The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Download Free PDF- June Edition
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Here is the compilation of all the difficult words/ phrases/ terms used in The Hindu editorial in the month of June. To make the best use of this PDF, we suggest that you take a printout and keep it in such a place from where you can have a glance at the words. While you do that, try to recall the meaning of those words. For example, it would be a good idea to stick this printout right above your study table. Once you get bored of your studies, you can indulge in a quick revision.

📥 Free PDF- The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- June Edition

Have a look at the words/ phrases/ terms and their contextual sense/ definitions:

Difficult Word/ Phrase/ TermContextual Sense/ Definition
Absurd Inconsistent with reason, logic or common sense
Vile extremely unpleasant or bad 
Embarrassment feeling ashamed or shy
Incite Provoke or stir up
Enmity A state of deep-seated ill-will
Pseudonymous using a name that is not their real name
Vengeance The act of taking revenge
Resentment A feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will
Antipathy A feeling of intense dislike
Bigotry ​the state of feeling, or the act of expressing, strong, unreasonable beliefs or opinions
Conjure up Summon into action or bring into existence
Flagrant that shocks you because it is done in a very obvious way and shows no respect for people, laws, etc.
Rant Pompous or pretentious talk or writing
Slur A disparaging remark
Breath-taking Very surprising or shocking
Insinuation An indirect (and usually malicious) implication
Deity a god or goddess
Unwittingly Without knowledge or intention
Odium Hate coupled with disgust
Hounding Pursue or chase relentlessly
Travesty A comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations
Spiteful Showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt
Essence importance
Manoeuvre A plan for attaining a particular goal
Dissident Disagreeing, especially with a majority
Vote out to defeat (an incumbent) in an election
Defection the desertion of one’s political party in favor of an opposing one
Unhindered Not slowed, blocked or interfered with
Actualise Make real
Adjudication The final judgment in a legal proceeding
Albeit Even though
Occasion cause
Compliance Acting according to certain accepted standards
Ploy A tactic or manoeuvre intended to gain an advantage
Countenance give permission
Render announce
Nugatory Of no real value
Menace Something that is a source of danger
Keep up Maintain a required pace or level
Extradition The surrender of an accused or convicted person by one state or country to another (usually under the provisions of a statute or treaty)
Mastermind a very clever person who has planned or organized something
Give up Stop trying or participating
Wanted One who is tried to be located
Reconnaissance The act of scouting or exploring
Deposition a pretrial interrogation of a witness; usually conducted in a lawyer’s office
Conspiracy A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
Blasphemous showing a lack of respect for God or religion
Mandated Assign authority to
Pursue Go in search of 
Convict find or declare guilty
Rectify Correct 
Concerted Involving the joint activity of two or more
Turn the spotlight on somethingto attract attention to something, usually to give information about something bad:
Predilection a strong liking or preference
Reprieve a temporary relief or escape, as from trouble 
Paradigm shift a complete and important change in the usual or accepted way of doing or thinking about somebody/something
Guerrilla A member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment
Sweep across to spread or pass rapidly across, through, or along (a region, area, etc.)
