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Nearly all the Banking, Insurance, and Government exams have English as an indispensable section. The section checks aspirants’ grasp on a range of factors like vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. While reading the editorials of a couple of good newspapers is an excellent medium to improve all the three aspects, it becomes at times boring as well. This happens mainly because of two reasons: either the subject is not interesting enough to keep you glued on the article or you stumble across a lot of new and complicated words which you don’t understand. Read the tips to master your vocabulary here.

Generally, it so happens that if there is only one unknown word in a sentence, you kind-of get its sense by reading the remaining sentence. But if there are two or more words placed interwovenly, the sense of the sentence is generally lost and you need to use a dictionary and attempt hard to understand what the sentence is trying to convey. It is for this reason that we are coming up with this article to help you out with the senses of the difficult words used in the editorial of reputed newspapers.

Difficult words and their meaning in the Editorial: No lessons learnt: on Meghalaya mining disaster



Dickensian Regarding the poor social & economic conditions (like Charles Dickens novels)
Spectrum Range
Violation Breaking the rules
Prohibition Not allowed
Unscrupulous Without principles, Unethical
Remunerative A benefit in monetary terms
Collapse Downfall
Incumbent Necessary as a duty
Dewater Remove water from
Requisitioning Formally request
Miracle A fortunate occurrence
Adequate Sufficient
Shortcomings Loopholes
Extraction The process of obtaining something from a mixture/compound
Expansion The act of increasing something in size
Evidence Proof
Illegal Unlawful
Acknowledged Admitted
Tragedies Events resulting in great loss

Difficult words and their meaning in the Editorial: Winter bear hug: on weakening stocks



Stocks Shares of a company
Trading Buying/Selling (shares)
Gauge Benchmark
Teetering Moving unsteadily
Slump Decline
Convening Meeting
Colloquially Informal language
Brewing Getting ready
Tightening Regulating
Indices Many indexes (A number representing the value of some chosen stocks in a share market like Sensex, Nikkei etc,)
Inflation A progressive increase in prices
Derail Deviate from the track
Robust Sturdy and Strong
Mandate Official Instruction

Difficult words and their meaning in the Editorial: Donald Trump Christmas call



Reasonable Showing judgment
Takeaway Key Point
Superior Elder
Intransigent Refusing to change one’s views
Memes A humorous image
Whoopee A noisy celebration
Solitude Loneliness
Concession Admission to a wrongdoing
Merciless Showing no mercy
Scragged Strangled
Undermining Hindering normal operations
Myth A traditional story
Suspects Imagines to be true

Difficult words and their meaning in the Editorial: Cloud over campus

Word Meaning
Appoint Assign
Counselors Advisors
Investigation A searching inquiry for ascertaining facts
Revealed Disclosed
Suicide Intentional taking of one’s own life
Milieu Surroundings
Envisaged Visualized
Institutions Establishments
Excelling Surpassing others
Consistently Constantly adhering to the same principles
Autonomous Independent
Remedial Affording remedy
Acknowledged Widely recognized
Adolescence The process or state of growing to maturity
Depression Sadness
Expectations A thing looked forward to
Onus Burden
Disciplinary Relating to discipline or system of rules
Saddled Burdened
Subtle Fine or delicate in meaning or intent
Clinical Extremely objective and realistic


We hope this article would not only help in understanding editorials while you read them, but it would also help you in enriching and augmenting your word-power. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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