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In this article, we have come up with a collection of Important Chemistry Questions most of which were asked in the different shifts of RRB JE CBT 1 exam conducted recently. Have a look and check how many of these questions’ answers you already knew.

S. No.QuestionAnswer
1Name the chemical name of K2SO4Potassium Sulfate
2What is the chemical formula of C3H8?Propane
3Name the property of the metals by which it can be made into thin wires?Ductility
4Most electro-negative elementFluorine
5Symbol of PhosphorusP
6Dry ice is the solid form of which gas?Carbon Dioxide
7Which is the most hardest metal?Tungsten
8Nature of ToothpasteBasic
9Methnoic Acid is also known as?Formic Acid
10Generally which type of bonds are the strongest?Ionic Bond
11Which of the given options has maximum vitamin C? (Options: Apple, Guava, Berries, All of the above; Answer: Guava)Guava
12What is electron affinity?The neutral atom’s likelihood of gaining an electron
13Who came up with the Modern Periodic Table?Dmitri Mendeleev
14Which ion helps clotting of blood?Calcium
15What’s the nature of oxides of non-metals?Non-metals react with oxygen in the air to produce non-metal oxides.
16Which of the below isn’t a blood group?Anything apart from the below will be the answer (A+), (A-), (B+), (B-), (O+), (O-), (AB+) & (AB-)
17Constitution of India is kept under which gas?Helium
18Which group is called Halogen?Group 17
19What converts blue litmus into red?Acid
20What’s the chemical formula of Benzene?C6H6
21What is Hydrogen? (Options: Metal, Non-metal, Metalloid, None of the above)Non-metal
22What decreases when going from up to down in a group?The chemical reactivity of metals
23Which of the element is the first metalloid in the table?Boron
24What’s the alternate name of Planetary Model?Rutherford Model
25What is the Olfactory Indicator?A substance whose smell varies depending on whether it is mixed with an acidic or basic solution
26What acid is present in ants?Formic Acid
27Which metal remains liquid at the room temperature?Mercury
28What makes quick lime water milky?Calcium Hydroxide
29Which acid is there in sour milk?Lactic Acid
30Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine are in which group?Group 17
31Beryllium’s properties match with _____?Magnesium/ Aluminium
32What’s the formula for plaster of paris?CaSO4.1/2H2O
33What’s the colour of iodine vapour on sublimation?Purple
34Valence Shell is _____?The outermost shell of an atom containing the valence electrons.
35Which is the 1st element in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table?Hydrogen
36What is the Modern Periodic Table arrangement based on?Atomic Number
37When going down in a group in the periodic table, which property doesn’t change?Nature of oxide of elements
38Which element is maximum in human body?Oxygen
39The 17th group in the Periodic Table is which category?Halogens
40What’s the atomic number of Phosphorus?15
41What should be balanced in chemical balancing?Atoms
42What’s the unit of carbon credit?Ton
43Ethanol is found in _____?Paints, tinctures, markers, and personal care products such as mouthwashes, perfumes and deodorants.
44What does LPG contain?Propane and Butane
45The concentrated acid is neutralized by which solvent?Water
46Going from top to bottom in a periodic table, what will happen with the atomic size?The Atomic Size Increases
47Going from top to bottom in a group, what will happen with the metallic character?The Metallic Character will increase
48Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, Cl belong to which period?Third Period
49How many neutrons are there in Sodium?12
50Who discovered Neutron?James Chadwick
51What’s the source of solar energy?The Sun
52Which kind of bond does graphite have?Covalent Bond
54What causes a perfume to travel to our nose?Diffusion
55Elements in the first group of the Periodic Table are also known as?Alkali metals
56Which element has the highest ionization energy?Helium
57Atomic number of elements define which of the following?Number of protons and electrons
58How many atoms are present in Ozone?3
59What is the atomic number of Silver?47
60What is the formula of Borax?Na2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O
61What is the Formula of Chloroform?CHCl3
62What is the molecule formula of Propane?C3H8 or CH3CH2CH2
63What is the IUPAC name of C3H8?Propane
64Name the metalloid which has the highest atomic number?Tennessine
65Which gas is used to prevent Oxidisation?Nitrogen Gas
66Which is the best conductor of electricity?Silver
67Oxidation means loss of?Hydrogen
68Fe + CuSO4 → FeSO4 + Cu is an example of Combustion, Oxidation or Displacement Reaction?Displacement Reaction
69How many neutrons are there in Deuterium?1
70The pH value of blood is?7.35 to 7.45
71What is needed to make soda water?Carbon dioxide
72What is the chemical formula of Calcium Hydroxide?Ca(OH)2
73What is the chemical formula of detergent?C17H35COONa
74What is the heaviest metal?Osmium
75Who invented the Atom Bomb?J. Robert Oppenheimer
76Why does Silver turn black?because of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur)
77Which substance enhances the rate of reaction without reacting with the product?Catalyst
78What’s the valency of nitrogen in NH3?3
79If metal & an acid reacts, which gas is released?Hydrogen
80When litmus is added to the solution of borax it turns?Blue
81Litmus solution will be the most acidic in which of the following? Lime, Grapes, Mango, BananaLime
82What is the byproduct of soap?Glycerol
83What is the sum of neutrons & protons in an atom is known as?Mass Number
84Where is the hole of Ozone layer?Stratosphere
85Which is the most electronegative element?Fluorine
86The highest amount of citric acid is present in which fruit?Orange
87How many elements are there in the 3rd period of the periodic table?8
88Which is the lightest metal?Lithium
89What’s the formula of ‘Sindoor’?HgS
90What’s the atomic number of Gold?79
91What’s the total number of commonly known metalloids?6
92What is the pH of Wine?3.3 to 3.6
93What is the formula of Baking Soda?NaHCO3
94What is the formula of Benzene?C6H6
95What’s the chemical formula of Washing Soda?Na2CO3
96What metal is used to manufacture aeroplane?Aluminium
97An azo dye is formed by interaction of an aromatic diazonium chloride with?Phenol
98In Moseley’s periodic table elements are arranged according toAtomic Number
99Teflon is the common name ofPolytetrafluoroethene
100Which of the following elements has the lowest melting point? (Options: Zinc, Titanium, Sulphur & Fluorine)Fluorine
RRB NTPC free mock

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