Unlock Success with the ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) 15-Day Mock Test Challenge
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Dear ISRO Aspirants! Are you serious and motivated about cracking the upcoming ISRO Scientist/Engineer exam on the very first attempt? If yes, you need to get ready for a transformative journey to success as we present yet another Challenge for aspirants of the ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) exam. With the exam date set for December 17, 2023, the countdown has begun with just 15 days remaining, including today. The challenge is to not only cover the extensive ISRO exam syllabus but also to master it within this concise timeframe. If you’re determined to secure one of the 303 coveted scientist/engineering positions, we have tailored a 15-day result-driven mock test challenge to turn your dream into a reality.

This specially designed challenge is crafted to inspire and propel you ahead on your path to success. Now is the perfect time to kickstart your journey with a FREE ISRO Scientist/Engineer Mock Test that will not only assess your performance but also set the tone for your immediate and long-term goals. Seize this opportunity and pave the way for a successful career in ISRO.

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ISRO Scientist/Engineer Exam Pattern 2023

For those aiming to crack the upcoming ISRO Scientist/Engineer exam, a solid understanding of the exam pattern is crucial for devising a tailored study plan. The exam consists of two stages: a written test and an interview. The written exam involves 80 questions in specific disciplines and 15 questions on General Aptitude. Keep in mind the negative marking scheme, which deducts 1/3rd of marks for each incorrect answer.

IWritten Test Part A: Specific Discipline80Time Duration: 120 minutes (2 Hours)
IIWritten Test Part B: General Aptitude15

15-Days Mock Test Challenge & Key Topics for ISRO Scientist/Engineer Exam 2023

Outlined below is a dynamic 15-day study plan that combines strategic learning and mock test challenges:

1Quickly Take 1 FREE ISRO Scientist/Engineer Mock Test👈
2Fluid Mechanics- (Bernoulli’s equation, flow through pipes, boundary layer theory, dimensional analysis) Turbomachinery-(impulse and reaction principles, velocity diagrams, Pelton-wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines)2
3Take ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) Mock Test 2 + Complete Analysis & Feedback👈
4Thermodynamics- (first and second laws of thermodynamics, Carnot, Rankine, Otto, Diesel cycles, entropy, availability and irreversibility, properties of pure substances)2
5Take ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) Mock Test 3 + Complete Analysis & Feedback👈
6Vibrations- (free and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems, effect of damping, vibration isolation, resonance, critical speeds of shafts)2
7Take ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) Mock Test 4 + Complete Analysis & Feedback👈
8Design- (design for static and dynamic loading, failure theories, fatigue strength and the S-N diagram, principles of the design of machine elements such as bolted, riveted and welded joints, shafts, gears, rolling and sliding contact bearings, brakes and clutches, springs)2
9Engineering Mechanics- (free-body diagrams and equilibrium, friction and its applications, kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies in plane motion, impulse and momentum, energy formulations, Lagrange’s equation)2
10Take ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) Mock Test 5 + Complete Analysis & Feedback👈
11Strength of Materials- (stress and strain, elastic constants, Poisson’s ratio, Mohr’s circle, thin cylinders, shear force and bending moment diagrams, bending and shear stresses, deflection of beams, torsion of circular shafts, Euler’s theory of columns, strain energy methods, thermal stresses)2
12Theory of Machines- (displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms, dynamic analysis of linkages, cams, gears and gear trains, flywheels and governors, balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses)2
13Engineering Materials- (structure and properties of engineering materials, phase diagrams, heat treatment, stress-strain diagrams for engineering materials)2
14Machining Processes- (machining and machine tool operations, mechanism of chip formation, tool life and wear, economics of machining, principles of non-traditional machining processes) -Metrology & Inspection- (limits, fits and tolerances, linear and angular measurements, comparators, gauge design, interferometry, form and finish measurement, alignment and testing methods, tolerance analysis in manufacturing and assembly)2
15Revision/Test Series for Week 1 & Week 2 Topics4

👉🏆 Take advantage of a Free ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) 2023 Mock Test to assess your performance right away! 🚀


seize the opportunity with this 15-day study plan cum mock test challenge. Utilize previous years’ question papers, test your skills, and create concise notes for effective revision. Practice with the free ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Civil) Mock Test to boost your confidence and excel in the upcoming exam. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to accelerate your preparation with our Free ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) Mock Test. Seize the chance to assess your performance, receive valuable feedback, and chart your course toward success!

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