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Millions of aspirants every year prepare for the SBI PO exam. With only limited seats at hand, only a few get to live the experience of being a probationary officer under the prestigious State Bank of India. Many of you might have appeared for the 2020 SBI PO Prelims and if you are reading this article then surely you haven’t cleared the exam yet. And that’s absolutely fine.  

The 2020 SBI PO prelims might have been a different experience for all the aspirants. Some would have experienced such an exam for the very first time, others would have given the second attempt. Some would have entered the examination hall unprepared while some would have revised everything in the syllabus till the very last moment.  

Here are some key pointers for aspirants who did not clear SBI PO pre-2020 

Take a Mock Test Now for a much-needed Reality Check 

It simply doesn’t matter if last year’s exam was your first or the third attempt. Although last year’s paper would have given you a reality check taking a free mock test now will give you a fine reality check as of today. Please consider this very seriously. You should be aware of where you stand today for fighting your future battles. It’s a real mockery of yourself if you don’t do that. It’s time to get rid of all the wishful thinking and act responsibly.  

SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test

Don’t Feel Disheartened 

Many of you would have given your 100% last year but still missed out on the cut-off list. It might feel really painful inside as if something that was really close to you and was taken or snatched away. Especially, for aspirants who missed out on minute margins. But at the end of the day, there are many unheard stories like you. Somebody would have missed out by a mark in 2019 and would have finally cracked the 2020 SBI PO prelims. Such stories should give you perspective about all the drama of exam preparation, several attempts, missing out by minute margins, etc.  

Persevere your way to SBI PO 2021 

The word perseverance means to keep working for the achievement you were set out to achieve despite the delays. It means to keep your focus on something which is quite difficult but your aim doesn’t take a beating at all. Never mind the delay, just remember why you started out in the first place.  

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Reconsider your study material 

Maybe you are stuck with average study material which isn’t helping you grow further for such an exam. Consider reading this article for the best bank PO resources out there.  

Choose the Test Series which is exactly similar to the actual exam of SBI PO 

The possibility of SBI PO aspirants getting stuck with average mock tests or test series is quite high. You need to understand that you will only get closer to cracking SBI PO when you have given plenty of high-quality mocks which are slightly tougher and similar to the actual exam pattern and questions.  The PracticeMock is one mock test series provider in India which is known for providing such mock tests. Sign-up for a free mock test by PracticeMock.  

SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test

Do an honest talk with yourself 

Most of the time we are actually aware of the exact reasons for our failure or shortcomings. We either don’t address them or start living in denial mode. You need to be honest with yourself in such circumstances. If you know the root cause of your disease and if you work on them, the symptoms will disappear themselves. Most of us focus on symptomatic management instead of the root cause approach.  

There can be different root causes for different aspirants: 

  • Fear of one particular subject and you don’t focus on that particular subject 
  • Surrounded by too many distractions such as social media, movies, tv-series, etc. 
  • Have taken the exam for granted and have neglected the consequences of the upcoming future 
  • Good at exams but doesn’t work on weak areas post mock tests 
  • You get demotivated very quickly even after usual failures  

Sign-up for a free mock test today to set a new benchmark for your preparation strategy today! 

English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims with tips and tricks, solution key 

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SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test

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