SBI Clerk- Mock Tests help you decide the best strategy
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Will SBI Clerk Prelims surprise you?

If you have applied for 8,773 vacancies in SBI Clerk, you must be aware that there is a lot of competition for these posts. Remember that SBI has been coming up with surprises in terms of new types of questions and pattern in the past years. And speculations are high that the forthcoming SBI Clerk exam is likely to have some surprise elements. Surprise or no surprise, students must be able to get the maximum out of the test come what may. Not getting exposed to different kinds of questions and patterns is one big mistake you might be committing. And this mistake may mean a poor overall performance. You may be good at your basic concepts but that may only help you to solve questions quickly and that doesn’t necessarily mean your best performance.

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SBI Clerk Syllabus

Reasoning SyllabusNumerical Ability SyllabusEnglish Language Syllabus
Logical ReasoningSimplificationReading Comprehension
Alphanumeric SeriesProfit & LossCloze Test
Ranking/Direction/Alphabet TestMixture & AlligationPara jumbles
Data SufficiencySimple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & IndicesMiscellaneous
Coded InequalitiesWork & TimeFill in the blanks
Seating ArrangementTime & DistanceMultiple Meaning /Error Spotting
PuzzleMensuration – Cylinder, Cone, SphereParagraph Completion
TabulationData Interpretation 
SyllogismRatio & Proportion, Percentage
Blood RelationsNumber Systems
Input OutputSequence & Series
Coding DecodingPermutation, Combination &Probability

Take SBI Clerk Free Mock Test

A strategy is a must to get your best performance

Having a strategy is of high importance in this exam. You need to analyze and think about your performance in different tests and then come up with your strengths. Focus on those sections first which take less time and are your stronghold. Once these questions are done, you can move to the questions which seems moderate to you. For eg. when it comes to answering questions related to puzzles, it takes considerable time to analyze, gather and arrange different pieces of information. But once the information is arranged, a number of questions can be answered in one shot. It is generally advised to solve the puzzles at the last as a number of individual questions can be answered in the span of time which is used in analyzing the puzzle.

Master strategies with the help of mock tests

The above is only one example of different types of strategies which aspirants can come up with. Here’s how mock tests can help you in formulating one strategy. Platforms which provide mock tests have years of experience. They take several aspects of past years’ papers into consideration before coming up with new mock tests. These aspects include difficulty level of different questions, types of questions and their placement in the paper. When you take a mock test, you get an experience which resembles the actual paper very closely. You should try different strategies while taking a mock test like prioritizing questions from your strong areas etc. Try different strategies and stick with the one which favors you the most. The strategies differ from aspirant to aspirant and each aspirant should come out with one which fetches him the maximum marks.

Take SBI Clerk Free Mock Test

Start your revision now

Now that not much time is left for SBI Clerk prelims, the earlier you start with solving mock tests, the better! The moment you submit a mock test, it provides you an analysis which has a detailed explanation of the questions you did incorrectly. It also highlights your weak areas so that you can put in extra efforts and improve upon your performance. Several platforms which provide mock tests offer the first test free of cost. You can take the mock test and if you are happy with the content, you can go ahead and buy the package. Hope this article has helped you in formulating your own strategy to ace SBI Clerk exam. Wishing you all the best for your exam!

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