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RBI Assistant Prelims is exactly 30 days from today. You have all the more reason to put the RBI Assistant Prelims Study Plan in action. With the help of this study plan not only will you not miss preparing any important topic but you will also get timely data on your performance by taking Mock Tests. Start your preparation now as there is going to be a tough competition for the 926 RBI Assistant vacancies. We have already published articles related to preparation below:

In this article, we will be sharing the strategy you should adopt for the RBI Assistant English section preparation. English is considered to be one of the toughest section by aspirants. But remember that only consistent practice will help you gain mastery on this section and now is the right time to get started with your practice. And before getting started with the preparation, we strongly recommend you to take a Free Mock Test of RBI Assistant Prelims. Taking this mock will help you identify your weak areas towards which you can put extra efforts. Let’s now have a look at the RBI Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern.

RBI Assistant 2020 Prelims Exam Pattern

S. No.Name of Objective TestNo. of QuestionsMax MarksTotal Time
1English Language303020 mins
2Numerical Ability353520 mins
3Reasoning Ability353520 mins

Total10010060 mins

Solving 30 questions in 20 minutes would be a challenge as there is a negative marking of 0.25 mark per incorrectly answered question. Try taking Mock Tests to assess your performance level in a controlled situation. As you take more mocks, you’ll slowly get used to the pressure. Obviously, this should be backed with proper practice, review & working on weak areas. Let’s now have a look at the different topics which are asked in the English Language section.

Reading Comprehension

This section has a passage followed by some questions on the passage. The questions can be sometimes direct and at times they’re inferential in nature. RC Questions can be classified as per below:

  • Questions related to the main idea of the passage
  • Direct questions
  • Questions related to inference
  • Questions related to the logical structure
  • Questions based on tone or attitude
  • Questions related to contextual usage of a word

Try to improve your reading speed without losing out on the comprehension part. In other words, try reading fast and understanding it at the same time. Even if you don’t like the passage, continue reading it. As you do this exercise in the long run, your reading speed and comprehension skills will definitely improve. Also, look out for direct & vocab based questions. Answering these questions will help you get good marks in a jiffy. If you’re taking Mock Tests, have a cursory glance at all the passages to understand what they are about and which one you should start with. Practising RC in Mock Tests will definitely help you in the actual exam.

Cloze Test

In these kinds of question, you will be given a passage with certain words missing and there would be 4-5 options for each of the missing word. You need to fill the blank with the word which most contextually fits it. Read the complete passage beforehand and then read slowly and try to guess (without looking at the options) which word would fit there most appropriately. If that word is there in the option, that will most likely the correct answer. However, don’t miss out on checking other options as well. If you get confused, re-read the preceding and succeeding sentences to understand the context better.

Phrase Replacement

Here a statement is given where a part of it is highlighted. You are asked if the given statement (with the highlighted part) is correct or should the highlighted part be replaced with any of the 4-5 given options. The skill of knowing grammar rules would come very handy here. You need to check which option replaces the highlighted part most contextually and doesn’t violate any grammar rule as well. In case there are two options that are very close, check the sentence’s tone to get a hint of which option would go better.

Sentence Rearrangement & Odd one out

This can be a new kind of question where the concepts of both sentence arrangement & odd one out can be checked. Here a sentence is broken in 4-5 parts and is jumbled up. So first you need to arrange it to form a coherent, meaningful sentence and then you need to figure the odd one out. Seeing these new kinds of questions all of a sudden inside the examination hall may make you nervous. So do remember that whatever question is new for you is new for other aspirants as well. You can be better prepared for these new kinds of questions by taking mock tests on a regular basis. Not only will you encounter new kinds of questions but you can also test your skills in an exam-like environment.

Remember howsoever new a question is, it will check only 3 aspects of grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. Be well-prepared in these 3 areas and you will be good to go for the RBI Assistant English section. This is all from us in this article. We hope that these tips would be helpful in your English Language preparation. If you have any feedback for us, please use the comment section below.

Wishing you good luck with your preparation!


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