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NABARD Grade A Exam 2021: The section of decision making has been added this year in the NABARD exam. Its weightage is kept at 10 marks. Many aspirants would be wondering what is decision making and how come they have never heard of it before. Well, relax. Decision making questions are not a new part of any exam pattern. Ask any aspirant who took bank exams pre 2013 0r 2014; they will remember solving decision making questions in their papers.


NABARD Grade A Exam Pattern 2021 

S.No.  Name of the Test Ques. Marks Version Total Time 
Test of Reasoning 20 20 Bilingual – Hindi and English except test of English language Composite time of 120 Minutes for all the tests together 
English Language 30 30 
Computer Knowledge 20 20 
Quantitative Aptitude 20 20 
Decision Making 10 10 
General Awareness 20 20 
Eco & Soc. Issues (with focus on Rural India) 40 40 
Agriculture & Rural Development with Emphasis on Rural India 40 40 
– – 200 200 –  

So, what is decision making? 

The decision-making questions start either with a paragraph or some data. And then a problem or a challenging situation is given and you are now expected to make a right decision. There can be different patterns of such questions.


Patterns of Decision-Making Questions 

Eligibility Test 

In such a question, you will be given information regarding a selection of candidate for a job, office promotion, college admission, school admission, etc. It will be followed by the conditions which should be met by the applicants. And then based upon some situations or a challenge you will be asked to make a suitable decision.  

Example of an eligibility question 

In a school in New Delhi, a panel of three senior teachers has been formed to elect the Head Boy of the school. Three probable candidates have been selected by the students: Ajay, Veer and Nitin. Each teacher has to vote either in against or for each student.  

The following criteria are known to us about the selection: 

  • Exactly two teachers vote for Ajay 
  • Exactly one teacher votes for Veer 
  • Exactly one teacher votes for Nitin 
  • Teacher 1 votes for Ajay  
  • Teacher 2 votes against Ajay and Nitin 
  • Teacher 3 votes against Nitin 

Q 1. Which of the given statements is definitely true? 

  1. Teacher 2 votes against Nitin 
  1. Teacher 3 is in support of Ajay but against Nitin 
  1. Teacher 1 is against Ajay 
  1. Teacher 3 is against Veer 
  1. None of the above 

Passage Based Decision Making 

In such type of questions candidates are given a paragraph or a group of statements which is followed by a question. A list of possible answers is provided and you have to make the best decision.  

Example of a passage-based question 

There is a government financial institution which works in the area of resolving grass root financial problems of the villagers. You are working as an officer with that institution and you are the team leader of a group of five people. Your team has been sent to a remote hilly village ‘XYZ’ to identify the grassroot financial problems of that village and submit a report with possible solutions. You have a medical issue and cannot go to places at height. What will you do? 

  1. Ask one of the team members to visit the village and submit the report 
  1. Ask the Sarpnach of the village to send a list of problems and make a report based on them 
  1. Send your team members to the village and refrain yourself from going.  
  1. Inform your higher authorities about the medical issue and seek permission for sending your team excluding you.  
  1. None of the above 

Tips for Solving Decision Making Questions 

  • Read the question carefully. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the data. Make a table or write certain information to connect the dots and to close the gap for the right answer. 
  • Once you have the right information, start with the elimination process.  
  • The elimination process shouldn’t be random. You should know why have you chosen to do so. 
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The decision-making questions are a unique set of questions which involves both critical and analytical reasoning. Practice is the only way to get the desired results. Free mock tests are now available with updated decision-making questions.  

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