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As we all know SSC CGL is approaching soon and candidates are already living in a tough zone right now. Aspirants generally work hard and try to give their maximum input when it comes to such exams, but usually where their effort lack is the English section. The best way to overcome the fear of English section is to take a free mock test initially when you are starting with it. It actually tells you the areas where you need to work on.

If we specifically talk about the English section, generally we come across phrases like “The Salt of the Earth” and “An arm and a leg” etc. Now out of these we may have heard few before, but we did not know the meanings of the same. So, here is this article which will talk about such idioms and phrases which are usually asked in the upcoming SSC CGL Tier II 2019 examination. Along with the idioms we are facilitating students with their meanings as well in order to help you prepare better. While taking a free mock test you may encounter few such idioms that you might have heard before, but fail to understand the actual meaning of it.

Mentioned below is the List of Idioms and Phrases to go through while preparing for the SSC CGL recruitment 2019.

Idioms/Phrases Meaning
1.       An arm and a leg  A lot of money
2.       The salt of the Earth  Very good & honest
3.       Going places  Talented and successful
4.       A penny for your thoughts  Way of asking what someone is thinking
5.       Caught between two stools  When someone finds it difficult to choose between two alternatives
6.       As daft as a brush  Extremely silly
7.       Once in a blue moon  Something that happens rarely
8.       Piece of cake  Something that is easy to understand or do
9.       Cut the mustard  Perform satisfactorily; to succeed
10.    Elvis has left the building  The show has come to an end It’s all over
11.   Blessing in disguise  Something good and useful that did not initially seem that way
12.   Mean business  Being serious/dedicated
13.   Don’t put all your eggs in one basket  Don’t focus all of your attention on one thing or one area
14.   Hit the nail on the head  To do or say exactly the right thing
15.   It takes two to tango  Both people involved in a bad situation are responsible for it
16.   Golden Handshake  a usually large payment made to people when they leave their job
17.   Part and Parcel  An essential or basic element
18.   A cut above  Noticeably superior to others within the same category
19.   Keep something at bay  Keep something away
20.   Let the cat out of the bag  To reveal a secret
21.   Apple of one’s eye  a thing or person which someone loves above all others
22.   Make a long story short   Come to the point – leave out the details
23.   Balloon goes up  A situation turning unpleasant/serious
24.   Point blank  Very definite and direct
25.   Not a spark of decency  A person who has no manners
26.   Old habits die hard  People find it difficult to change their accustomed behaviour
27.   Pull someone up on something  To Criticize
28.   To call it a day  To conclude proceedings
29.   The best of both worlds  The benefits of widely different situations, enjoyed at the same time
30.   Taste of your own medicine  When someone receives the same treatment, usually negative, that he or she gives to others
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31. Not playing with the full deck  Someone who is mentally, psychologically or intellectually deficient
32. On the ball  When someone understands a situation well; attentive
33. Oldest trick in the book  A well-known and much used trick/method
34. Of no avail  Useless
35. Bone to pick  Cause of quarrel
36. Gate Crasher  Uninvited guest
37. Get the sack  Dismissed from
38. Off the cuff  Without preparation; spontaneous
39. Miss the boat  To miss out on something
40. Come hell or high water  Possible obstacles in your path (will not stop you)
41. Cry over spilt milk  Complaining about a loss or failure from the past
42. Beating around the bush  Avoiding the main topic
43. Spill the beans  To disclose a secret
44. Method in the madness  A purpose in what one is doing, even though it seems to be crazy
45. Off the record  Not made as an official or attributable statement; unofficial; confidential
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46. Icing on the cake  Something that turns good into great
47. Feeling a bit under the weather  Feeling slightly ill
48. Flies off at a tangent  Start discussing something irrelevant
49. Feel blue  In trouble/depressed
50. Out of the blue  Happen unexpectedly
51. Push one’s luck  Trying to obtain more than what one has (risk spoiling the current situation)
52. A litmus test  A method that helps to know if something is correct
53. At the drop of a hat  Willingness to do something instantly
54. Afraid of one’s own shadow  To become easily frightened
55. A house of cards  A poor plan
56. Reap the harvest  Benefit or suffer as a direct result of past actions
57. Raining cats and dogs  Raining heavily
58. See eye to eye  To be in agreement with
59. Bone of contention  A subject or issue over which there is continuing disagreement
60. Give cold shoulder  To ignore
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61. Sink your teeth into  Do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm
62. Take with a grain/pinch of salt  To doubt the accuracy of information
63. Roll up one’s sleeves  Get ready for hard work
64. Shot in the dark  A complete guess (may or may not be close to the truth)
65. Hand to mouth  live on only basic necessities
66. Make a face  To show dislike through facial expressions
67. Strike while the iron is hot  To act at the right time
68. Take the plunge  Venture into something of one’s interest despite the risks involved
69. Reap the harvest  Benefit or suffer as a direct result of past actions
70. Take with a grain/pinch of salt  To doubt the accuracy of information
71. To put in a nutshell  To say in a few words or to make something concise
72. To move heaven and earth  To exert all efforts
73. To pour oil on troubled waters  To make peace
74. Tight spot  A difficult situation
75. Take a back seat  Choose to be less important in a role
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76. Water under the bridge  Something bad that happened in the past but is no longer important
77. To call a spade a spade  To be brutally frank, blunt in speech
78. Its Greek to me  Something that is not understandable
79. Weak in the knees  Barely able to stand because of emotion, fear or illness
80. Wide off the mark  Incorrect; Inadequate; Not what is expected
81. Over the top  Totally excessive and not suitable for the occasion
82. Open the floodgates  Release something that was previously under control
83. Open Pandora’s Box  To find a source of great troubles and problems
84.  Hit the bull’s eye  To be exactly right about something or achieve the best result possible
85. Last straw  The final problem in a series of problems
86. Let sleeping dogs lie  Leave something alone if it might cause trouble
87. In the heat of the moment  Overwhelmed by what’s happening at the moment
88. Get a raw deal  To not be treated as well as other people
89. Eat humble pie  To apologize humbly
90. Hear through the grapevine  To hear news from someone who heard that news from someone else
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91. Jump on the bandwagon  Join a popular trend or activity
92. Give the benefit of doubt  Believe someone’s statement without proof
93. Every cloud has a silver lining  Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days
94. Cut the mustard  Perform satisfactorily; to succeed
95. Zero in on something  Focus all attention onto one thing
96. A hot potato  Something that is difficult or dangerous to deal with
97. Be glad to see the back of  Be glad to see someone leave
98. Pen is mightier than the sword  Words and communication have a greater effect than war
99. Black and blue  Full of bruises
100. A bird’s eye view  A view from a very high place that allows you to see a very large area


The list is endless, however if you really want to boost up your SSC CGL Tier II preparation then study this comprehensive list of idioms and phrases. For more such daily English quiz updates and vocabulary articles, download PracticeMock app.

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