SBI Clerk Preparation 2022: Section-Wise Mock Test Challenge
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How to Crack SBI Clerk Prelims in 15 Days? This question may strike to those who haven’t started with their SBI Clerk Prelims preparation by now or to those who are all done with the preparation, however not finding the right strategy to make a preparation/revision plan. As we know that SBI Clerk prelims 2023 exam is scheduled in the month of January, 2024 its time to pull up your socks and make sure that we leave no stone unturned to achieve success by clearing the SBI Clerk prelims exam. As far as the online apply is concerned, tomorrow that is Dec 7, 2023 is the last date to apply online for the upcoming SBI Clerk prelims exam. So, to those who seek an answer to this question that is it possible to crack SBI Clerk prelims exam in just 15 days the answer is yes, however if you have the right strategy in place. So, here we will discuss about few tips and strategy for how to crack SBI Clerk prelims in just 15 days.

SBI Clerk Prelims free mock test + Detailed Analysis/Solutions

How to Crack SBI Clerk Prelims in 10 Days – Quick Revision Tips

Mentioned below are five score boosting quick revision tips for the remaining 10 days.

  • Revise all English Grammar rules

Try and solve as many questions as possible based on error detection and other miscellaneous questions.

  • Revise all Quant Formulae

Practice questions based on percentages, average, profit & loss, SI & CI, time & work etc.

  • Revise all quick calculation techniques that you have developed till now

This incluedes tables, square roots, cubes and divisibility rules of numbers.

  • Practice Puzzle, DI and RCs

Practice around 3-4 sets of these questions on a daily basis till the final exam as this will help you in gaining hands on perfection as and when it comes to puzzles and questions based on such important concepts.

  • Keep attempting mock tests

Attempting mock tests and analyzing them should be a regular process till the time you sit for the actual examination. Set a target for yourself of achieving 70+ marks in these tests. After taking the test analyzing each question is equally important.

How to Crack SBI Clerk Prelims in 15 Days

The five major tips that will help you achieve your goal of cracking the SBI Clerk prelims exam in just 15 days are mentioned below:

  • Balance Speed with Accuracy
  • Understand the Examination Pattern
  • Attempting the questions smartly
  • Attempt mock tests & spend time on its analysis
  • Sharpen your strengths

Understanding the exam pattern of SBI Clerk prelims 2023 or for that matter of any exam is no rocket science. The exam pattern is quite clear, its just that you have to strategize it well. Below mentioned is the SBI Clerk prelims exam pattern:

S.No.Name of testNo. of questionsMaximum marksDuration
1.English Language303020 minutes
2.Quantitative Aptitude353520 minutes
3.Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
 Total10010060 minutes

SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock Test + Detailed Analysis/Solutions

5 Important Strategies to Crack SBI Clerk Prelims 2023 Exam

Quick Calculation

  • Short tricks or you can say methods to do calculations quickly at your fingertips is extremely important.
  • Memorize the tables from 1 to 20. Along with tables, squares and cubes are important too
  • Divisibility rules should be at your fingertips

Revise & Practice

  • When it comes to revision, revise English grammar rules thoroughly
  • Practice as many questions as possible on error detection and other miscellaneous topics
  • Revise basic quants formulae and topics including averages, percentages, profit & loss, SI, CI, Time & work etc.
  • Practice new sets of puzzles and seating arrangement questions and practice these in a stipulated time. Practice few questions daily
  • Practice 3-4 sets of DIs would help you a great deal in the exam

SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock Test + Detailed Analysis/Solutions

Attempt Mock Test & Analyse

  • In these 15 days time, practice as many mock tests as possible. If possible attempting 2 mocks daily may help you achieve better results
  • After you have attempted the mock test do check the detailed analysis and understand the solutions given correctly
  • Take up sectional tests if you want to improve upon your score in any particular section

SBI Clerk Prelims Free Mock Test + Detailed Analysis/Solutions

SBI Clerk Prelims 2023 Revision Tips

  • There is a sectional timing for each section which is why candidates will have to attempt whichever section is thrown at them first
  • It is important to focus on increasing the number of attempts and at the same time must focus on accuracy. Speed and accuracy is to be maintained at all times while you are giving the exam.
  • The best way to revise is to revise by giving mock tests. This will give you an idea as what are your strong areas and what are the areas or topics where you need to put a little extra effort.
  • Last but not the least revising and understanding the solutions part also gives you an idea as how to approach the exam ahead. Analyzing and revising the solutions of Mock Tests have multiple benefits.

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These are few tips and strategies following which one can crack SBI Clerk Prelims 2023 exam in 15 days. The best way to crack SBI Clerk prelims exam in just 15 days is to practice and practice. Below we are providing few blogs wherein we have mentioned section wise practice questions for each section and this will be helpful for the upcoming SBI Clerk prelims examination.

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