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Aspirants aspiring for any government banking or insurance exams often claim that their English section is the weakest. For candidates to clear such exams staying updated with English is a must and that can only be done by reading newspaper on a daily basis. To ease your editorial reading experience we are here with another set of tricky words from today’s editorial. Right next to the word is its meaning and its usage in a particular sentence.

Mentioned below is the table:

Today’s Editorial: Caution ahead: on economic growth and election spending

Projected something that is contemplated The company now estimates it will cost $8 billion, nearly 50 percent more than the $5.4 billion projected six years ago.
Aftermath something that follows from an event especially of unfortunate nature According to the young man, both were dealing with the aftermath .
Sequential following It gives you a mixture of sequential number questions, synonyms, and odd-one-out pictures.
Fiscal relating to financial matters in general A wealthy private equity investor, Orman is a social moderate and fiscal conservative.
Ailed to cause trouble to Neither did he himself know what ailed him, any better than they did.
Nascent beginning to exist or develop As a nascent sound engineer, Brinsley “tried the best he could.”
Populist a member of the People’s party Whether or not one likes the music of Garth Brooks, it is arguable that he is the last and only populist in pop culture.
Perennial lasting or continuing throughout the entire year Iowa is a perennial swing state, and polls show the race in a virtual tie.
Deficit a lack or shortage Then he faced a $3.7 billion deficit , the largest in state history, and the largest per capita in the nation.


This broadly is advantageous for the aspirants in two ways: It keeps you updated about the general awareness and also at the same time enhances your word power. We hope this article gives you an edge in preparing for the English section and you would be gradually able to achieve success especially in the vocabulary part.

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