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IBPS PO in first attempt: The IBPS PO is one of the most desired banking jobs in the country. Especially, for aspirants coming from lower-middle-class families and rural areas.

Here’s how you can plan yourself to crack the IBPS PO exam in the very first attempt:

IBPS PO in first attempt Strategy

Reasoning Ability Approach

Full marks isn’t possible if the entire syllabus isn’t covered 

Many aspirants from the very first day think of sections, types of questions, topics they will not attempt in the exam. They do this because either they struggle with these topics or have preconceived fears developed in their minds. It’s usually the combination of two.  

Focusing on the questions which you aren’t comfortable solving is the strategy that can get you close to the 35/35 landmark. It’s not even the case where questions are too hard to be solved but our deep-rooted fears about the subject or topic are what block us from learning.  

What’s the solution? 

  • Start fresh with these subjects or topics. Learn from the very beginning. 
  • Get your concepts strong 
  • Choose a teacher or a friend who can personally guide you.  
  • Devote your time accordingly. Don’t leave these topics for the last hour. Try to solve them first when you self-study.  
  • Keep repeating to yourself that you can’t score 35/35 if you don’t address these challenging questions.  
  • If you are done with your concepts and topics now, you should start taking sectional mocks to evaluate your sectional performance. You can take them bi-weekly. Try to finish the sectional test before 45 minutes as you progress.  
  • Don’t leave any topics of puzzle or seating arrangement. These two are going to carry the maximum marks in this section. However, this doesn’t mean you should be easy on another topic. Practice a few puzzle related questions daily to boost your confidence.  
  • Critical reasoning isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is proper guidance. A step-based protocol for attempting such questions. You can read our detailed blog on – Critical Reasoning Tips and Tricks (Bank Exams) 

English Language Strategy

  • 2-3 Reading Comprehensions will improve your overall English preparation 
  • Error detection questions are a must. You should practice 10-15 questions daily.  
  • Practice cloze test questions as they may come with a good weightage of marks. They can be hard to understand conceptually, but enough practice will make you comfortable.  
  • Other topics, including sentence arrangement, para jumbles, etc., are also important. 
  • Measure your language skills & improvement at regular intervals. For example – You can evaluate your reading speed (words read per minute) by noting your speed every week. Similarly, you can track your average time taken to solve the English section by taking free mock tests. You can even take bi-weekly mock tests and even mini-mocks to evaluate your performances.  
  • For any banking aspirant, a healthy reading habit is a must. You may start slow but eventually, help yourself to grow further.  

Quantitative Aptitude Strategy 

  • Divide your attempt strategy on the basis of category of questions 
  • Approach Quant section with the mindset of reasonable attempts 
  • Divide your time as per the category of questions 

Speed Maths 

You can’t crack the numerical ability section without mastering speed math techniques. Speed maths will eventually help you in staying within the time limit and will also give you the freedom of attempting all the questions efficiently.  

Speed Math Tricks and Tips for Banking and Government Exams 

Focus on Mathematical Concepts 

Don’t make a habit of mugging up questions. Get your concepts clear so that no matter which question comes in your exam you will be able to solve it. Conceptual understanding is a key element before even you start to practice questions from the study material.  

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General Awareness Strategy 

The top 10 GK Topics you need to cover at any cost  

  • Banking GK    
  • Economics GK    
  • Funds allotted    
  • State news    
  • Appointments (Special designations of banks and Government of India)    
  • Schemes    
  • Books and Authors – You can easily cover them because hardly 4-5 books are released every month. Don’t miss out on this topic.    
  • Awards     
  • Committees – Bank related    
  • Rankings and reports    

Other Tips for GA: 

  • Look for a 6-month window of February/March – August /September 
  • Refer to PracticeMock’s Monthly GA PDFs – Download monthly GA PDFs  
  • Look for the previous year GA Questions  
  • Choose the Relevant Reference Books as per the Syllabus  
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Other General Tips

Don’t focus too much on one subject  

 Never make the mistake of sticking to one single subject. Yes, you should be putting extra effort into your weak subject but don’t neglect it altogether because you are afraid of it.

Identify weak areas early-on 

As mentioned, you need to cover all your subjects well; you should quickly identify your weak subjects or topics under various subjects. It is logically impossible to predict the number of questions of a specific topic that will make it to the exam. Give some extra time to such subjects so that you are able to attain the basic level.  

Train Facebook and Google algorithm for your preparation 

In order to be in touch with current affairs, the financial world, economic news, you can start following different social media pages, subscribe to newsletters, etc. This will help such platforms in curating personalized content for you. This way you will be able to be in regular touch with the updates.  

Don’t fall for previous year cut-off  

It is in the hands of the examiner of how he or she chooses to set up the entire paper. Just prepare like you should in the first place.  

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