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The NIACL or New India Assurance Company Limited has released NIACL AO Exam 2021 date on September 24, 2021. The AO (Generalist) (Scale 1) exam for Phase I will be conducted on October 16, 2021. Now that NIACL AO 2021 Exam is going to knock at your door very soon, many of you might be thinking of making a perfect approach to score maximum marks in the English Language section of the NIACL AO 2021 Exam. English Section, which appears in both the Prelims and Mains Exams, is an important section and can help you in clearing the NIACL AO Exam. Although, English can be hard for many candidates a good practice can always help you in fetching maximum marks in the upcoming Exam.

This article will throw light on how you should prepare to counter the English Language section, what are the important topics you need to focus on, and the strategy to finish this section in less than 20 minutes in the upcoming Exam.

Before jumping onto the tips for sure-shot success in the upcoming NIACL AO Exam 2021, you need to revisit the updated exam pattern and the syllabus:

NIACL AO Exam Pattern

As per the NIACL, the selection process of a candidate is based on the four recruitment stages given below:

Preliminary Stage

This stage of the recruitment process consists of three sections, English language, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning ability. The exam is conducted in online mode, with objective-type questions carrying a total score of 100 Marks.

TopicsNo. of QuestionsMarksDuration
English Language303020 minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude353520 minutes
Total10010060 minutes (1 hour)

NIACL AO Exam Pattern for Mains

The NIACL AO Mains exam will include both objective tests as well as descriptive tests. Hence, the exam pattern for the objective test has been mentioned below in the article.

NIACL AO Exam Pattern for Generalists

Section NameType of TestNo of QuestionsMediumDuration
Test of ReasoningObjective50English/Hindi40 Minutes
Test of English LanguageObjective50English40 Minutes
Test of General AwarenessObjective50English/Hindi30 Minutes
Test of Quantitative AptitudeObjective50English/Hindi40 Minutes
Total (Aggregate)200150 Minutes

Note: The main stage of the exam is divided into two parts with four sections, an objective test, and a descriptive test. The descriptive test has a maximum score of 30 Marks, while the objective analysis has a maximum score of 200 Marks.

Important Questions-NIACL AO Exam 2021

To clear NIACL AO Exam 2021, you need to take care of the entire syllabus along with all the important chapters. Pick tough chapters first and then go for the easy ones

TopicWeightageTypes of QuestionsTests
Reading Comprehension6-10 QsYou can expect passages on topics related to banking and the Economy. Fact and inference-based questions.Mock Test
Verbal Ability2-5 QsYou can expect question n para-jumbles, para, Para-analogy, Odd one out, etc.Mock Test
Error Spotting5-10 QsYou may face sentences on Errors where you will have to find the errors.Mock Test
Vocabulary5-10 QsFill in the blanks & Phrase Replacement.Mock Test
Cloze Test0-10 QsYou will have to fill in words missing in a passage as per Grammar rules.Mock Test

Preparation Strategies for the English Language-NIACL AO 2021

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, The English language section is a part of both Prelims and Mains examination. Prelims exam invites objective-type questions whereas, in the Mains exam, you will have to face both objective and descriptive tests as well.

Objective questions

To counter objective questions in the Exam, you will have to pay more attention to topics like:

  • RC (Reading Comprehension) Tenses
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Articles, Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Error-Spotting, Sentence Correction
  • Para Jumbles
  • Error Spotting

Descriptive test

In the descriptive test, you will have to write an essay and a letter. Therefore, you should Practice reading and writing and try to solve as many questions or problems on grammar as you can to get equipped to score maximum marks in this section. By reading newspapers and magazines or books, you will learn new words and syntax.

Tips to score maximum marks in the NIACL AO Exam 2021

Here are 5 tips that you should follow rigorously to score maximum or even full marks in the upcoming NIACL AO Exam 2021:

1. Read Newspaper Regularly

Your reading skills will aid you more than anything else in getting good marks. Read a newspaper every day, like The Hindu, from the beginning till the end. With this habit, you will not only improve your knowledge about general information, but you’ll also improve your language skills and vocabulary. Comprehension is the most important aspect of reading. And it is what your coming exam expects from you.

Hence, whenever you read, try to understand, and extract various layers of meanings for better interpretation and awareness of the text you are reading. By implementing this reading strategy and changing how you read, you can improve your reading comprehension abilities and improve your ability to write clearly and effectively.

2.    Write a summary of what you read

Your knowledge and writing skills can only be tested and improved by writing. So, try to summarize write whatever you read in your own words. But this summary should not ignore the central idea or main points of the original text. It easily determines whether you understand the text or not. Or if you did, how much you did, and how much time will you need to improve to champion the art before the actual exam. Set a timer for a designated length of time, say 1 or 2 minutes.

If the timer goes off, stop working and set it for an additional 1 minute, and try to finish the summary within that time limit. Gradually, you can keep decreasing the time limit for better results. In addition, you should also read online and offline articles, work on grammar, and keep in mind the RC passage of the actual exam

3.    Practice & improve your grammar

English grammar can be a little tricky to master for everyone. After writing every summary or essay, you should proofread it for errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. You can find countless and diverse resources that are conducive to improving your writing skills including the grammar part, both online and offline. Do a quick google search to jump to a plenitude of platforms that offer lessons and tips on grammar and writing with games and exercises.

If you feel you lack good grammar skills, you invest time in grammar exercises. Try to insert the grammatical structures that you learn while practicing writing. Regular practice with proper grammar will keep making your writing sound more natural. It will also help you in spotting grammatical errors in the actual exam. You can also a Mock Tests to increase your speed and accuracy with regular checks.

4.   Make Notes

Make a journal or notebook to collect all the new words you don’t know in the shape of a list. This is the most common exercise of building vocabulary for an exam, though a short-term studying exercise but an effective way. So, to retain the information that you have to revise it every day, by going through the words every morning to ensure maximum memorization. Find their meanings, write down example sentences of those words and use the words in your writing in context.

Write them and repeat them again and to get familiar with phonetics. Plan to take a Mock Test, to speed up the process. You’ll work harder and smarter when you need to study for the Mock Test. Make short-term and long-term goals and focus to achieve them. Reward yourself with treats when you achieve each one.

5. Use dictionary and thesaurus

You have all the technological tools for learning languages in your pockets these days. Use your smartphone to record the word list then listen back to memorize it. Make a note of all the new words you learn. This is where online dictionaries and thesauruses come in handy. Download one with audio examples, so you can check your pronunciation and there are countless useful dictionary apps that you can carry with you everywhere via your smartphone.

But also make sure you don’t rely on them too much. Also, use paperbacks. Some Dictionary apps also give you an option of setting reminders for every day for a new word wherein you can check the pronunciation of any unknown word you come across anywhere.


To master the English section and get good marks in it, you need to practice English Language questions via Mock Tests. It will quickly let you know which questions you have not still mastered and encourage you to focus on your speed and accuracy and your weak areas. Since Mock Tests stimulate revision and studying, they check and encourage earlier learning and so space out learning, which will most likely improve your retention. With hard and smart work coupled with regular Mock Tests, you will definitely grab maximum marks in the English section of the upcoming NIACL AO Exam 2021.

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