Overhaul to look at something carefully and change or repair it if necessary
Break into manage to have some success
Script Write 
Devastating damaging
Psyche human mind or soul
Lay down stop fighting a battle or war and make peace
Vow Make a solemn pledge or promise
Inimical Not friendly
Strike a chord Create an emotional response
Cartel an association of similar businesses that have grouped together in order to prevent competition and to control prices
Outsize Larger than normal for its kind
Bloc A group of voters or politicians who have common objectives
Idly Not in action or at work
Brace Prepare (oneself) for something unpleasant or difficult
Emanate to come out from a source
Pulverize Destroy completely
Steal a march Gain an advantage over unexpectedly
Poised about to do something
Elevation the highest stage of development
Testimony Something that serves as evidence
Mobilisation Organized for a purpose
Subaltern Inferior in status
Incorporate Include 
Relentless Not stopping
Tilt to direct something so as to favor a particular opinion or side
Counter in a way that opposes something
Radical Markedly new or introducing fundamental change
Starkly In sharp outline or contrast
Adrift Without a clear purpose or direction
Ensconce Fix firmly
Cocoon Protective cover 
Consensus Full agreement between a number of people
clear the decksprepare for an event or course of action by dealing with anything that might hinder progress
Cater Give what is desired or needed
Vanguard the leading position in any movement or field
Underscore Give extra weight to (a communication)
Laudable Worthy of high praise
Perceptible Easily seen or detected
Staggered arranged so that they do not all happen at the same time
Shrink Reduce in size
Duopoly State of market dominance by two companies
Viability Capable of being done in a practical and useful way
Bank Have faith or confidence in
Roll out officially launch or introduce a new product or service
Confines Limits 
Roil to move or proceed turbulently
Relentless not stopping
Persecution cruel and unfair treatment of a person or group, especially because of their political beliefs
Fillip Anything that makes one feel encouraged
Go-ahead A signal to proceed
Extradite Hand over to the authorities of another country
Collaborate Work together on a common enterprise of project
Tenure The term during which some position is held
Predecessor One who precedes you in time (as in holding a position or office)
Grave Causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
Severe Intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality
Autocracy A political system governed by a single individual
Redaction an edited work
Bulwark something giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt
Repertoire A list or supply of something
Perpetrator a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act
Dog Go after with the intent to catch
Forefront the leading position in any movement or field
Enshrine preserve (a right, tradition, or idea) in a form that ensures it will be protected and respected
Pivotal Being of crucial importance
Onus something that is one’s duty or responsibility
Fora A public meeting or assembly for open discussion
Déjà vu The experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before
Pile a lot of something
Prosecute Conduct a prosecution (conduct of legal proceedings against a defendant for criminal behaviour) in a court of law
Overturn Cancel officially
Convict declare guilty
Overwhelming Very strong
Acrimony A rough and bitter manner
Bilateral Affecting two parties
Grey list Grey listing means FATF has placed a country under increased monitoring to check its progress on measures against money laundering and terrorism financing
Loophole an ambiguity that makes it possible to evade a difficulty or obligation
Charge a statement that says that somebody has done something illegal or bad
Pursuance the action of trying to achieve something
Derail to cause to fail or become deflected from a purpose; reduce or delay the chances for success or development of
Nod A sign of assent, salutation or command
Festering to become or cause to become bitter, irritated, etc, esp over a long period of time; rankle
Imperative Some duty that is essential and urgent
Drastic Forceful and extreme and rigorous
Coincide Happen simultaneously
Pandemic An epidemic that is geographically widespread
Tackle Accept as a challenge
Concomitant Occurring with or following as a consequence
War footing the condition of being prepared to undertake or maintain war
Chunk A considerable portion
Ameliorative Tending to make something better
Squander Spend thoughtlessly
Reap Get or derive
Belated Delayed 
Demolition Complete destruction of a building
Retribution The act of taking revenge
Conspirator a member of a group of people who are planning to do something bad or illegal
Amply Sufficiently; more than adequately
Fig-leaf a thing intended to conceal a difficulty or embarrassment
Brush aside Bar from attention or consideration
Rehabilitation The restoration of someone to a useful place in society
In the wake offollowing (someone or something), especially as a consequence.
