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The line demarcating the boundaries of two countries is called a boundary line. There have been big or small skirmishes between different countries on the issue of boundary lines. And boundaries between different countries are named in accordance with treaties, agreements or historically important facts. Questions based on boundary lines are important in nature because of the sensitivity they possess. Let’s have a look at the list of important boundary lines and what countries are they associated with.

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Sample Questions for International Boundary Lines

Q. 1. Between which two countries is Maginot Line?

Ans Germany & France

Q. 2. 22nd Parallel is between Egypt and which other country?

Ans Sudan

Q. 3. What is the international boundary between India and Pakistan called?

Ans Radcliffe Line

Q. 4. The boundary which Poland and Germany share is called?

Ans Oder-Neisse Line

Q. 5. Hindenburg Line is between which two countries?

Ans France and Germany

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Name of Lines/ BoundariesBetween
Durand LinePakistan and Afghanistan
Hindenburg LineFrance and Germany
McMahon LineChina and India
Maginot LineGermany and France
Mannerheim LineRussia and Finland
Oder-Neisse LinePoland and Germany
Radcliffe LineIndia and Pakistan
17th ParallelSouth Vietnam and North Vietnam
20th ParallelLibya and Sudan
22nd ParallelEgypt and Sudan
25th ParallelMauritania and Mali
31st ParallelIran and Iraq
38th ParallelSouth Korea and North Korea
49th ParallelThe USA and Canada
17th ParallelSouth Vietnam and North Vietnam

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