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Today’s Hindu editorial talks about “Towards a new normal: On Unlock 3”. We have picked difficult words from this editorial along with their meanings which will surely help the aspirants preparing for upcoming banking, government and insurance exams to enhance their vocabulary and other reading comprehension skills when it comes to the English section. We publish these vocabulary articles on a daily basis so that you get to enhance your vocabulary regularly. Make a list of these new words and keep learning and revising these on regular basis. Here is the vocabulary table below along with today’s complete Hindu editorial.

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Difficult Word/PhraseContextual Meaning
vulnerablethose that can be easily attacked
unrelentingnot dropping
serologystudy of blood
inconsistentnot staying the same in behaviour or quality
overworkedhaving to work too much
vigilto be awake
evidenteasily understood
inadequatenot good enough
asymptomaticshowing no symptoms of a particular disease
 thrustpush strongly & suddenly
disaggregatedto separate into parts
micro-planningplanning at minute levels
proclivitysomething you like to do which is considered morally wrong
concealto hide

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Towards a new normal: On Unlock 3

With a vaccine not yet in sight, easier, cheaper testing can help protect the vulnerable

The Centre has announced further relaxations in the lockdown that began on March 25 to combat (fight) the COVID-19 pandemic although the numbers are unrelenting (not dropping). The third phase will now take effect from August 5. At nearly 17 lakh, India stood third among countries with the highest number of cases; a third of these cases are currently active. With over 36,000 deaths, India’s case fatality (death) rate of 2.16% is relatively low. The possibility of wider prevalence indicated in serology (study of blood) surveys in Delhi and Mumbai suggests that the death rate could be even lower than current estimations. The disease spread has been uneven within the country. The responses of States and cities have also remained inconsistent (not staying the same in behaviour or quality). Along with the number of cases, overworked (having to work too much) health-care professionals experiencing fatigue (tiredness) and the public showing impatience with restrictions are also on the rise. This is not a pleasant mix of circumstances, and utmost vigil (to be awake) must continue. By now, it is also evident (easily understood) that complete lockdowns that disrupt economic activities cannot be sustained over long periods of time. Gyms and yoga centres, but not educational institutions, metro rail, and large gatherings, will be allowed in the next phase. Movement of people and goods across borders will be easier as per the Centre’s guidelines. Random restrictions on movement such as those in Tamil Nadu, where an e-pass is required for intra- and inter-State travel, must now be done away with.

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As a vaccine or a cure is not yet visible, it is time the focus on adaptation got sharper. Though many questions about COVID-19 remain, certain measures are evidently helpful in managing the pandemic better and bringing fatalities down. The coming phase of unlocking must prepare the country for complete opening. For that, first of all, testing should be unlocked and made available on demand as close to home as possible. For those infected to not step out of home is a far superior measure in preventing spread, compared to inadequate (not good enough) mask usage. With most cases turning out to be asymptomatic (showing no symptoms of a particular disease), wider and cheaper availability of testing must be a thrust (push strongly & suddenly) area for the government now. Easy, early diagnosis of infections, even when asymptomatic, will go a long way in containment. The concerns regarding increased dependence on rapid antigen tests in some places must be addressed. Second, real time epidemiological data should be unlocked. Just as weather data is freely available, and allows for cropping practice readjustments, disaggregated (to separate into parts) real time data enables micro-planning (planning at minute levels) and localised behavioural response. The proclivity (something you like to do which is considered morally wrong) shown by some States and cities to conceal (to hide) data has been self-defeating. Even official death counts do not match with the numbers available with other sources. There must be efforts to harvest accurate data, and with ease of availability. Normalcy, albeit a new one, could be reached faster with the right efforts.

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Have you got some new words to learn and augment your vocabulary? Also, download the list of word-meaning of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Free PDFs of March, April & May 2020 and keep revising these words on a regular basis. Take a Free Mock Test of IBPS PO Prelims 2020.


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