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Are you preparing or revising for any Bank Exam? Do you want to increase your speed and accuracy to perform well in that Exam? If so, then let us discuss how you can accomplish both the tasks, as quickly as possible, as many Bank Exams like RRB Clerk and SBI are knocking at our doors.

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But, is it possible for everyone to achieve speed and accuracy in the Bank Exam to crack it?

Yes, it is possible and achievable for anyone and everyone, who is serious to follow the tips mentioned in this article!

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But make sure to expand your knowledge base and clear every basic concept related to the subjects before going for tips and tricks to multiply your speed of attempting questions. You’re not just required to attempt all questions if you can, but with accuracy. Even a 5-grade student child can accomplish this task with almost all wrong answers.

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock

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What should you do then?

It is by regular practice and testing that can get you to speed with accuracy. You need to practice questions on Reasoning, CA (Current Affairs) and QA (Quantitative Aptitude), regularly.

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A good tool to measure that speed is a Mock Test. The more you’ll practice with Mock Tests, after implementing different answering tricks and techniques, the more you’ll be able to improve upon your speed and accuracy. You can also check the improvement in your performance by comparing the results of each Mock Test taken.

SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test-1

Here are various valuable tips and tricks that will surely inject speed and accuracy into your performance in the actual Bank Exam:

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock

Using shortcuts and tricks

You can learn very valuable shortcuts and tricks that can be useful for solving questions on reasoning or QA. Here, the internet can aid you in the best possible manner. It is filled with shortcut techniques with concept examples. There are countless channels on YouTube that are capable of helping you out with commonly used shortcuts through their short and long videos. All you have to do is search on YouTube for the topic for which you want to know the tricks. You can go for a video that you think is the easiest and can help you in the best possible way.

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Sometimes, you can use two tricks or methods to solve the same question. Hence, you should practice knowing which method is more apt for the occasion.

 Increasing your calculation speed

You can calculate and solve math problems daily to increase your calculation speed, early in the morning.  Morning is the best time to sharpen your brain and train your mind to calculate faster and faster. Do get up early in the morning at 5 AM and practice it until 7 AM. There is no other easy and quick way to achieve your calculation speed other than this very old yet evergreen method.

SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test-1

Start this practice one month before the actual Bank Exams, at least. Try to solve problems as quickly as possible, without using pen or paper, in your mind. This will increase your concentration and brainpower and prepare you for the ultimate show at the actual Bank Exam. It is recommended to test your calculation speed via Mock Tests in the morning.

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock

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Skipping tough questions

Don’t forget that, in the actual exam, each question has a fixed weightage. So, you should not give more than the required amount of time to a single question. Skip the question, if it seems confusing or tough to you. This is the most important piece of advice! If you can finish all questions, you can get time to come back to it later.

Suppose, you will solve 5 tough questions in 5 minutes accurately, which were actually meant to be solved in 2 minutes’ time. You’ll probably waste 3 minutes and leave a few more easy questions unanswered. So, you can fetch more marks by attempting more questions. Don’t get stuck on one question, as it can affect your mind at the time of the actual Exam.

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Mocks are the Golden keys to Speed and Accuracy

Practice Makes Mocks Perfect. And a good score in the Mock Tests guarantees you success in the actual Bank Exam. You can increase your speed like never before with the regular use of the Mock Test Method. By attempting it, you will not just increase your speed but will also maintain accuracy. Mock tests are the only sources that provide you with a real-time environment, similar to the actual exam. It lets you experience pressure that you will have to face in the actual Bank Exam. It helps you identify the weak and strong areas across all the subjects covered by you. To crack the Bank Exam on the first attempt, aspirants need to attempt as many Mock Tests as possible! Therefore, you should opt for a good Mock Test Series to accurately measure your answering speed and accuracy, by attempting questions from every section of the syllabus of the Bank Exam.

SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test-1

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Don’t get disheartened by the low score

If you get a medium or even low score in a Mock attempt, you need not get disheartened. If you get a low score, it is just an indication that you need more improvement. You will get a fair idea about how to improve after getting a good look at the solutions. This will prevent you from doing the same mistakes again. Don’t forget that you don’t need to master each and every topic. You can select the topics you are good at and can crack the Exam on their basis only. A good selection of questions in the Exam is the secret of success in every Bank Exam. Hence, select the topics from every section you are good at and perfect them. A complete focus on speed and accuracy will not only help you in the preliminary Exam but also in the Mains Exam.

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock

Check for accuracy in the end

Check all the answers for accuracy, after marking all the questions in the Exam. Of course, rechecking each question requires more time. So, you have to spare some minutes for the last-minute corrections or adjustments. In this time, you can check the correct use of tricks, formulas, or methods used for your given answers.

Best of luck with the Exam!

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