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PSCB (Punjab State Cooperative Bank) exams, whether it be for the recruitment of Clerks or Managers, are extremely popular in Punjab. It is seen as a lucrative and well-paying job by lakhs of youngsters who want to make a good career in Sada-Punjab region. The Exams are tough and are very competitive in nature. Therefore, intense focus and dedication are needed to clear it.

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As all the PSCB Exams are just ready to knock on the aspirants’ doors, many of them might be acknowledging the revision to be challenging and almost every one of them might be aiming to score full marks.

In this article, we will talk about the 2 Most Effective Boosters that may help you to reach that goal of cracking it, or of Scoring Full Marks in the PSCB Clerk Exam 2021!

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2 Most Effective Boosters PSCB Exam Preparation

Most of the students do not plan for how they will revise for the PSCB exam. They study as much as possible, cover the entire syllabus, and revise it in a very conservative way. And then they sit and hope for the best.

This isn’t an intelligent approach. It is essential to outline a revision strategy for how you will get ready for the PSCB exam 2021.

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Here are three important questions you can consider while devising your revision plan:

  1. How much revision do i want?
  2. How many practice questions should i solve?
  3. Which concepts or topics do i need further study/clarification on?

There are two most effective tools or boosters that not only help you in accurately answering the questions above but also in propelling your revision process. These two exam preparation and revision boosters that can really help you in making a good Exam strategy for the actual PSCB Exam 2021 are:

  1. Topic wise Quizzes
  2. Mock Tests and Mini Mocks

Here are the reasons why these are the 2 Most Effective Boosters for your PSCB Exam Preparation:


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1. Topic wise Quizzes

Topic-wise quizzes are one of the best and effective ways to prepare for the questions that the actual Exam invites. You can boost your preparation manifold just by solving topic-wise quizzes.

These quizzes, like Mock Tests, allow you to:

  • Analyze your weaknesses and strengths
  • Manage your time efficiently
  • Accelerate your revision plan
  • Instill confidence in you for the actual PSCB Exam

Topic-wise quizzes also help you to master the Exam session-wise. It gives you the opportunity to attempt questions of only one section until you improve your performance in it. After attempting questions from each section, you should spend sufficient time to understand and analyze your mistakes.

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What do you need to do?

Go through each and every section (QA, Reasoning, and English Etc.) carefully to understand the same. You should first try to work out each and every question in different ways and then look out for solutions. Through this kind of time-bound preparation, you can expect to improve your understanding of concepts and basics which you can apply in the actual test.

Don’t forget! Regular practice of these free quizzes will definitely bring about improvement and pave your way to success. You can practice these superb reasoning quizzes from the comfort of your room just by downloading PracticeMock app.


2. Take as many Mock Tests as you can

With a methodology named Mock Test, students have found a new way to learn how to give an Exam accurately and improvise. It acts as a torchbearer, who aids you in preparing the right strategy. For that, it is important to know how to strategize for cracking and clearing these tests. The primary motive of these mocks tests is to create a benchmarking tool that will help students to measure their preparedness and work on their weaknesses.

Go for a test series that can provide you with a real exam-like experience, and analyze your performance. Choose a series that must have the following 5 features:

  1. As per the latest PSCB 2021 Exam pattern
  2. Basic to high-level questions asked in the PSCB Exam
  3. Level of difficulty at par with the PSCB Exam trend
  4. Must have a sectional timer, as in PSCB Exam
  5. Detailed solutions should be provided after the final submission of the test

Take a Test Series!

Mock Tests are one of the best sources that help to prepare for the SBI PO Exam. They are carefully curated Tests that act as clones to the actual Exams. They serve you with tons of questions in a time-bound manner, so that you can get a feel for what the actual SBI PO Exam will be like. After taking a Mock Test, you get to analyze your performance. And if your performance improves, then you can move ahead with the revision process, otherwise, you can revisit the basics of the topic you failed. 


What do you need to do?

Hence, if you want to get full marks in PSCB Exam 2021, you must, right now and right away, go for PSCB Mock Tests. And now that you know the importance of Mock Tests, you should know that PracticeMock is a perfect one-stop solution that has all the problems of your solution! You don’t have to waste your energy and precious time in hunting for Mock Tests for other banking Exams for you or your friends, if you’re aiming for preparing for other banking Exams, simultaneously. We have every Banking Mock Test under one room!



Mock Tests are practice exams that can greatly help you prepare for the real, PSCB Exam 2021. They are intended to give you a clear indication of the structure and content of the actual PSCB Exam 2021, as well as a snapshot of your current performance. Hence, you should take a FREE Mock Test on our platform, and follow our perfectly designed Mock Tests series to rock the upcoming PSCB Exam 2021!

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