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IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam 2021 will be conducted on the coming 1st, 7th & 8th August 2021. And there are only 5 days left for the final countdown! Are you looking for ways by which you can speed up your revision where nothing important is left behind?

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Well then, this article you have just begun to read presents you with a quick 4-day revision plan that ensures every important topic is covered!


The Revision Strategy for prelims 2021

The Prelims Exam entertains only two sections, Reasoning and QA. You can fetch a total of 40 marks by answering a total of 40 questions. To solve them, you’ll get a composite time of 45 minutes, and there is no sectional timing involved in it.

As the Exam attracts thousands of aspirants in IBPS RRB exams 2021, the competition gets tough. To crack such a tough competition, you need a good revision strategy.

A good revision plan lays out the framework for your preparation within a given deadline. It eliminates stress, uncertainty, panic, anxiety, and confusion and gives direction to your preparation.

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RRB Officer Scale 1-Exam Pattern

Sr. No. Name Of Tests Medium of examsNo. of QsMaximum MarksDuration
1Reasoning English/Hindi4040
Composite time of 45 minutes
2Quantitative Aptitude English/Hindi4040
Total 8080

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Time Management

You have limited time for a quick yet complete revision, so you must make perfect use of it. Spend time on topics that need improvement while avoiding paying unnecessary attention to the concepts that you have already completed or mastered. Logically, by giving more time to revising your strong areas, you will minimize the time to be given to topics you feel you are weak in and need quick improvement in.

To avoid wasting time, you should always move on quickly with the deadline in mind. The main purpose of a revision strategy is to implement time management to eliminate time wastage. Therefore, you need to quickly decide the topics that need your maximum attention and the topics or areas you only need to practice swiftly.


Let’s section-wise discuss how we can deal with both Reasoning and QA for a quick revision!

How to deal with Reasoning?

Revise all the topics for Reasoning, especially the most important ones like:

  1. Coding & Decoding (Weightage: 5-7 Qs)
  2. Syllogisms (Weightage: 4-6 Qs)
  3. In equalities (Weightage: 5 Qs)
  4. Double Lineup (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  5. Linear Seating Arrangement (Weightage: 6-10 Qs)
  6. Circular Seating Arrangement (Weightage: 5-10 Qs)
  7. Floor Puzzle (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  8. Scheduling (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  9. Arrangement & Pattern (Weightage: 2-6 Qs)
  10. Blood Relations (Weightage: 3-7 Qs)
  11. Ordering & Ranking (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  12. Verbal Reasoning (Weightage: 0-5 Q)
  13. Directions & Distances (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)

After revising all the topics including the ones given above, you need to examine the previous years’ exam questions and practice easy and tough questions with speed and accuracy. Then get ready to take the speed test via Mock Tests. If you can tackle this section well in the Exam, you can fetch around half of the overall marks, and this will increase your chances of getting chosen for the Mains Exam. Make sure you have revised all the fundamentals of reasoning ability.


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How to deal with QA (Quantitative Aptitude)?

Revise all the QA topics, especially the most important ones like:

  1. Data Interpretation (Weightage: 10-15 Qs)
  2. Quadratic Equation (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  3. Number Series (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  4. Quantity 1 and Quantity 2 based inequality (Weightage: 5 Qs)
  5. Data Sufficiency (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  6. Approximation (Weightage: 0-5 Qs)
  7. Arithmetic Word Problems (Weightage: 10-15 Qs)


You need to give limited time to practice easy topics. Revise 20-30 difficult individual questions or many sets quickly. Attempt sectional and topic tests. Attempt 7-8 Mock Tests and analyze them. Revise miscellaneous questions quickly. They are easy but time-consuming, so check your timing and accuracy. Solve 25-30 questions based on this section daily to increase your calculation speed and to improve accuracy.

You should also go through the questions that were being asked in the previous year’s Exams. This section takes a lot of time in the Exam, so you need to have a good speed to attempt all the questions. You have a good chance of fetching 70+ Marks if you can perform in it well, along with the Reasoning Section, and pave your path to success.

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Quick Revision Plan for IBPS RRB PO Exam 2021

Given below is a generic revision plan for IBPS RRB PO Exam 2021. You can use it as a checklist to create your own revision plan and strategy:

4-Day Revision Strategy for IBPS RRB PO Exam 2021
Day 1Attempt RRB Officer Scale-1 Mock Test & analyze your mistakes-Ratio & Proportion and Percentage
-Partnership and Age
-Profit, Loss, and Discount
– Data Interpretation: Pie Chart and Table Chart
-Alphanumeric Series and Alphabet Test
– Puzzles: Tabulation
– Blood Relation and Direction Sense
– Seating Arrangement: Circular Seating Arrangement
Day 2Attempt RRB Officer Scale-1 Mock Test & analyze your mistakes-Mixture and Alligation
-Time and Work – Time, Speed and Distance
– Data Interpretation: Mixed Graph and Missing DI
– Probability & Permutation and Combination
– Coding & Decoding
– Puzzles: Floor and Box type
– Syllogism
– Seating Arrangement: Linear Seating Arrangement
– Puzzles: Scheduling
Day 3Attempt RRB Officer Scale-1 Mock Test & analyze your mistakes– Mensuration & Average
– Number Series
– Data Interpretation: Line Chart, Bar Graph & Caselet
– Boats, Streams, and Trains
– Order and Ranking
– Seating Arrangement: Dual Row
– Seating Arrangement: Square Arrangement
Day 4Attempt RRB Officer Scale-1 Mock Test & analyze your mistakes-Simple Interest and Compound Interest
-Root Comparision of Quadratic Equation
– Seating Arrangement: Unknown Number of People
Day 5Relax & be positive!Relax & be positive!Relax & be positive!

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Steps to take on the day before the actual RRB PO Exam

  1. Trust your preparation and revision
  2. Relax and do anything that relaxes your mind
  3. Eat healthy food and sleep well  
  4. Enter the exam hall with a confidence to win

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Mock Tests are the keys to perfect revision

Half of your success lies in testing your skills from time to time. And that can only be done via taking regular tests. Mock Tests are the test that best suits your Exam, as they are specially designed for it. A Mock Test for RRB PO injects a feel of the actual RRB PO Exam and the skills needed to beat it. So, you can make quick improvements. It is also a tool that acts as the quickest source in terms of timely revision.  


It goes without saying now, that Mock Tests can quickly enhance your accuracy and calculation speed. Hence, you must attempt as many Mocks as you can to taste different types of questions just before witnessing the initial phase of the exam.

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