must revise what all they have done previously. Picking & starting a new topic will only lead to confusion which all aspirants must avoid at this point in time.
  • Practice as many mock tests & sectional tests as you can so that you stay ready for the final exam on the 30th April, 2022.
  • Create a proper schedule for practicing mock tests, free topic wise quizzes and mini mocks. Try starting with the easy ones and gradually move onto the difficult ones.
  • It is not advised to practice or study too much the night before the exam. It’s important to go for the exam with a fresh mind, thus leave studying early on the night before the exam & try to relax your mind.
  • Take extremely good care of your health which includes eating healthy as this will help you stay focused.
  • Keep all your important documents handy including your examination admit cards.

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This brings us to the end of the article. Stay focused & prepare well for the upcoming ESIC UDC mains 2022 exam. Wish you all the very best.

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