Tips to Score Full Marks in GATE General Aptitude
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GATE examination is conducted for 29 papers every year. General Aptitude is the common section among all papers in exam. Out of the total 100 marks of GATE paper, General Aptitude section carries 15 marks (10 questions). 

General Aptitude section is considered a rank booster that can bring you close to cut-off marks and get your dream score in exam. A recent range of topics added are Quantitative, Analytical and Spatial Aptitude. 

Apply a dedicated and strategic approach to score full marks in the General Aptitude section. However, GATE aspirants make the common mistake of not emphasizing General Aptitude during exam preparation. Avoid this habit to get a perfect score in GATE. 

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GATE General Aptitude Syllabus

Know what topics to study in GATE General Aptitude before starting your exam preparations. It can head you in the right direction. General Aptitude section in GATE carries 15 marks out of 100 marks. The section is divided into two parts numeric and verbal ability.

GATE General Aptitude SectionsTopic Covered
Verbal AptitudeBasic English Grammar: Articles, Tenses, Adjectives, Preposition, Conjunction, Verb, Parts of Speech and NounBasic Vocabulary: Words, Idioms and Phrases in ContextReading Comprehension & Narrative sequencing
Quantitative AptitudeData Interpretation: Data Graphs (Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, other graphs), 2 & 3-dimensional plots, tables and tablesNumerical Computation & Estimation: Ratios, Percentages, Powers, Exponents, Logarithms, Permutation, Combinations and Series.Mensuration, Geometry and Elementary Statistics
Analytical AptitudeLogic: deduction and induction, Analogy, Numerical relations and reasoning
Spatial AptitudeTransformation of shapes: translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, assembling, and grouping Paperfolding, cutting, and patterns in 2 and 3 dimensions

Effective Tips to Score 15/15 in General Aptitude

Though General Aptitude section is considered easy in GATE exam, a candidate can score 15/15 by giving an extra effort. So, boost your GATE rank by following our tips to score full marks in General Aptitude.

Study in a smart way

Dedicate one hour daily time to study and practice General Aptitude section topics. Make it an essential ritual to follow so that, you are able to cover entire GATE syllabus in stipulated time. No news topics are added in General Aptitude section. You can brush up your conceptual knowledge and solve questions daily.

Solve Data Interpretation Questions Regularly

Data Interpretation questions are asked in GATE examination every year. Hence, make a habit to solve sufficient number of data interpretation questions related to graphs and pie charts. You are able to understand data and answer questions accurately during examination.

Focus on Improving Vocabulary

Try to learn at least 5 new words daily for improving your vocabulary. Read articles online and newspapers daily to understand the English language follow and you can answer grammar questions correctly. Regular reading can help you in attempting reading comprehension questions rightly.

Give General Aptitude Online Test Series

The most important thing to consider while preparing for General Aptitude is to solve past year question papers and online test series. It gives you an idea of what types of questions are asked in GATE examination. Solving test series can boost your time management skills. 

Solve GA Questions as Breathing Time!

During in GATE preparation phase, you may feel exhausted studying technical subjects. At the same time, you have a mindset not to waste time anymore. So, use your time wisely to solve General Aptitude. 

Summing Up

Here in order to achieve the ultimate goal of cracking GATE 2024 give extra effort to General Aptitude Section. It can boost your GATE score and rank to get your dream PSU job or go for higher studies in any reputed educational institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to score full marks in GATE General Aptitude section?

Yes, you can score 15/15 in GATE General Aptitude section by understanding concepts and solving questions quickly.

What are the topics to study in verbal aptitude section?

The topics to study in the verbal aptitude section are antonyms, synonyms,  idioms and focus to improve your grammar skills.

What study plan to follow to prepare for General Aptitude?

Candidates want to score 15/15 in General Aptitude should understand concepts, practice questions and revise notes frequently.

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