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Scheduled to take place on December 5, 2020, IBPS Clerk Prelims is still 45 days away and this is enough time for you to get prepared for this exam. By now, you must have observed that during the times of a pandemic, there are going to be a lot of job-cuts and it’s only government sector jobs which are safe. Start preparing for these government job vacancies in the banking sector and get a job which is safe. This year as you must have noted, the number of vacancies are less when compared to the previous years, the competition is going to be very tough. To help you with your preparation, we are constantly bringing you tips on different topics. Today, we will be providing you with parajumbles tips which will help you answer parajumbles quickly and with accuracy.

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So What are Parajumbles?

Para Jumbles is basically a paragraph given in which the sentences are not arranged in the right order and are all jumbled up. The candidates are expected to read the paragraph well and then re-arrange the sentences in the right order so that they make sense.

Though it seems easy, it is not and is often a feared topic for the aspirants for almost all banking exams. Unlike other sections, there is no straightforward approach to solve para jumbles. It is quintessential to follow a systematic approach while solving these kinds of questions especially when it is about IBPS Clerk Prelims exam.

Aspirants often have a belief that para jumbles are the most difficult questions which come in the English section; however, it is actually not the case. These can be as scoring as other sections provided you practice it well beforehand. It is just that you have to pay a little extra attention. Here are few handy tips for solving para jumbles in order to ace your IBPS Clerk 2020 Prelims examination. Before we start with the tips, why not attempt the first mock test free of cost in order to get the hang of the exam.

Free Mock Test of IBPS Clerk 2020 Prelims- Take it Now!

Tips for Solving Para Jumbles Questions

Each para jumble can make use of one or more tips for solving a given question thus, it will surely help to boost exam preparation for IBPS Clerk Prelims.

1. First and the foremost thing to solve a para jumble is to read the sentences carefully and try to get the theme or gist of the paragraph. Spotting the theme will make it easier to understand the flow of the whole passage.

2. Try looking out for a sentence introducing a person or a place etc. Most likely that sentence in which something is being introduced will likely be the first sentence. Also, figuring out the last sentence shall be helpful and make sure that the last sentence should be concluding and should not be abrupt.

3. Next step is of identifying two connectors. Look out for sentences that are connected through connectors such as hence, thus and therefore etc. Identifying such sentences gives you a breakthrough. Try and look for connectors including thus, therefore, hence etc.
Free Mock Test of IBPS Clerk 2020 Prelims- Take it Now!

4. There are times when para jumbled sentences talk about some activity. In such a case analyzing the activity being talked about will do the trick.

5. In order to properly arrange the sentences a lookout for transition words is important. Such words act as logical connectors and with the help of these mandatory pair of sentences can be identified easily. Mentioned are the most commonly used transition words: furthermore, therefore, subsequently, in addition, likewise, meanwhile, meantime, for example etc.

6. Identify the Pronouns that are connecting the sentences together with each other. Pronouns like he, she, him, her, their, it, they etc are to be figured out. For example, in one sentence it is said that Kabir likes to read books. Another sentence starts with ‘he’ and likewise. In this case, it clearly states that ‘he’ is referring to Kabir and nobody else. So, you will be able to sort this one out easily.
Free Mock Test of IBPS Clerk 2020 Prelims- Take it Now!

7. Adjectives like cleverer, simpler etc are comparative. Such comparative adjectives are always helpful while solving para jumble questions in the exam.

8. Last but not least, sometimes it is not necessary to identify all sentences in order to get the paragraph right. But, even eliminating a few incorrect ones can do the trick in case of para jumbles for IBPS Clerk Prelims.

These are the tips which can help aspirants sail through parajumbles easily. But you need to practice a lot of questions beforehand. Utilize these tips when you practice parajumbles and see how useful they are. And don’t forget to use these tips while solving the free mock test of IBPS Clerk 2020 Prelims. This is all from us in this article.

Wishing you good luck with your preparation!


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