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When it comes to banking exams like IBPS and SBI different trends can be seen especially when we talk about the English section. English is one of the primary sections and is often seen that aspirants are scared of this section either because of lack of grammatical rules. lack of vocabulary or lack of reading etc. Fillers or Fill in the blank are one of the types of questions that are generally asked in IBPS Clerks Prelim Exams. You will encounter this type of question in the English section of the exam, which also means that your vocabulary needs to be good if you want to score well in this type of question. Besides, the other things that you should be aware of the fact that questions on fillers can be quickly solved. The only thing that you should focus upon is solving the question correctly.

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There can be various type of fillers question, such as:

  • Single Fillers, where you will be given a statement with a single blank
  • Double Fillers, where the sentence will have two blanks
  • Triple Fillers, where the sentence will have three blanks
  • Same filler in two-sentence, where you will be given two sentences for which you need to choose only one filler
  • Multiple fillers in one sentence, where you will be given in a statement and you will have to select two words that can be filled in the blank
  • Triple filler with sequencing, where the statement given will have three blanks. You will be required to fill the blanks with the words that fit the best.
  • Multiple fillers in multiple sentences, in which you will be given multiple sentences with blanks each that needs to be filled with the appropriate word.

However, in this article, we shall keep our focus limited to single fillers.

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Tips & Tricks to Solve Single Filler Questions

As already discussed above, single filler questions are those in which a sentence/statement will be given containing one blank. You will be then required to choose the word that will fit best in that blank. This type of question can be quickly and accurately answered with little application of mind. Below are some tips and tricks that you may follow to answer these.

Never read the option first:

Never look at the answer options without you have read the sentence multiple times and understood what it is trying to state. Further, at this point in time, also think of a word, that according to you will best fit. After you have done this, you should check the options and then choose the word that should replace the word which you had thought of while reading the question. Also, make sure not to alter the meaning of the sentence.

Taking cues from Grammar:

Keeping a close watch on grammar clues will help in solving fillers type of questions as well. For instance, if you see the article “an” before the blank, then you should immediately understand that the blank needs to be replaced with a vowel.

Identification of Indicators:

Indicators may help you understand what will come up, by indicating that the questioner may be moving to draw a contrast with something stated previously, or support something stated previously. Contrast indicator can be identified by looking at word having the opposite meaning of the keyword or phrase in the given sentence. One the other hand, a Support Indicator can be understood through a word that either supports or will support the statement further by explaining what has already been said.

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Use of Connotation:

A word may express a connotation (i.e. a positive, negative or neutral feeling) and a definition. Further, a connotation may refer to the emotion that is suggested by the word itself. For instance, “Youthful” implies lively and energetic, while “Childish” implied an adult behaving immaturely. Both “Youthful” and “Childish” have almost the same sense in a broad perspective but the connotation is very different.

Now that we have seen some of the tips that can be applied for solving fillers, let us now look at a few examples:

Example 1:

The local goons tried to ________________ him into retracting his complain.

A. Scare

B. Stalls

C. Rendered

D. Forcing

E. Destroyed

Solution: The correct option is “A”. This can be answered by taking a cue from the word “retract” which means to withdraw, while at the same time the word “goons” has been used to refer to a violent criminal who threatens or hurt people. In the given sentence, the concerned person is been forced to withdraw the complaint because of fear, and so “Scare” fits the best.

Further, the infinitive “to” before the blank needs to be followed by the base form of the verb, and so Option D and E can be easily eliminated. We can eliminate Option C as it is incorrect in the given context, while Option B cannot be used as it is a singular verb, while “Goons” is a plural subject.

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Example 2:

The _______ of success depends completely on the amount of effort we put in.

A. Ranges

B. Drop

C. Want

D. Possibly

E. Likelihood

Solution: The correct option is “E”. The word “Likelihood” means the state or fact of something’s being likely. Further, the sentence is using the word “depends” which indicates that something is bound to happen by something else. Hence, other options can be easily eliminated.

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Example 3:

She lied blatantly, thus, driving the _________ of the police officers.

A. Visiting

B. Attention

C. Duty

D. Suspicion

E. Supplies

Solution: The correct option is “D”. The easy way to answer this is by looking at the word “blatantly” which means “in an open and unashamed manner”. Hence, if someone is lying outrightly, then it will surely make the cops suspicious.

Example 4:

When the elephants saw so much water in the lake, they ___________.

A. Happy

B. Rejoiced

C. Declined

D. Sentenced

E. Awaited

Solution: The correct option is “B”. The first thing to notice in this sentence is that the statement is in the past tense as it is talking of an incident that happened in the past. Hence, the blank should be replaced by a word in the past tense, which eliminates Option A. On looking at other options, the word “rejoiced” seems to be the best fit, as the elephants generally rejoice when they see the water.

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Example 5:

All the members had assembled _______ the chairman of the committee.

A. Although

B. Except

C. Because

D. So

E. Notwithstanding

Solution: The correct option is “B”. In this statement, you may use the trial and error approach to check for the word that fits the best. Hence, only the word “except” fits the best as the sentence than will mean that all the members have assembled except the chairman of the committee.

General tips:

  1. Make sure that you read the sentence thoroughly and understand the message that the sentence is trying to communicate. On doing that, you will surely find a clue to identify the correct option.
  2. You might be tested on knowledge and understanding of idioms and phrases. Hence, you should look to have a good skill set of such phrases
  3. Do not alter the meaning of the sentence. Further, once you have thought about the word, then do read the entire sentence a couple of times to make sure that the meaning of the sentence is intact.
  4. Apply trial and error method only when you are confused between two or more words or are not sure which word will fit the best in the given sentence.
  5. Questions on fillers can be solved quickly and so do not spend much time on it. In case you find yourself spending too much time then simply move to the next question and come back to it later when you have time.
  6. Finally, make sure you are practicing questions on fillers by taking mock tests in a proctored environment

We hope this article will be helpful in your preparation and wish you all the best for your exam.

Happy learning!

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