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IBPS PO Prelims was conducted last Saturday (Oct 12, 2019). If you took the paper we wish you all the best for your results. If you still have your exam in any of the upcoming shifts, we strongly recommend you to take the Memory-based Free Mock Test which has the exact questions as were asked in the exam conducted on Oct 12. Solving the same difficulty level of questions, in an interface which is similar to the actual exam will definitely help you understand your preparation level. It will also give you some confidence to face the actual exam. Well, this article is for those who haven’t yet started preparing for the Mains exam. And we’ll be briefing them on the steps to improve their overall preparation.

You must be aware that this year the number of vacancies this year for IBPS PO is 4,336. There is going to be intense competition for these vacancies. Talking about numbers, there were 4,252 vacancies in 2018 and 8.79 lakh aspirants registered for this exam. We expect a similar number this year as well. It’s obvious that you need to stay ahead of the competition to secure a place in the final selection. If you’re done with the IBPS PO Prelims exam, we have just the right article for you. Let’s get started:

IBPS PO Mains Free Mock4

Take the IBPS PO Mains Free Mock

It’s extremely important to understand the level of your preparation before you start it. The FIrst Mock Test of IBPS PO Mains is absolutely free and we strongly recommend you to take it. Don’t worry about your current level of preparation. Just take the Mock Test with an open mind. Once you’ve submitted the Mock Test, you will be instantly provided with an analysis. This analysis will incorporate feedback for you working on which would be definitely helpful in raising the level of your preparation. The feedback contains:

  • Your All India Rank amidst thousands of other aspirants who took this test
  • Areas which need to be worked upon
  • Detailed Solutions of all the questions (including the ones which you skipped or answered incorrectly)
  • Comparison of your performance with that of the topper in several respects
IBPS PO Mains Free Mock1

Start Working on Your Weak Areas

Not everybody is good at everything. But we need to improve as much as we can. While taking the Mock Tests, you must have observed that in some areas you are not that good. The Mock Test Analysis would have also given you input on your weak areas. It’s high time that you start working on your weak areas right away and let nothing deter you from scoring high. Allocate a certain time in the day to solve & review more questions on your weak areas. Revise the concepts and watch videos on online platforms to clarify the basics of your weak areas. Also, don’t ignore the questions you answered incorrectly/skipped in the exam. Check their detailed explanation and see why you were not able to answer it in the Mock Test.

Strengthen Your Strong Areas as well

Easy questions from the areas where you’re really good won’t take much time and will provide you with sure-shot marks. And these questions will take less time as well since these are from your strong areas. Additionally, you must have noticed that it’d be extremely difficult to solve all the 155 questions in 180 minutes with high accuracy. These 155 questions will have a combination of easy, moderate and difficult questions. You need to scan all the questions quickly and pick easy questions from your strong areas first and answer them. Next, you should target the easy questions from the areas where you are not so good at. The skill of scanning questions and identifying the easy ones come only by more & more practice. Start practising now and utilize the Sectional Tests & Mock Tests to see how adept can you become in this skill.

IBPS PO Mains Free Mock2

Take 1 Mock Test per day until the penultimate day before the exam

The last 10 days just before the Mains Exam (Nov 30, 2019) are extremely important for your preparation and you need to ensure that your best performance comes out in the actual exam. To achieve this, you need to keep 10 Mock Tests reserved for the last 10 days (Nov 19 – Nov 28) so that you can practice vigorously and be ready for the Mains exam. Taking 1 Mock Test per day will give put you in the right warm-up mode. Also, keep reviewing your performance and keep working on your weak areas. That said, avoid taking any Mock Test one day before the exam (Nov 29, 2019). Rather, take rest and have a sound sleep to ensure that you wake up relaxed the next day. 

IBPS PO Mains Free Mock1

We hope that this article would have helped you to get your preparation right. Let us know your inputs in the comments section below. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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