Brook to bear; tolerate
Stringent Demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
Convoluted extremely involved; intricate; complicated
Purported Have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming
Suo motuon its own motion; the term is usually applied to actions by a judge taken without a prior motion or request from the parties
Proportionality The principle of proportionality is the idea that an action should not be more severe than is necessary, especially in a war or when punishing someone for a crime
Conflict An open clash between two opposing groups
Troop soldiers or armed forces
Blast their way somewhere If someone blasts their way somewhere, they get there by shooting at people or causing an explosion
Artillery an army unit that uses big guns
Shell Ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
Ammunition Projectiles to be fired from a gun
Ramp up Bolster or strengthen
Bleak Offering little or no hope
Retreat Move away or backward
Slap An act or expression of criticism and censure
Biting Very harsh
Sanctions Something someone is made to do to compensate for a wrongdoing
Reap Get or derive
Soaring Ascending to a level markedly higher than the usual
Maximalist Somebody who holds extreme views and is not prepared to compromise
Imperative Requiring attention or action
Batter seriously damaged or affected
Brink The limit beyond which something happens or changes
Devastating Wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction
Intensifying Increasing in strength or intensity
Rivalry The act of competing
Geopolitical Relating to the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state
Eye-opening Something surprising and revealing
Weaponry Weapons considered collectively
Coercive relating to or using force or threats
Bilateral Having two sides
Prospect The possibility of future success
Imminent Close in time; about to occur
Fortify Make strong or stronger
De-escalation reduction of the intensity of a conflict or potentially violent situation
Band Form a group or unite
Restrain To close within bounds, or otherwise limit or deprive of free movement
Destabilising Become unstable
Nascent Being born or beginning
Tussle Disorderly fighting
Omnibus Providing for many things at once
Prosecute to officially charge somebody with a crime and try to show that he/she is guilty, in a court of law
Allegedly According to what has been declared but not proved
Vilify Spread negative information about
Outrage Strike with disgust or revulsion
Ill-will unfriendly feeling; hate; dislike
Defy to elude, esp in a baffling way
Animosity a strong feeling of dislike and anger
Inflammatory Arousing to action or rebellion
Club Unite with a common purpose
Emanate Proceed or issue forth, as from a source
Tit-for-tat An equivalent given in return
Transgression the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle
Tactic A plan for attaining a particular goal
Spin A distinctive interpretation
Transmorgify Change completely the nature or appearance of
Purport Have as a plan or objective
Foment Try to stir up public opinion
Insurrection Organized opposition to authority
Dissent A difference of opinion
Ambit An area in which something acts or operates or has power or control
Tug of war Any hard struggle between equally matched groups
Turf Range of jurisdiction or influence
Disruptive Characterized by unrest, disorder or insubordination
Meddle to touch something that does not belong to you
Set the cat among the pigeons say or do something that is likely to cause trouble or controversy
At loggerheads In a dispute or confrontation
Undermine hinder normal operations
Bypass to ignore, fail to consult, etc.
Consuming Very strong; urgently felt
Latter Referring to the second of two things or persons mentioned
Curtail Place restrictions on
Thorn in your sidesomeone or something that continually causes problems for you
Tussle Disorderly fighting
Rein in to limit or control (someone or something)
Propagate Cause to spread
Propellant Something causing you to move forward
Grievance A resentment strong enough to justify retaliation
Stand-off a situation in which neither of two opposing groups or forces will make a move until the other one does something
In tandem Together 
Nosedive To get much worse
Manpower The force of workers available
Enforcement ensuring observance of or obedience to
Lax Lacking in rigour or strictness
Creditable Worthy of often limited commendation
Compliance Acting according to certain accepted standards
Surveillance Close observation of a person or group
Incremental Increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions
Scrutinise To look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail
Barring The act of excluding someone
Penultimate Second last
Liberal Showing or characterized by broad-mindedness
Hesitant unable to act or decide quickly or firmly
Conundrum A difficult problem
Strained Showing signs of mental and emotional tension
Allege Make an accusation or assertion without any proof
Friction A state of conflict between persons
Assent Agreement with a statement or proposal to do something
Underscore emphasizing the importance of something
Conferment the act of giving something (such as a degree, award, title, or right) to someone
Regime a form of government or rule; political system
Intent Purpose 
Vest Place (authority, property, or rights) in the control of a person or group of persons
Insulate Separate in order to protect or prevent interaction
Discretion Freedom to act or judge on one’s own
Forthcoming Frank, direct 
Cease Put an end to a state or an activity
Presciently With foresight
Perpetuate continue
Autonomy The capacity of a system to make its own decisions about its actions
Undue Beyond normal limits
Stern Very serious 
Assert State categorically
Inflection point a time of significant change in a situation
Communalisation act or process of making related to a small community
Alacrity great willingness, eagerness or enthusiasm
Sensitivity a tendency to have a strong emotional reaction, esp to be offended or upset
Slam Strongly criticize
Offending Responsible for causing difficulty, displeasure, disgust, etc.
