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English section is often being ignored by the aspirants and what we believe is that it seems a little difficult to them. English is really not difficult; it is just that usually candidates preparing for these banking exams don’t have the hang of using English normally. Moreover, English Grammar is one of the most prominent sections of SEBI Grade A Phase I 2020.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, SEBI Grade A Phase I is now scheduled on July 04, 2020, and aspirants should use this time to prepare well for the upcoming exams. If you are one of them who is scared of this particular section then we are here to help you with the English grammar skills in order to boost your SEBI Grade A Phase I exam preparation.

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Basic Grammar Concepts

Let us first start with listing down the basic grammatical concepts. You need to be well-versed with these in order to score well in the English section. Few important concepts include:

  • Conjunctions
  • Articles
  • Tenses
  • Nouns and Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Interjections
  • Prepositions
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs

Check list of vocabulary articles including difficult words and their meanings here.

Moreover, when it comes to English section, it can be further categorized into writing and communication. So, here we are bifurcating these and sharing how to improve upon both written and verbal grammar.

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Tips to Improve Your Performance in the English Language Section

While there’s no shortcut to achieve proficiency in this section, below are the steps mentioned to improve your performance in the long run.

  1. Reading is the Key

    The best way to deal with English is start reading whatever you find interesting. Reading helps a lot as far as vocabulary, writing skills, reading comprehension and grammar is concerned. Start following the structure and you will start loving the language.

  2. Memorize Words

    In order to improve writing skills, simply brush up your vocabulary. Our regularly published vocabulary articles may help you here. If memorizing is a task for you then you can make out your own creative ways of memorizing the words and their meanings. However, only memorizing words won’t help, rather you will have to try fit in these in your normal routine conversation. Try using online and offline flashcards to improve your word-retention.

  3. Useful Tools

    There are many tools available online that will help you to check your accuracy levels of grammar. Spell checker and Grammarly are two of them.

  4. Best Tip

    The best writing tip in order to improve on your grammar skills is to start writing your own blogs and articles. Make sure that you don’t copy it from anywhere and should be completely genuine. Once you are done with the writing part, try to debug your errors.

  5. Use Synonyms & Antonyms

    Try to escape using same words, rather use similar words and this will automatically help you learn antonyms and synonyms.

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English Grammar Tenses

The most critical and sensitive part of the English section particularly grammar is the tenses. Once you are able to master those, nothing can stop you from moving ahead. Following the tips below can lead you to the right direction of getting a better know how of the grammar part of the English section for SEBI Grade A Phase I.

  1. Rules of tenses should be learned thoroughly. By learning we mean not mugging up, but trying to pull it off in your normal routine from here and there.
  2. Practice as many grammar exercises as possible especially on speeches and direct-indirect tenses.
  3. Practice fill in the blanks
  4. Analyse the exercises which you have done if any and then try to find out your own mistakes.
  5. One ideal way to deal with all this is take a mock test and try to attempt the overall English section and then check your score.

These are few tips, however apart from these practicing plays an important role. Only reading and writing won’t let you achieve what you want. Practice as many mock tests as you can for SEBI Grade A Phase I. Also, try to identify your errors and do the root-cause analysis so that you don’t repeat the same mistake in the actual exam. We hope that this article will help you to crack the English section of SEBI Grade A 2020 Phase I.


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