ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) 2023: 16 Days Mock Test Challenge + Important Tips
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Want to fully equip yourself to crack the upcoming ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) exam? Great! With just a few days left until the exam on December 17, 2023, it’s time to focus on a strategic study plan with a challenge that can propel your preparation/revision and ensure you cover all the topics that form the latest exam syllabus. This tailored Mock Test Challenge aims to cover the entire ISRO 2023 syllabus for Civil Engineering while integrating essential mock tests for optimal preparation.

You will not only feel motivated by this challenge but also stay ahead of the competition on your way to success. Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your journey to success with a FREE ISRO Scientist/Engineer Mock Test.

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ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) 2023: 16 Days Mock Test Challenge + Important Tips

Here is a power-packed study plan cum mock test challenge that can help you cover/revise the ISRO Exam Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering in just 16 days:

1Applied Mechanics and Design    

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Engineering Mechanics4
2Applied Mechanics and DesignMaterials Mechanics4
3Applied Mechanics and DesignTheory of Machines4
4Applied Mechanics and Design  

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5Applied Mechanics and DesignMachine Design4
6Thermal Sciences and Fluid MechanicsHeat Transfer4
7Thermal Sciences and Fluid MechanicsFluid Mechanics4
8Thermal Sciences and Fluid Mechanics  

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9Thermal Sciences and Fluid MechanicsApplications4
10Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial EngineeringCasting, Forming, Joining Processes4
11Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial EngineeringEngineering Materials4
12Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial EngineeringMachine Tool Operations4
13Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial EngineeringInspection and Metrology4
14Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineering  

Take ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) Mock Test 4 + Complete Analysis & Feedback
Computer Integrated Manufacturing4
15Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial EngineeringProduction Planning and Control4
16-Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineering
-Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineering
-Inventory Control
-Operations Research

Note: This Mock Test Challenge is based on the assumption that you have 4 hours of study time per day, except for the last two days when you have 8 hours for revision and 4 hours for mock test. You can adjust the hours and topics according to your convenience and preference. I hope this helps you prepare well for the exam.

ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) 2023: Important Tips

1. Simulate Exam Conditions

Replicate exam conditions during mock tests to build stamina and familiarity with exam pressures.

2. Analyze Mock Test Results

Identify weak areas and focus on improvement. Use insights to guide your study plan.

3. Time Management

Practice time management to refine your strategy for the actual exam, ensuring completion of all sections on time.

4. Subject-wise Revision

Assess proficiency in each subject using mock tests. Tailor revision based on assessments, dedicating more time to weaker subjects.

5. Note Key Formulas and Concepts

Jot down key formulas and concepts during mock test reviews. Create a concise formula sheet for regular revision.

6. Revision in Phases

Divide revision into phases, starting with broader concepts and gradually delving into specific details for a comprehensive understanding.

7. Learn from the Feedback

Examine your mock test performances, clarify doubts, and gain valuable feedback to refine your preparation strategy.

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ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Mechanical) 2023: 10 Revision Tips for 16 Days Mock Test Challenge

Here are 10 revision tips based on the Mock Test challenge given above:

1. Organize Your Study Space

Ensure you have a dedicated and organized study space. Keep all necessary materials, notes, and resources within reach to maximize your study efficiency.

2. Follow the Study Plan

Stick to the provided study plan diligently. Allocate specific hours to each topic and subtopic as mentioned in the plan. Consistency is key for comprehensive coverage.

3. Prioritize Weak Areas

Identify your weaker areas during the initial mock tests and allocate more time to revise those topics. This targeted approach will help strengthen your overall preparation.

4. Active Learning Techniques

Instead of passive reading, engage in active learning. Practice problem-solving, create flashcards, and explain concepts aloud to reinforce your understanding.

5. Mock Test Analysis

After taking each mock test, thoroughly analyze your performance. Identify the types of questions you struggle with and focus on improving your skills in those specific areas.

6. Revision Notes

   Create concise revision notes for each topic. These notes should include key formulas, concepts, and problem-solving strategies. Review these notes regularly to reinforce your memory.

7. Healthy Study Breaks

Take short breaks during your study sessions to avoid burnout. Use this time to stretch, take a walk, or do something enjoyable. Maintaining a healthy balance is crucial for effective learning.

8. Group Study Sessions

Consider organizing study sessions with peers. Explaining concepts to others can enhance your understanding, and group discussions can provide different perspectives on challenging topics.

9. Simulate Exam Conditions

In the last few days leading up to the exam, simulate actual exam conditions while taking practice tests. This will help you become familiar with the exam environment and manage time effectively.

10. Revise Regularly

Instead of cramming all the information at once, revise regularly. Plan short review sessions for previously covered topics to reinforce your memory and build a strong foundation.

Note: Remember, the key to success lies in a combination of effective time management, consistent revision, and a strategic approach to tackling the exam.


Seize the opportunity with this 16-day study plan cum mock test challenge. Utilize previous years’ question papers, test your skills, and create concise notes for effective revision. Practice with the free ISRO Scientist/Engineer (Civil) Mock Test to boost your confidence and excel in the upcoming exam. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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