RBI Grade B Preparation 2024 10 Mistakes to Avoid
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RBI Grade B Preparation 2024: RBI Grade B is one of the most awaited exams for aspirants in 2024. This apex banking institution is changing questions difficulty level with time making it the highly competitive government exam in India. Candidates who seriously want to be Grade B officer in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) requires proper preparation planning and strategies. Based on the observations, we have prepared 10 Mistakes to Avoid for RBI Grade B Preparation 2024. 

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10 Mistakes to Avoid for RBI Grade B Preparation 2024

Based on the observations, we compiled the list of 10 mistakes aspirants must avoid targeting for RBI Grade B Exam 2024:

Begin Exam Preparation after Notification Release

RBI Grade B exam covers a vast syllabus in Phase 1 and Phase 2 levels of the exam. Candidates should start preparing for Phases 1 and 2 simultaneously to cover all topics. They have ample time left to revise and practice mock tests before the exam. RBI Grade B is a government conducted annually so, the best practice should be to grab the advantage of early preparation to maximize chances to qualify for the examination. 

Unplanned Preparation for Phase 2

Not much time left in hand for the Phase 2 exam after appearing in RBI Grade B Phase 1. Candidates should plan Phase 2 exam preparation with Phase 1. Know the topics to study in English, ESI, and ARD. Practice for descriptive writing. Most candidates out of fear unable to qualify for Phase 2 due to unplanned preparation planning. They waste time waiting for notification leaving them with no time to seriously work on Phase 1 and 2 exam preparations. 

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Not Analyzing Exam Patter & Syllabus

The biggest mistake candidates commit preparing for RBI Grade B is not analyzing the syllabus and exam pattern. They don’t have clarity on topics to study and question difficulty level. How would they fix the schedule to study?

Studying Irrelevant Topics

Not being clear on what to study? The most common issue among candidates targeting RBI Grade B 2024. It’s high time for them to start studying after analyzing the syllabus and examination pattern. Follow our blog post to get the latest details on the RBI Grade B exam. 

Do Random Studies Without Mentor Guidance

Wasting time doing random studies for RBI Grade B will cost you losing opportunity to qualify for the RBI Grade B exam. Connect with mentors online and offline for doubt-clearing sessions. Such sessions are effective and helpful in strategizing your routine and staying motivated in preparing for RBI Grade B. 

Giving Undue Attention to Long Tail Questions

Act smartly and prioritize your preparation if you seriously want to crack the RBI Grade B 2024 exam. Time is running out working on only those concepts and practice questions can fetch you easy marks in Phases 1 and 2. 

Undermining Importance to GA in Phase 1

Don’t Miss out on General Awareness importance if you aiming for RBI Grade B 2024. In 2023, there was a sudden shift in the questions difficulty level. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) changed the question trend in the General Awareness sections. Candidates appearing in the 2024 exam have to work on 6 months of current affairs study in-depth and read newspapers. 

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Time Mismanagement

Young graduates should not value time if they aim for RBI Grade B 2024. Time can make you break your game in Phases 1 and 2. You should know how to balance your time at attempting questions in the exam. 

Studying Voluminious Course Materials 

Look for the relevant study material online/offline for RBI Grade B 2024. We have launched a complete package exam preparation RB for the I Grade B foundation course. This course is available on the website at discounted rates. If you want to streamline your exam preparation grab this complete package consisting of video courses, PDFs, and mocks for practice for Phase 1 and Phase 2 exams.

Ignoring Phase 2 Descriptive Preparation

Candidates who miss out on qualifying for the Phase 2 exam only for the reason of not practicing work on descriptive answers. They go through only the theory portion. On the other hand, the best practice is to work on your conceptual knowledge and strategize writing descriptive answers. 

RBI Grade B Foundation Course: Complete Package

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Features of RBI Grade B Foundation Course

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Don’t waste time sitting and waiting for the RBI Grade B 2024 official notification. It’s time to make a schedule and start preparation right away. Avoid following the 10 mistakes in RBI Grade B preparation 2024. Sign up and grab a Free Mock Test to Practice for the exam. Explore other study resources available to study and practice to improve your performance. 

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