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Getting a high rank in GATE increases your chances of being selected in a top college for higher studies or getting a job at PSU. Many government and private employers use GATE scores to screen candidates for jobs. A GATE score gives you an edge over other candidates when it comes to applying for jobs or going for higher studies. 

Tips to Score Under 100 Rank in GATE Exam 2024 

You can give extra effort by staying productive during your study time. Making proper notes and revising them regularly is beneficial for getting a high rank. You can

Being clear about your aim

Do you want to score under 100 rank in GATE? So, clear with your aim and targets before preparing for GATE exam. Then, you can figure out for strategies can help to get high rankings. Follow your study schedules with discipline and emphasize on practising maximum numerical questions to strengthen your conceptual understanding. 

Follow the study plan honestly

Every GATE aspirant makes a study plan to start exam with preparations. But, only a few of them follow the study plan honestly. These are those candidates who make thier place in the toppers list. Do you want to become a GATE topper? Follow your study plan seriously and be productive in that time. 

Prepare 100% to score under 100 rank

Giving 100% effort can help you score under 100 rank in GATE. Candidates should focus on covering the maximum syllabus for GATE to get a high score. Maintain proper notes covering important topics, formulas, and tricks for last revisions.

Emphasize practicing questions

GATE preparation involves revising notes and practicing questions. Start with solving subject-wise questions. Then, move to sectional tests and mock tests. When you are done with solving questions analyze your performance. 

Solve previous year’s papers

Most important section in GATE exam is solving past year’s question papers. The more you practice solving questions the more you become comfortable with the subjects. Frequent questions solving habits make you efficient in dealing with versatile numeric problems. 

Prepare short notes for revision

Develop a habit of preparing short notes on subject-wise preparation for GATE. A collection of short notes benefit candidates to revise them regularly to boost conceptual knowledge. Keep weekends for notes revision. 

Analyze mock test performance

Mock tests are the best resource to evaluate your performance. Try to attempt mock tests regularly and emphasize analyzing your performance after giving mocks. It gives you an overview of your preparation levels and conceptual knowledge for GATE exam. Experts advise giving 20 mocks weekly after finishing GATE subject-wise study.

Maintain speed & accuracy in solving numericals

Maintain speed and accuracy while attempting numericals in GATE exam. Speed in exam does not determine your ability to attempt maximum questions. You should focus on solving questions quickly on the very first attempt. The task is to balance speed and accuracy while solving questions.

Final Words

Gear up for GATE Exam 2024 preparation don’t waste time waiting for official notification. Success does not come accidentally, it is your daily efforts that make your way to the destination. Aim high to get under 100 GATE ranking to get reputed PSU job or top college for higher studies.

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