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Please brief us on when did you start preparing for the competitive exams and how was your preparation journey

I have been preparing for competitive exams sin last year. Initially started in banking and I found ssc is easier than banking except advanced math. So I focused on those topics.

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Which exams did you appear in till date and what were their results?

  • SBI clerk
  • SBI PO

How did you prepare for the English section?

Wren and Martin book for grammar. After familiar with all the rules and exceptional cases i tried to identify the parts of speech in all the sentences i have come through. Then reading newspaper and stories and news website articles. Then started giving mocks.

How did you prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude section?

For arithmetic i already prepared for banking. For Advanced math i focused on value putting and some basic shortcuts.

How did you prepare for the Reasoning section?

Though I’m preparing for banking reasoning section was quite easy. I read analytical reasoning book for critical reasoning.

What was your strategy for the General Awareness section?

I never prepared for this but reading ncert books and taking notes is effective way to score good marks in this section.

RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test 2023

What was your strategy for the Computer Awareness section?

I bought arihant book read completely.

What was your overall strategy? Did you follow a study schedule? If yes, please share the details

I followed study schedule. One topic in math for three days. I thoroughly prepared basics and noted all the formulas.

Did you face any hurdle as well? How did you overcome it?

Maintaining accuracy is the main hurdles one will face during mocks. I also faced it. I rectified that by proper analysis and practice.

RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test 2023

Did PracticeMock help you in your success? Please elaborate

Practice mock’s test series is very very difficult. One can score good in it then if one can score good in real exams.

RBI Assistant Prelims Free Mock Test 2023

What’s your message for the fellow aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams?

Never give up. You are about to accomplish the goal so focus on your weakness and work accordingly.

This brings us to the end of the article. We sincerly hope that these success stories keep motivating you at all times so that you keep working hard to achieve your goal of clearing these competitive exams.

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