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NABARD Development Assistant Prelims is only 11 Days away

NABARD (National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development) has recently come up with a notification of 82 vacancies for the post of Development Assistant. This is once again a golden opportunity for aspirants who are preparing for government exams. But considering the fact that there are only 82 vacancies, the competition is going to be intense. The Prelims is on Oct 20, 2019, leaving you with only 11 days of preparation. Now to get ahead of this intense competition, you need to utilize these 11 days properly. We are here with this article to help you on how to revise the reasoning section and to upscale your performance in this particular section.

NABARD Development Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern

Sr.Name of the TestsNo. ofMax.Duration
No.(Objective)QuestionsMarksComposite time of 60 minutes
1.Test of English Language4040
2.Test of Numerical Ability3030
3.Test of Reasoning3030

By looking at the exam pattern, it’s obvious that you will get 60 minutes (3600 seconds) to deal with 100 questions. In other words, you will get around 36 seconds for each question. On top of that, there is a negative marking of 0.25 mark per incorrectly answered question. So basically you need to walk on the tight-rope balancing speed and accuracy. It’s highly advisable that you should start practising with the help of Mock Tests so that you get to feel the pressure of time and accuracy. Take a Free Mock Test of NABARD Development Assistant Prelims now and see how well do you perform. If you like the quality of the Free Mock, you can buy the complete package at only Rs 199 and get access to 10 Prelims Mock Tests.

Don’t Miss Out on Revising any Topic

Below is the list of topics which you shouldn’t miss out on revising.

When you take Mock Tests, check your weak areas in the Reasoning section. Highlight them and put extra efforts in clarifying their concepts. Review the detailed solutions of the questions you have answered incorrectly so that you don’t make the same mistake in the actual exam.

Alphanumeric Series

When answering questions of Alphanumeric series, have a clear idea of what the following terms mean and don’t get confused between them. Do prior practice and make your own quick rules of how to interpret each term:

  1. Following
  2. Followed by
  3. Preceding
  4. Preceded by

Direction Sense Questions

Remember the below diagram for easy identification of different directions:

It’s also been observed that when the question has a turning of 90 degrees and 180 degrees, it’s not that much difficult. However, the turnings of 45 degrees and 135 degrees are a bit tricky and that’s why the below table may help you out:

Directions (When turning 45 degrees)
Existing PositionNew Position

Directions (When turning 135 degrees)
Existing PositionNew Position


Blood Relationship Questions

Blood relationship questions can easily be solved by making a diagram as you read the question. Make it a habit of putting distinct symbols for males & females (+ & -) and vertical arrows for generation gaps. The equal sign can be used to represent the relationship between a couple.

Inequality Questions

Remember the below rules which might help you to get a quick solution when solving Inequality questions:

If A >= B & B > C then A > C can be concluded

If A <= B & B < C then A< C can be concluded

If A = B & B >= C then either A > C or A = C can be concluded

If A = B & B <= C then either A < C or A = C can be concluded

Ranking & Ordering

When solving the questions of ranking & ordering, use the below formulas. Please bear in mind that you should have done enough practice beforehand before implementing 

Type I

1) Total number of persons in an order = {(sum of the position of same person from both sides i.e. left and right sides) – 1}

2) Position of a person from opposite side = {(Total no. of persons in an order – Position of same person from given side) +1}


1) Total no. of persons in an order = No. of persons after or before the given person in a row + Position of same person from the other side.

2) No. of persons after or before the given person in a row = Total no. of persons in an order – Position of same person from other side


No. of students between two different persons = Total no. of students – (Sum of positions of two different persons from opposite sides)


No. of students between two different persons = (Sum of positions of two different persons from opposite sides) – Total no. of students – 2


If the total no. of students is asked and the positions of different persons from any side are given then it will always be a case of ‘data inadequate’.

Data Sufficiency Questions

While answering data sufficiency questions, don’t presume any piece of info. Observe the given statements carefully and try to ascertain what exact information is required to answer that question and from which statement are you getting that information from. Please note that you need to obtain just the right info to answer the question, not a penny less, not a penny more.


Puzzles should be attempted only after all the other easy questions have been answered. The reason is that puzzles generally take more time and are a little tricky when compared to other questions.

We hope that you keep all these tips in your mind as you practice via Mock Tests in this remaining time period of 11 days. Taking Mock Tests on a regular basis will also help you in tracking your rank & percentile on a real-time basis so that you know how much more you have to improve your performance to be in the top slot.

Wishing you all the best for your revision!

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