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Reading Comprehension (RC) is one of the most asked topics in SBI Clerk Prelims. Generally, it is perceived as one of the toughest sections in the question paper and is often suggested to be dealt in the end. Well, this section is not that difficult to deal with provided you start your preparation right away and do a lot of practice. There are still 2 months (approximately) to go for the Prelims and with the right preparation, you can definitely make the most of reading comprehension questions. Have you assessed your RC preparation level in a Mock Test? If not, click here and do it now.

Reading and at the same time properly comprehending the text sometimes become difficult especially when there are multiple contexts in a passage. Difficult words further add to this problem. Sometimes it so happens that while reading even though you understand a sentence but miss the contextual addition of that sentence in the passage. At times, the passages seem to be boring to read and despite the fact that you are trying to concentrate on reading it, you miss to get the essence. Sometimes, the inter-related connection of words of a sentence are difficult to interpret and there are similar other issues.

We have come up with 3 tips to help you with your preparation. Have a look:

Understand & Evaluate Your Reading Habits

At this juncture, it’s important to assess your reading habits. Pick an article, be it an editorial of a  newspaper or an online article or a book and start reading it. Keep noticing as you start losing your interest. How much time does it actually take before your attention starts to dilute? Make a note of the time and slowly increase it so as to get good control over your attention. Content also plays a key role in keeping you attentive but this is something you don’t have any control on. Nobody knows from which genre the passage will be asked and therefore you should be adept in dealing with nearly all types of questions. The below tip will help you out.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Any Reading Comprehension passage will have a combination of vocabulary, context & interaction of words. You need to understand each piece of text on a continuous basis to get the overall idea the passage is trying to convey. If you face difficulty in understanding it, you need to improve your word-power. Sometimes it is possible to understand a word’s meaning by the context of the sentence, this is not a very foolproof way and may not work in all the situations. To improve your vocabulary, we suggest you find and understand the contextual sense of the difficult words you come across when doing the reading activity mentioned in the first tip.

Also, keep noting the difficult words and make flashcards which would help you in retaining the sense of the word. Revise the flashcards 2-3 times in a week and quiz yourself on a frequent basis. Try using the new words in your verbal & written communication which will definitely help you in retaining their meaning.

Read for Pleasure

Reading Comprehension is a section without which it’s really difficult to get success in SBI PO Prelims. Why not make Reading Comprehension a fun activity? If you find a passage boring, move to a passage with a less difficulty level and try to connect with the text. Read some interesting books which will take off the pressure from you. Gradually, move to the passages of SBI PO level and start reading as mentioned in the first tip. Doing will definitely put you at ease with these passages and will help you understand the answers of questions related to the passage.

Follow these 3 tips to enhance your preparation for the Reading Comprehension section. Solve a Reading Comprehension set twice/thrice a week for effective practice. If you take a Mock Test, analyze the feedback of RC section for the RC questions you didn’t answer correctly.

Wishing you Good Luck for your preparation!

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