SSC JE 2023-12 Days Mock Test Challenge for Ultimate Success
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Are you determined to maximize the time you have left before the exam to ensure success? If your answer is a resounding yes, then brace yourself for an exhilarating 12-day mock test challenge that will propel you towards victory. With carefully curated mock tests, this challenge is tailored to familiarize you with the SSC JE 2023 format and cultivate the confidence necessary to triumph over this pivotal exam.

Mark your calendars for the SSC JE exam set to take place from the 9th to the 11th of October, 2023. This challenge is more than just a countdown. This is an opportunity to transform your preparation into a winning strategy. The highlight? A complimentary Free SSC JE 2023 Mock Test that not only evaluates your progress but also helps you refine your approach, ensuring you’re not only prepared but thriving as you approach the momentous day. Get ready to face this challenge head-on and emerge victorious!

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SSC JE 2023-12 Days Mock Test Challenge for Ultimate Success

Here’s the 13-day Mock Test Challenge:

Day Topics to Study Mock Test
4 Paper Folding (Reasoning), Daily Current Affairs (General Awareness), Noun (English), Geography, Simplification & Approximation (Mathematics), Dice & Cubes (Reasoning), Percentage & Profit Loss (Mathematics), Adjective (English), Physics, Indian Polity

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Take Mock Test 4
5 Revision + Daily Current Affairs (General Awareness), Series Completion (Reasoning), Ratio & Proportion (Mathematics), Adverb (English), Biology, Economics Take Mock Test 5
6 Analogy & Classification (Reasoning), Average & Allegation (Mathematics), Preposition & Conjunctions (English), Static GK, Data Interpretation & Analysis (Mathematics), Blood Relations & Direction Sense Test (Reasoning), Speed Time Distance & Train Problems (Mathematics), Reading Comprehension & Para jumbles (English) Take Mock Test 6
7 Non-Verbal Reasoning – Water Image and Mirror Image, Paper Cutting and Folding, etc., Trigonometry – Height and Distance, Degree and Radian Measures, Histograms, etc., One Word Substitution, and Spelling Errors in English Language Section, Revision + Daily Current Affairs (General Awareness) Take Mock Test 7
8 Syllogism & Venn Diagrams (Reasoning), Simple Interest & Compound Interest (Mathematics), Synonyms & Idioms/Phrases (English), Ranking & Order Sequence Test (Reasoning), Mensuration-2D & 3D Figures-Area, Surface Area & Volume of Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, etc. (Mathematics), Sentence Improvement & Error Spotting in English Language Section Take Mock Test 8
9 Seating Arrangement Problems in Reasoning Section, Geometry – Triangles congruency, Similarity theorems, Circle chords & tangent theorems, etc., Fill in the Blanks and Active/Passive Voice in English Language Section Take Mock Test 9
10 Puzzles in Reasoning Section, Algebra – Linear Equations in one or two variables, etc., Direct/Indirect Speech and Sentence Completion in English Language Section, Statement and Conclusion Problems in the Reasoning Section, Coordinate Geometry – Straight Lines, etc., Vocabulary-based questions like Antonyms/Synonyms, etc. in the English Language Section Take Mock Test 10
11 Statement and Assumption Problems in Reasoning Section, Number System – Divisibility Rules, Remainder Theorems, etc., Cloze Passage and Para jumbles in English Language Section, Logical Venn Diagrams Problems in Reasoning Section, Simplification – BODMAS Rule, etc., Reading Comprehension and Error Spotting in English Language Section Take Mock Test 11
12 Clocks and Calendar Problems in Reasoning Section, Partnership – Ratio and Proportion, etc., Sentence Improvement and One Word Substitution in English Language Sectio Take Mock Test 12

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SSC JE 2023-How 13 Days Mock Test Challenge Can Make You a Winner?

Do you want to ace the SSC JE exam? Do you want to prove your skills and knowledge? Do you want to be a successful engineer? If yes, then you need to take the 13-Day Mock Test Challenge. It’s a fun and exciting way to prepare for the exam. It’s like a game where you play every day and level up your abilities. Here are some reasons why you should join this challenge:

  • You get to know the exam inside out. You see the types of questions and the difficulty level. You learn the tricks and tips to solve them.
  • You master the art of time management. You practice how to finish the exam on time. You avoid wasting time on hard questions and focus on easy ones.
  • You build your confidence and calmness. You overcome your fear and nervousness. You feel positive and ready for the exam.
  • You correct your mistakes and prevent them in the real exam. You analyze your errors and learn from them. You avoid making the same mistakes in the future.
  • You experience the exam conditions and get mentally prepared. You simulate the exam environment and pressure. You get used to the exam mode and mindset.
  • You measure your progress and stay motivated. You compare your scores and see your improvement. You celebrate your achievements and keep going.
  • You spot your weak areas and work on them. You find out which topics you need more revision. You improve your weak points and make them your strengths.
  • You broaden your knowledge and skills. You encounter different questions and scenarios. You enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills.
  • You get one free mock test to try before joining the challenge. You get a taste of the mock test and its benefits. You decide if you want to join the challenge or not.

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The 12-Day Mock Test Challenge is a fun and effective way to prepare for the SSC JE 2023 exam. It trains you to be a winner and achieve your dream.

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