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Delhi Police Head Constable (AWO/TPO) Answer Key Out below

The release of the answer key for the Delhi Police Head Constable (AWO/TPO) exam is a significant milestone in the recruitment process. It is an eagerly awaited announcement by candidates who appeared for the examination. The answer key provides clarity on the correct answers to the questions asked in the exam and allows candidates to estimate their probable scores. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the answer key, how to access it, and the benefits it offers to the candidates.

Understanding the Role of the Answer Key

The answer key for the Delhi Police Head Constable (AWO/TPO) exam is an official document released by the exam conducting authority. It contains the correct answers to all the questions asked in the exam. Candidates can refer to the answer key to check their responses and calculate their expected scores. This transparency ensures that the evaluation process is fair and accurate.

Accessing the Answer Key: A Step-by-Step Guide

Candidates eagerly awaiting the answer key can easily access it once released. The Delhi Police usually publishes the answer key on its official website. Candidates should visit the official website and look for the answer key link specific to the Head Constable (AWO/TPO) exam. Clicking on the link will lead to the answer key in a downloadable format. Candidates can then match their answers with the correct ones provided in the key.

Benefits of the Answer Key

The answer key offers numerous benefits to candidates who have taken the Delhi Police Head Constable (AWO/TPO) exam. Firstly, it provides transparency in the evaluation process, ensuring that candidates’ marks are calculated accurately. Secondly, candidates can assess their performance and predict their probable scores in the exam. This helps them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, aiding in future exam preparations.

Challenging the Answer Key: A Fair Process

In case candidates find discrepancies or have doubts regarding the provided answers in the answer key, they have the opportunity to challenge it. The Delhi Police often allows candidates to raise objections or clarify doubts within a stipulated period. This ensures that the final answer key is accurate and error-free, providing a fair chance to all candidates.


The release of the answer key for the Delhi Police Head Constable (AWO/TPO) exam is a critical update for candidates. It not only helps in understanding the correct answers but also enables candidates to estimate their scores. Moreover, the provision to challenge the answer key enhances transparency and fairness in the evaluation process. Candidates should utilize the answer key to assess their performance and plan their next steps accordingly.


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