Accord to grant; bestow
Introspection The contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct
Draw the lineto put a limit on what you will do or allow to happen, esp. because you feel something is wrong
Adhere Be compatible or in accordance with
Prime time The hours between 7 and 11 p.m. when the largest tv audience is available
Radical (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm
Spar Fight verbally
Blatantly very obvious and intentional, when this is a bad thing
Snowball Increase or accumulate at a rapidly accelerating rate
Bypoll an election held in a single political constituency to fill a vacancy arising during a government’s term of office
Do-or-die Desperately determined
High-stake involving serious risks if there is no success
Slumber Dormant state
Chaos A state of extreme confusion and disorder
Stronghold an area in which there is a lot of support for a particular belief or group of people especially a political party
Demise death 
Align Adjust 
Referendum A popular vote by the electorate whether to approve a specific legislative act
Championing to support or fight for a particular group or idea
Reinforce Make stronger
Humility a lack of false pride
Recalibrate Make fine adjustments
Necessitate to make something necessary
Revamp to change or arrange something again, in order to improve it
Nurture Help grow 
Eat humble pie speak or behave in a way which tells people that you admit you were wrong about something
Churn frequent replacement of employees with new employees
Grim Shockingly offensive
Trigger Put in motion, initiate
On the verge of at the point when (something) is about to happen or is very likely to happen
Contemplate Consider as a possibility
Exodus A journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment
Abominable Exceptionally bad or displeasing
Predicament A situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one
Reconciliation The reestablishing of cordial relations
Subtle Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyse
Surge A sudden or abrupt strong increase
Outreach the extent or length of reaching out
Spectrum A broad range of related objects, values, qualities, ideas or activities
Conducive helpful
Dole out Give or provide in small portions
Alter Make different
Termination The act of ending something
Disadvantageous Involving or creating circumstances detrimental to success or effectiveness
Alienation Separation resulting from hostility
Exploit Use or manipulate to one’s advantage
Afresh Again but in a new or different way
Dilution Weakening
Triumphalism Gloating or excessive celebration over the defeat of an opponent
Choppy Jerky 
Spur Incite or stimulate
Reckon Expect to be true; believe 
Woe Great sorrow
Assertion A declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary)
Meagre Deficient in amount, quality or extent
Evoke Make appear
Flashback An unexpected but vivid recurrence of a past experience 
Trajectory the way in which a process or event develops over a period of time
Reluctant Offering resistance 
Uptick A small increase
Silver lining a comforting or hopeful aspect of an otherwise desperate or unhappy situation
Lingering to persist or continue, esp in the mind
Aloof apart
Flare upErupt or intensify suddenly
Squeeze to oppress with exacting demands
Dampen Suppress or constrain so as to lessen in intensity
Rising tide an increase in the amount or strength of something
Strand Drive (a vessel) ashore
Detritus The remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up
Advisory giving advice only
Downplay Represent as less significant or important
Bizarre very strange or unusual
Sensible Showing reason or sound judgment
Exponentially (with reference to an increase) more and more rapidly
Fraudster A person who cheats someone
Scam A fraudulent business scheme
Biometrics The use of physical characteristics (face shape, finger prints, etc.) of an individual for personal identification
Rife Excessively abundant
Ambivalent Uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
Indiscriminate random
Flip-flop A decision to reverse an earlier decision
Discretion Freedom to act or judge on one’s own
Universalise Make common to all
Missionary zeal great enthusiasm
Scrutiny The act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)
Crack down on take severe measures against someone or something.

📥 Free PDF- The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- June Edition

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