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The IBPS RRB PO Prelims exam is falling on 1 August 2021. With only 2 days left for the Exam, we have brought for you some proven last-minute revision tips used by toppers to beat the reasoning section. The IBPS RRB PO Prelims exam consists of 2 sections, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude.

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But before heading towards those last-minute revision tips, let’s revisit the RRB PO 2021 exam pattern and important topics for Quick Revision:

S. No.SectionQuestionMarksDuration
1.Reasoning404045 Minutes
2.Numerical Ability4040

Note: Both the sections will have 40 questions of 40 marks with 45 minutes of composite time duration with a total of 200 questions carrying 1 mark each.

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RRB PO Exam 2021-Reasoning Ability Section

Many students get confused while making an Exam strategy for the reasoning section for the RRB PO Exam. We know that the reasoning section brings in tricky questions, but if it is practiced and revised properly you can surely fetch maximum marks in it. You just need to ensure you have revised all the important topics given below:


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Reasoning Ability Topics for Quick Revision

Make sure you have revised all the important Reasoning Ability topics given below following the last-minute tips:

Syllogism-Questions based on new (Only/Only a few) as well as an old pattern.    

-Expected No. of Questions: 4-5
Inequality-Coded or Direct Inequality based questions  

-Expected No. of Questions: 4-5
Puzzles and Seating Arrangement-Linear/Circular/Square type Arrangement Floor based, Scheduling and Tabulation Puzzles  

-Expected No. of Questions: 9-15
Alphanumeric Series/Alphabet TestSeries based on the letter, number, symbols, word, mixed series, etc. Single Questions – Word F/B, Meaning Full Word, etc.  
-Expected No. of Questions: 4-5  
Coding-Decoding-Questions are usually based on fictitious language coding-decoding    
-Expected No. of Questions: 5
Miscellaneous Questions (Blood Relations, Direction sense, Order and Ranking)-Expected No. of Questions: 6-10

Note: Revise all the topics, and invest more time in the revision of the topics you think can fetch you more marks. The expected no. of questions reflects the importance of the topics.

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Last Minute Tips for Reasoning Ability Section

Here are the last minute-tips to boost your exam preparation:

1.      Solve easy questions first

The RC section is a time-consuming section. Most of the aspirants waste a lot of time due to their wrong strategy of choosing the wrong questions to answer. To avoid wastage of time, you need to attempt questions that seem easy to you, instead of getting stuck on questions you feel will take more time to be solved. You can mark it for a later attempt or review to save your time.

2.      Solve questions on paper to save time

Some of the topics in the Reasoning section need more time than others topics. Those topics can be solved quickly and accurately on paper. Topics such as blood relation, syllogisms, inequality, directions, syllogisms, etc. This will help you in gaining speed and improving your score in less time.


3.      Don’t begin with puzzles questions

You should solve the arithmetic questions first, to avoid worries about the clock ticking or getting stuck on a puzzle question, and ending up wasting your time. The puzzle section can become the trickiest of all the sections in the Exam, as it tends to take more time. If you will succeed in attempting all the puzzle questions with speed and accuracy, you will have you’ll have an edge over the other candidates who are weak in it. Practice!

4.      Practice reasoning tricks

If you are good at using tricks to solve Reasoning questions you can solve the questions quickly. You should practice these time-saving tricks for the Exam. You can improve your speed in covering the reasoning part via short tricks.

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5.      Focus on Important Topics

Invest extra revision time on essential Reasoning topics like seating arrangement, puzzles, as they carry maximum weightage in the reasoning ability section. Revise Puzzles. Focus on revising scoring topics like puzzles/arrangement. Solve different types of questions and attempt multiple Mock Tests.


Some More Tips Based on Important Topics

  • Revise topics on topics like Blood Relations, Alphanumeric Series, Coding-decoding, Order and ranking, Seating arrangement, Puzzles, etc.
  • Practice solving different types of 4-5 questions on Seating arrangement and Puzzles.
  • If you face any difficulty in any of the topics in the Reasoning Ability section, watch YouTube videos by experts to get help in solving difficult questions.

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Practice & Practice via Mocks

If you are really serious about mastering the Reasoning section to get good marks, you will never ignore the role of the Mock Test in getting good results. Therefore, you must practice Reasoning Ability questions via Mock Tests. It will quickly let you know which questions you have not still mastered and encourage you to focus on your speed and accuracy. This will help you in making perfect choices of choosing which questions you must attempt first and which you should leave while attempting questions in the Exam on 1st August.


Since Mock Tests stimulate revision and studying, they check and encourage earlier learning and so space out learning, which will most likely improve your retention. Hence, you need to make sure you practice various Reasoning Ability questions for better retention and better results. This will also keep on injecting confidence in you to perform the best you can, on the day after tomorrow’s RRB PO Exam 2021.

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Best of Luck with the Exam!

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