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SSC CGL Tier 2 (2017)

The SSC CGL Tier 2 free test would be available from August 10, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have bought a test series package consisting of 10 tests, but after successful payment I can see only 4 or 5 or x tests of that test series?

Please don’t worry you would get all the tests before the scheduled date of examination. Mock tests are uploaded on an ongoing basis. A tentative monthly schedule of mock tests to be uploaded in a given month is on the homepage of the website.

Q. I have completed a mock test. When will I get my score?

On submission of your mock test, your score and All-India rank would be immediately generated. The All India ranking is dynamic in nature and it would change as more number of users attempt that mock test.

Q. A mock test was made live on March 10, 2017. Am I supposed to attempt that test on that date itself
No, you can attempt or view analysis/solution of that test on any date or time as per your convenience before the validity date of a particular test expires. 

Q. What is the validity of the Test Package?

The test package is valid till February 28, 2018.

 Q. In what all languages Mock tests are available?

Currently, our mock tests are available in English only.

Q. What is PracticeMock money back guarantee scheme?

If the user is not satisfied with the quality of our mock tests, he/she can claim for refund within 6 days of your purchase. Your money will be fully refunded without any questions asked provided you have not attempted more than 2 tests as part of that test package. To file a claim for refund, mail us on with the subject line Refund along with your transaction details.

Q.  Why does PracticeMock provide only a limited number of Mock tests for each exam?

We believe that attempting 10-15 good standard mock tests of any exam followed by thorough analysis of each mock test is sufficient for an aspirant with sound fundamentals. Further, at PracticeMock, we strive to provide good quality mock tests with varying difficulty levels to prepare an aspirant for every kind of scenario in actual exam. We believe in giving limited number of good quality mock tests than giving sub-standard mock tests in huge quantity.

Q. I want to buy PracticeMock mock tests but I do not have a credit card/debit card/net banking facility. What to do?

In this case you can write to us at with the subject line off-line payment mode and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a solution.

Q. My test was interrupted due to power disruption or internet disconnection. Will I have to attempt the test from the beginning?

 No worries! Your test can be resumed from the time it was interrupted.

Q. Can the test or the solutions of the mock test be downloaded?

No. The tests or the solutions cannot be downloaded.

Q. How many times can I attempt a particular Mock test?

You can attempt a particular mock test only once. However, you can review and analyse your performance as many times as you want.

Test Schedule (Tentative)

Sr. No.


Date of Uploading

Valid till


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant Free Test)

August 10, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (English Free Test)

August 12, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 01)

August 16, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (English 01)

August 20, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 02)

August 28, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (English 02)

August 29, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 03)

September 03, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (English 03)

September 06, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 04)

September 10, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (English 04)

September 14, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 05)

September 17, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (English 05)

September 22, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 06)

September 23, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 07)

September 29, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 08)

October 05, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 09)

October 11, 2017

February 28, 2018


SSC CGL Tier-2 (Quant 10)

October 24, 2017

February 28, 2018


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