ESIC MTS 2022-Last Minute Strategy & Tips
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Last Minute Strategy & Tips: With the ESIC MTS Exam 2022 date approaching fast, you must be preparing hard to revise the entire syllabus. You might also be looking for tips to strategically crack the exam. The ESIC MTS exam is going to be conducted on 26th March 2022!

Today, we’ll discuss the Last Minute Strategy & Tips for ESIC MTS 2022 exam to help you make a good exam strategy. But before moving on to the tips let’s take a look at the exam pattern to keep in mind the distribution of marks amongst all the sections. Review the ESIC MTS 2022 Exam Pattern before moving on to the last-minute strategy and tips.

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ESIC MTS 2022 Exam Pattern

This exam comprises of two stages including Prelims & Mains. Below we are providing the exam pattern details:

ESIC MTS Prelims Exam Pattern

SectionsNo. of Qs.Marks
General Intelligence and Reasoning2550
General Awareness2550
Quantitative Aptitude2550
English Comprehension2550

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Phase II – Main Examination

SectionsNo. of Qs.Marks
General Intelligence and Reasoning5050
General Awareness5050
Quantitative Aptitude5050
English Comprehension5050

Note: Exam Duration – 120 minutes

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ESIC MTS 2022-Section wise Tips & Strategy

Here are some points you need to keep in mind to deal with each section of the exam to maximize your overall score:

1.      ESIC MTS Preparation Strategy 2022 for English Comprehension

This section can be very scoring if you can rigorously follow the points given below:

  • Check your reading speed and comprehension via Mock Tests. It will enhance your word power by learning new words and boost your vocabulary arsenal. Solve Reading comprehension samples or previous year questions to get an idea about the type of comprehensions that come in the exam.
  • Vocabulary plays a vital role in answering reading comprehension questions. If you don’t know the meaning of a certain word says, you’ll surely get a hard time answering questions.
  • Revise all the words you have noted down to improve your vocabulary for the exam.
  • Revise basic grammar rules that will help you deal with questions on error spotting, fill in the blanks, cloze tests, and so on, grammar comes in helpful. As a result, if you want to do well in the English section, you must properly review the grammar rules.

2.      ESIC MTS Preparation Strategy 2022 for General Intelligence and Reasoning

  • You’ll find as many topics as starts in the sky in this section. So you should try to only focus on the topics you know
  • Practice as much as you can to develop speed and accuracy
  • Read through the question carefully in the actual exam. And practice it while taking on the Mock Tests
  • Solve questions on a time-bound manner and check the accuracy of your answer
  • Take ESIC MTS Mock Tests to get an idea about where you stand right now and what you can quickly do to improve your capability.

3.      ESIC MTS Preparation Strategy 2022 for for Quantitative Aptitude

  • Make sure you master the concepts on percentages and averages, time and work, profit and loss, etc.
  • Increase your calculation speed to attempt to attempt as many questions as you can with speed and accuracy. You must learn multiplication tables up to 30 as well as natural numbers Squares and Cubes.
  • Practice topics such as, simplification, quadratic equations, and number series and Data Interpretation. Practice all sorts of questions.

4.      ESIC MTS Preparation Strategy 2022 for Strategy for General Awareness

  • It is essential to cover events of the last 6 months if you want to counter this section successfully.
  • Revise topics on and around banking and insurance-related topics such as General Insurance terms, History of Banking – Indian context, first banks list, bank foundation years, merger, and nationalization of banks. Topics such as Capital Markets, Money Markets, Inflation, etc. are also important.
  • Test your General Awareness through the ESIC MTS Mock Tests
  • Check the latest reforms and laws

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Last-Minute Tips for ESIC MTS 2022 Exam 

To clear the exam, you must be able to manage your time effectively. Do not try to attempt all the questions. Choose the questions that you can answer correctly first, keeping in mind your areas of strength. The most crucial elements that will help you clear the ESIC MTS 2022 exam are speed and accuracy. Therefore, you need to maintain your speed of attempting questions from the start so you can give proper time to difficult problems.

Here are some last-minute tips you can follow to maximize your marks in the upcoming ESIC MTS 2022 Prelims 2022 exam:

1.      Revise all important topics formulae

Revise all the important formulae and tables and all the important topics that you have prepared so far.

2.      Avoid New Topics

One of the most useful tips is to avoid starting any new or unfamiliar topics because this will induce uncertainty and worry throughout the exam. Do not start any new topic now. Any new thing that you would try learning now may not correctly be retained. Try to revise whatever you have studied till now and maintain command over it. Therefore, try to revise all the topics and notes that you have already prepared. Don’t leave them behind by giving way to new topics. By refreshing all the already acquired knowledge you’ll be able to take the exam with full confidence. Rest assured that you have done enough and whatever happens now, will be for good!

3.      Solve previous years’ question papers

This is the most important factor in getting good marks. To improve accuracy, you need to solve previous years’ question papers and ESIC MTS 2022 mock tests.

4.      Keep in mind the negative Marking Scheme

Please keep in mind that each incorrect answer will result in a negative marking of 0.25 points per question.

5.      Work on Speed and Accuracy

Speed, accuracy, and knowledge are needed in clearing any banking exam. Hence, it is important to improve your speed if you want to attempt the maximum number of questions in the actual exam. This is where practice via exam-like ESIC MTS 2022 Mock Tests will do wonders by quickly improving the performance practically. Try to be as accurate as you can and attempt the maximum number of questions with accuracy. In the actual UDC exam, you cannot afford to lose even one-fourth of marks. Time is a crucial factor and it is easy to lose track while writing an exam. This is where your practice will show results. Manage it properly.

6. Practice via the best ESIC MTS 2022 Mock Tests

Practice as many ESIC MTS 2022 Mock Tests as you can until the day of the exam.  Revise and analyze your performance through these exams like Mock Test to work on your weakness. Try to improve your time management skills. After analyzing yourself, work on it and make possible improvements. Mock Tests help you to clear the concepts and improve your skills. Take ESIC MTS 2022 Mock Tests. The mock test would provide you with instant feedback in the form of analytics, which will help you determine your speed

Best revision Tool

Scoring full or maximum marks in the upcoming ESIC MTS 2022 Exam will solely depend on the level of preparation and practice on your part. Therefore, you need to leave no stone unturned in a good revision. The ESIC MTS 2022 Mock Tests will surely play an important part in not just speeding up your revision in less time but will help you in making last-minute changes in your exam strategy. These latest ESIC MTS 2022 Mock tests are perfectly designed for these very purposes. ESIC MTS 2022 Mock Tests will quickly help you revise the syllabus and check your level of preparation. It will help you know where you went wrong and guide you for quick improvement. Lastly, the Mock Tests will train your mind to manage time and be accurate while attempting questions during the actual ESIC MTS 2022 exam.

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