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As far as government job or a private job is concerned each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the same completely depends upon an individual as what kind of job he or she wants to be into. Though, it is very obvious that private jobs pay better salaries than government jobs, however government jobs are more secure than the private ones. However, if we talk about the current war-like situation of COVID-19  pandemic many are already under this dilemma. The news of layoffs and pay cuts in private jobs is not new in these COVID times, thus people now are purposely thinking of government jobs. Moreover, the rapid digitization of the government sectors has also increased stability. Many of you will now be feeling that government job is better because of the job security at least. Anyone’s facing this dilemma should take the final decision carefully after knowing all the pros and cons of both. In this article we are giving information about both these sectors, however if looking at the recent times, government jobs are little better.

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Job Security

These COVID times have actually made people realize that there is no job security in private jobs. Moreover, it is one of the major factors that many people opt for government jobs. In this pandemic we have seen many companies doing layoffs and paycuts to cut down on their costs. On the contrary government jobs are more stable as people are fired only when there are major performance issues or issues which are not acceptable at all.

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Salaries & Promotions

It is a myth that government jobs don’t pay well and there are constant increments in private jobs. Well, with 7th pay commission, salaries of government jobs are at par with the salaries of the private employees. Moreover, as far as other perks and additional benefits are concerned, private jobs do not give any extra advantage such as residence, transportation etc. Government jobs also have fixed promotions at fixed time intervals, however in the private sector the promotion is dependent upon the performance of an individual.

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Retirement Policy

In Government job only there is a fixed retirement policy. The employee is secured even after he or she is retired with new pension schemes. It is made sure that the employee’s future is secure. Government sector jobs like railways even continue the benefits like free travel even after an employee retires.

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Work Life Balance

Better work life balance is what we all seek while working in our respective fields. Government jobs usually have fixed timings and fixed offs, however most of the private jobs offer flexible working hours, but some do not have fixed offs. In that respect private jobs are little better as you have the flexibility to work according to your targets and work completion etc. But, if we talk about working hours, in a government job there are shorter working hours in comparison to the private jobs.

Work Stress

As far as work stress is concerned it is lesser in government sector than in private sector. this is the reason because mostly all public sector jobs are based on long term goals and planning. Few jobs in public sectors are even dependent on the time of economic year and festivals etc. The case in private sector is different and they majorly follow short term goals and work as per the deadlines given by the companies. These deadlines usually add up to the stress level of an employee as missing a deadline can make the entire plan go for a toss.

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Government jobs are often known to have fixed processes and work schedules and they usually have fixed job roles of handling different operations on day to day basis, however if we look from this point of view, private jobs are more demanding and there are scopes for innovation on daily basis which does not make their job monotonous.

These are some of the factors or you can say differences between government and private jobs. However, it as also mentioned above it completely depends upon an individual as what kind of job he or she wants to take up. It is for sure that there are advantages and disadvantages in both, but you have to decide for yourself as what is beneficial for you and what is not. Whatever your choice is it is good that you take an informed decision.

This is all from us related to which one to choose government job or private job? Stay informed and take a wise decision. For all those who are preparing for banking and government jobs this year, keep taking mock tests and keep practicing well.

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