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3 Lessons to Learn from NABARD Grade A Exam: NABARD Grade A Prelims were conducted online on October 16, 2023, in two shifts. Candidates who appeared in the exam found the exam level was moderate. 

We took the time to discuss the overall exam difficulty levels in the two shifts. Then, our team came up with expected cut-offs and good attempts of 105-122 questions in the exam. The Prelims exam is now over.

 We know the bitter truth: not everyone can qualify for this exam due to the limited number of posts. On the other hand, we have come up with 3 lessons every aspirant must learn from the NABARD Grade A Exam. These learnings can help them to move in the right direction to prepare for any competitive exam. 

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3 Learnings for Every Aspirant Must Follow From NABARD Grade A Exam

Getting a government job is a tough nut to crack. In India, many young graduates appear in the government examinations every year. The bitter part is that only a few of them can qualify for the exam. Aspirants who appeared in the NABARD Grade A exam must have realized many learnings to boost exam preparations and performance. Moreover, college freshers who are targeting government jobs must give a careful analysis of these 3 learnings to strategize the exam preparations in the right direction. 

Learning 1: Current Affairs Last 3 months trends

Candidates who gave NABARD Grade A Prelims realized that questions from ARD, ESI, and General Awareness were asked about the current affairs of the last 3 months. The Current Affairs section is a kingmaker to pave the way to qualify merit sections in Prelims. It holds 80 marks weightage ESI+ARD+GA = 80 marks. For aspirants targeting government exams like SBI, RBI Assistant, and NHB, they should choose the right study resources and strategize their preparations for the current affairs section of the exam. 

Learning 2: Focus on Practice Questions

A vast syllabus is covered in the government examinations during multiple selection processes. Candidates should see the trends by analyzing past year’s papers. So, they get an idea of scoring topics. Follow a practice of consistently practicing questions to crack Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English sections in the competitive exams. Start your practice by solving topic tests, mini mocks, and then, full-fledged mock tests. Only practice can give you confidence and speed to get maximum good attempts in the actual exams. 

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Learning 3: Emphasize on Revision

Frequent revision before the exam can boost your ability to recall essential concepts. Make an effective revision schedule to study important topics 3-4 times before the exam. Attempt mocks simultaneously work on your revision strategies and emphasize your brain abilities to recall main concepts for any competitive exam. 

How to Develop a Realistic Study Plan to Study for Government Exams?

A study plan holds prominent importance to crack any government exam on your very first attempt. This gives you a pathway to navigate through the exam syllabus for any competitive exam.

Make a Realistic Study Schedule

The first step to creating an excellent study plan is to develop a realistic study schedule. Take your own time to know your comfortable time to stay efficient and productive to commence your exam preparations. Develop a mindset to stay active in those study hours to revise, make notes, and give special priority to practice questions. 

Set a Consistent Study Time

Stay consistent in evaluating your performance and practice for any government examination. Furthermore, keep a mindset and habit of staying strict with your study schedule. It is advisable for an exam aspirant to study in an open area to stay productive and active. 

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Practice Concepts Deeply

Apply a deep work practice to cover concepts to study for the competitive examinations. It helps you to master complicated topics to excel in any government exam. Following such a practice requires significant efforts to derive surprising results.

Carefully Prepare & Organize Notes

Work on jotting down important points for particular topics. Carefully give your time to maintain and organize your notes to prepare an essential resource effective for last-minute revisions before any competitive exam.

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

At times, competitive exam aspirants are ambitious for exam plans to avoid taking frequent breaks. However, many candidates may feel burned out by performing deep study and practice covering essential topics for Quant, English, and Reasoning. Give yourself time to recharge and start again to study by taking frequent breaks in your schedule. 

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Final Takeaway

Experimenting and Failures are conjoined twins. Aspirants who appeared in NABARD, unfortunately, feel unable to qualify for the exam. Don’t feel demotivated, embrace your results and efforts. You have key learnings with you to make your way to crack any competitive exam landing a well-paid job in the government sector. College fresher candidates who have just started preparations should carefully analyze these learnings to take study in the right direction and achieve success. 

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